What color paint with a lt.maple cab. and a deep green granite?

gully926June 1, 2008

I am buying my first place and need to fix up the kitchen! I have a lighter maple cabinet and was looking at uba tuba granite (or verde papillion) I like the deeper greens with gold specks. I am having trouble deciding on a color paint, though. Also, any input on what type of backsplash to use? I don't want to do granite up the whole wall, but want something easy to clean. Any advice you all can give would be GREATLY appreciated!!!

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congrats!!! i'd pull the green out of the granites by painting green and doing a complimentary green subway tile backsplash. if money isn't an object lol i'd look at some of the fabulous mosaics bu pratt & larson tile because their greens are to die for!

wood, especially maple and fir (the light tones) looks fabulous wit green. you can go dark if you're comfortable with that, because your cabinets are so light, but you're going to really want to look at paint chips with your granite i you go dark so you get the right shade since debth of color will be more obvious with dark tones (ie blue graan, verses tan green verses grey green...etc). but a very safe and gorgeous color you could also do in the green tones us ralph laurens faded silk vm113. its a soft light tone of green and would look gorgeous with what you're shooting for on granite.

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Well you're describing my kitchen so I'll show you what I did. It's pretty dark so may not be your taste but I have maple cabs, ubatuba granite, slate tile floor, slate mosaic backsplash and my paint color is called autumn leaves (dark terra cotta-ish red).

Good luck!

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I have maple cabinets, Ubatuba countertops, and slate backsplash. I went with Benjamin Moore Honeywheat to pull out the gold flecks in the granite. Here are some pictures.

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In my old place we had darker gray-ish floors, natural maple cabinets, and a gray-ish color counter top. A sagey green looked really good with it. It was ocean boardwalk by Lowes American Signature paint.
I just painted clary sage from sherwin williams in my laundry room and it's gorgeous.
greens can be fickle depending on the lighting, so get lots of paint chips. Some can be too blue or too gray so be careful.

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Thank you all so much for your advice--you've given me a lot to think about! I like the way the mosaic tile backsplash looks in rmlanza's kitchen, but I'm afraid it might make my small space look to dark.... My kitchen is on the small side and since it is in a townhouse, has no windows...i am thinking the honeywheat color paint and the slate backsplash colors you have patti823 would really brighten it up....I absolutely LOVE your whole layout and color choices!

On another note--I see both of you have SS appliances....Do you like the ones you chose? I'm looking for all new appliances too, so if you have any advice about which models are better for fridges, gas stoves, and dishwashers, I'd love to hear it. Thanks again!!

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Ours is similar (and just a week or two away from DONE - I hope...) with maple (toffee color) cabinets and Caesarstone Verde countertops (very similar to Ubatuba, dark green with 2 lighter greens and yellow/goldish flecks). We just got our floors put in, which are carbonized bamboo - a lightish colored wood.

We chose Benjamin Moore Saybrook Sage walls with Greenmount Silk trim and ceiling for the kitchen. The adjoining family room/dining area is switched, with Silk walls and Sage trim (the peninsula bar extends into that room).
The colors really brings out the flecks in the countertop.

We also have a relatively dark kitchen, no backsplash, so depended on the colors to keep things lighter. It really helped to use our countertop sample with us to the paint store, and to hold the sample near the wall with all our sample paints. We tried 6-8 different greens before choosing one.

These photos don't show the finished kitchen, but might give you an idea. They were taken before the trim was finished.

In these photo you can see the Silk in the ceiling and on the bar pony wall. Ignore all the samples of turquoise green near the window and baseboards, as that is still left from the old kitchen colors.

And here is the bamboo floor in an adjoining bedroom just so you can see that too - it's the same floor as in the kitchen, but there are still drop cloths everywhere, so I can't add a kitchen floor photo yet.

Good luck, and have fun with it! I'm finally feeling like I know a little bit about color, after all the trial and error.

Here is a link that might be useful: my remodel blog

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Dang, I left it out - here's that bamboo floor photo, though it's rather OT....

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This is my kitchen, too. I don't have pictures yet as I am experiencing some problems getting the right size vent installed over the Blue Star range. Can't wait to start using it! Anyway, I have natural maple cabinets, golden-stained red oak floors, and was fortunate to find a reasonably-priced, beautiful slab of Costa Esmeralda (not installed yet, either), but I used BM powdered sand in my relatively dark kitchen. It reads light yellow except when the sun shines bright in the late afternoon when it is close to white. I really like how it goes with the natural maple. I am a green person (LR & DR) are shades of green, but did not want green close to the cabinets because in some lights, it makes the maple read pink and I wanted the cabinets to stay closer to natural.

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Another green to consider for maple cabs with dark green granite is Ben Mo's "Crown Point Sand". I have toffee maple cabs with verde butterfly counters. My backsplash is just simple white subways, but the Crown Point Sand is neutral enough to go with a slate backsplash, which seems to be what a lot of people choose to go with the darker green granites.

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After reading all your posts (and seeing such beutiful kitchens) I think I definitely need to look at both green and yellow paint swatches to see what looks best in my kitchen lighting.....Thank you again for your advice! Patti823--can I ask you where you got your slate tiles and what color(s) they are? I am so drawn to them!

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Just wanted to mention that we had a pale golden yellow paint on our walls before our remodel. We changed it because for some reason, the yellow made my new maple cabinets look PINK! So it really depends on your stain and/or glaze color and probably your lighting as well. The deeper color just worked better for my kitchen and lighting. I'd suggest buying small samples of paint and playing around with them before sinking $50 per can into it!

Good luck, let us know what you come up with!

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I got my slate from The Tile Shop. There just so happens to be one locally, so I purchased it there, but I'm pretty sure you can order on line also.
The slate I have is called baoding cream. Here is a link to the store.

Here is a link that might be useful: The Tile Shop

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We just did our kitchen with maple cabinets, caesarstone verde counters, pale green glass subway tile backsplash, and painted the walls Mystical Sea, by Behr, which is a pale green.

I never would have considered the red walls above, but they look great. We considered a range of sand colors, but were afraid they'd make our cabinets look washed out.

Pictures of the whole process in the flickr set below-- the last ones show it with the paint.

Here is a link that might be useful: Flickr photoset of kitchen

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Our paint is BM Grant Beige, which is a taupe with green undertones.

I don't have counters yet, but when they come it will be Tropical Brown granite.

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I am 98% done renovating my kitchen. I have light maple cabs, a cream Silestone countertop, light green subway tile backsplash (now halfway done) and I painted the walls a light grey-blue. I am very happy with the blues and greens I chose. I have a small, windowless NYC kitchen, and am so glad to have gotten rid of the 70's dark brown cabs, mustard walls and floor and "harvest gold" appliances!

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Patti, I love your kitchen especially the wall color and beautiful hardwood floors that go so well with your cabinets.

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