New faucet - which way is hot?

chartma530June 6, 2009

My new faucet (which I love) was just installed yesterday and it is a single lever faucet which I have never owned before. The hot and cold are controlled by moving the lever front and back. Moving forward gives me hot and moving back towards the window gives me cold. It feels to me like it should be opposite; move back for hot and front for cold. I should probably just be happy to have running water in my kitchen after a month, but is there a standard for this?


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Nice faucet!

I don't have a lever faucet like that, but I would think that if I did, I'd want it to have like you have (moving back to get cold). Most of the time I need cold/regular water, and the pushing back motion is more ergonomic.

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My faucet (a Kohler Vinnata) works the opposite of yours. That is, I push the lever back for hot and pull it forward for cold. I don't know if there's a standard, but this way works well for me.

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I also have the vinnata and it works like Holligator's. Front is cold, back is hot. I'd rather have it that way because the kids tend to pull the handle forward when they turn it on and that way they get cold rather than ouch!

Interesting question about whether it can be changed, though...I have no idea.

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Fori is not pleased

Mine is opposite too (Hansgrohe with the same overall positioning of parts). I agree with faucetman--swap 'em if it bugs you!

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I think most faucets are supposed to work the opposite of toward the back, cold toward the front...that's the way mine works as well. But then, I also have a Vinnata.

I've looked at others and they all appear to work the same as mine,so it sounds like your hot & cold hook ups were installed incorrectly. It should simply be a matter of switching them.

Do you have the installation instructions and user manual? If so, check it to see what they say. If not, check online for them.

I would not leave them as-is since it is a potential burn hazard...if the water is still hot when someone turns it on expecting cold water & they get a full blast of hot water instead.

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I have a Waterstone faucet and it is set up exactly like yours. That is how it was made to be hooked up as well, so there wasn't any installation error on mine anyway. I guess some faucets are just designed to have the hot forward and others have hot going towards the back. I always put my lever back to center, so I don't really see how it would be a burn hazard unless you leave it in the forward direction when you turn it off, if you hot was backwards and you left it in that position you would have the same potential for a burn.

Kat :)

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We have the handle mounted on the left side for the Vinnata, and the instructions tell you to reverse the hot and cold lines if you mount the handle to the left or front of the faucet. You should be able to do that fairly easily with your faucet. I agree that most guests would believe that cold was forward and that you probably want to switch the lines.

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If you tilt the level to the right to turn it on, you'll likely see red and blue markers on the metal that's exposed by the tilt -- these indicate the directions for hot and cold. Normally, hot is toward the back and cold is forward.

We have a similar faucet, but couldn't install it the normal way because there wasn't enough clearance to push the handle back to get hot water. So, we turned the faucet 90 degrees so that the control was front and center instead of on the right. (The symmetry of this orientation is really cool and turning the faucet off after washing dishes doesn't result in water on the countertop because the control handle is actually over the sink.)

Oriented like that, it was logical to expect hot to be on the left with cold on the right. Of course, our "left" was the old front and thus was the cold water. We simply did what faucetman886 suggested and reversed the supply connections. Although the red and blue "instruction marks" indicate the opposite of how things are connected, no one has ever even noticed it because no one looks for directions before operating a faucet.

Moral: it's YOUR faucet, connect it the way that you want so that hot is in the direction that you want.

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Thanks for all the feedback. I checked the instructions and there is no indication of the direction. I also looked at the faucet and I don't see any hot/cold indicators. The plumber is coming back Tuesday so I will discuss it with him. I think I would prefer it to be switched.

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My Hansgrohe has indicators marked on the faucet - forward is cold (indicated by blue), back is hot (indicated by red). The indicators are not visible until the water is on. I believe that is standard. For safety reasons, your faucet should operate in the standard manner.

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