island measurements vs. size needed for stools

allnewappliancesJune 21, 2010

Hi all - I did a search but didn't come up with anything specific to answer my question, but I apologize if this has been asked in the past.

My island will be 47 X 107 inches. Right now in our design, we have 3 stools along the 107 inch side (will include a 18 inch overhang) and the 4th stool on the 47 inch side...and not sure how much of an overhang I will do there.

My question is - is there a % or # of inches you should allow on an island for each stool? I don't have the stools yet, but want to get a good size stool with a back.

Thanks in advance.

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Our island is 106" wide by 54". We bought barstools with backs (no arms) that are 19" at the widest point. We started out with 3 on the longest side and 1 on the shortest. It wasn't enough. Now we have 4 and 2. It is not too crowded and looks great IMHO.

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allnewappliances much overhang do you have on the sides with the stools (I'm assuming the 106 X 54 includes overhang?) Did you move the 4th stool to the side with the 3 stools, b/c there was too much room in between each stool?

I'm trying to decide if I do overhang (18 inches) on just one side and try to fit all 4 stools or if I do 3 and 1 and do overhang on two sides of the island?

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I have a 12" overhang on 2 sides.

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ami6210, I love your stools! Can you tell me where you purchased them? Are they comfy too? Thanks!

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I got them locally. My husband is amazed at how comfortable they are. If you e-mail me at, I will give you the info.

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Island/Peninsula Seating....

Linear Seating Space:

  • Allow 24 linear inches per seat regardless of counter height


  • Table-height seating (30" high): Minimum 18" overhang

  • Counter-height seating (36" high): Minimum 15" overhang

  • Bar-height seating (42" high): Minimum 12" overhang

Corner Seating...if you have seats on adjacent sides, be careful that you don't overlap the leg room/overhang. Each seat needs its own leg room. So, if you have a 15" overhang on a side and a seat on the end, then the seat on the adjacent side starts 15" in from the end with the other seat so there's 15" of leg room for each. Like this:

Is this what you're thinking of? If so, you should have more than enough room for 3 seats on the long side, but not enough for 4. However, I would encourage keeping that extra space for the long end b/c with legs it will not be as easy for people sitting at the outer seats to get into/out of the stools/chairs (legs get in the way) so that extra room is a real help!

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I meant to put "the numbers" in...

107" wide island
-72" for 3 seats
35"...which is enough for 4 seats IF you don't have a seat on an adjacent end AND IF the legs + overhang over legs do not take up more than 5.5" each (maybe 4" legs + 1.5" overhang on end?)

One thing...4 seats straight across is not conducive to conversation...everyone will be sitting "like ducks in a row" (sort of like a shooting gallery!). With at least one seat around the corner, it's nicer for conversation.

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Thanks Buehl! Each leg is 4 inches and the overhang on one side is 18 inch and the other side is 15 looks like there is room for 4 stools, but you are right that it's not the best for conversation. I just didn't want to put the overhang on 2 sides if we only put stools on the one side.....
Thank you so much for drawing this out, can see it so much better :-)

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