Please share your Coffee set ups!

rookie_2010June 19, 2010


I'm a big coffee drinker, despite that, I didn't plan for a special area in the kitchen for a coffee bar or station. I'm not regretting it much but can't decide where I'll put my coffee gear or if I can make an area. Anyone have any pics to share??

Thanks in advance!

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Now you have me thinking about this too. I am wondering if I can't fit a coffee/tea station in the pantry on a counter next to a toaster oven. I think the station is a great idea.

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I like to have our coffee maker and coffee grinder near the sink and the compost. It makes it easy to dump the filter, wipe off the counter which usually gets sprayed with coffee grinds from the grinder, and fill the pitcher.

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Coffee pot is to the left of the sink, on the counter area below the cabinet where the coffee cups are. Coffee, coffee filters, measuring spoon are in the silverware drawer below the coffee pot. We can make and serve the coffee without moving a step. If you want to stand in front of the pot that long. If we used sugr, I'd have room in the drawer with the coffee for it.

My husband commented on the fact that everything is in reach -- I commented that gee, maybe it was planned that way?

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We aren't big coffee or tea drinkers, so I didn't plan a spot, but quickly found that drinking any at all meant it needed a proper space. I first put the pot on the counter under our microwave and the supplies in the cab above the micro. It was 'ok,' but not great, since the cups and spoons were diagonally across the kitchen and I didn't want to move any of them too far from the dish storage/cleanup side of the kitchen.

A recent reorganization of the kitchen led to this new spot for the 'coffee center'...Now just left of our cleanup sink with the cups/mugs included. (The silver canister you can see by the sink is our container for grounds and other compost items.) The coffee beans are stored in the white locking canister and the filters are in the berry colored one on the bottom shelf, with the grinder hiding behind. The plastic baskets (which I hope to replace with wicker, or something with more character and class) hold teas. The cups are still handy to our other dishes and the cleanup area, but now give my dish hutch more room for glassware and bowls.

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We didn't really plan one either, but it's worked out to have the coffeemaker near this sink in the cleanup area.

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The coffee maker in the "garage" broke recently. So now I've switched back to a french press and just ordered a stove top espresso maker from Italy. But regardless we keep everything (coffee, french press, milk frother, espresso pot, etc in the "garage". If we switch back to an electric maker . . . there is an outlet inside. The mugs, creamers, sugar bowl, etc. is kept in the cabinet above. The under counter refrigerator (still waiting for my DH to install the panel on the fridge) is where we keep the milk (also wine, juice).

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I designed a coffee station that is located in the back hallway between kitchen and laundry room. It's the first thing you see when you come into the house from the garage. Better than the coat closet the architect had there!

Here is the magazine page I had torn out and used as my inspiration. It does have an undercounter fridge"

In the link below, scroll down to the black hutch for our coffee station. Small sink, DH rarely uses, since the larger kitchen sink is just around the corner. No fridge since it's just inside the kitchen. He stores coffee mugs in top right drawer. Coffee in cabinet below that. The other drawers hold seldom used glass serving/desert pieces.

Here is a link that might be useful: my coffee station

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Thank you for sharing!
Rhome and Segbrown, looks like I'll be going with a countertop setup too. Thanks so much for explaining where you keep everything. I'm not skilled at organizing things in keeping with the way I use them. I'm learning a lot from this site though. I'd originally planned on it being in the mudroom with a sink but DH said I was getting over the top so I dropped it but never reserved a real space in the kitchen for it. Where it should really be, is on my nightstand, lol.
I'm EATING MY HEART OUT over your kitchen!!!!!!!!!! That sink!!!!!!! The sconce over it, the beadboard, the phone!!!! Oh my goodness! It's my new favorite!!! The garages are such a great idea and I'm in love with the way you incorporated that sink! Should I be looking out for a formal reveal post? If so, I'll save the litany of questions I'd like to ask. It's truly gorgeous!

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LOL... I haven't thought about the nightstand, but when we have our MBR built, I might have to consider that. In the meantime, here's ours:

Coffeepot to right of stove, supplies in cabinet to left of MW, water from prep sink (shown) or filtered water from fridge (cool thing about this fridge: I can tell it how much water to dispense, put the container on the expandable ledge, push the button and do something else while it's filling, as long as the container is not too big to stay there with water in it)

Coffee supplies - plastic cups and mugs on bottom, coffee, filters, measuring spoon, syrups, sugar/sweeteners on 2nd shelf, tea bags and meds on 3rd shelf, carafes on top shelf

I had hoped to have a separate beverage center but it didn't work out in terms of space and budget. This is almost as good though, because all beverage stuff is right there and out of my work zones. My second plan was to store the coffee maker in the cabinet and pull it out when I wanted to use it. The electricians happened to put an outlet there for some reason, so it would have worked well to keep it in there to get it off the counter, but I had so much counter space that it's not necessary. The can opener is in there instead. Turns out I like not having any obstructions in the way of the coffee-making process.

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Great to see other set ups. I am still fussing around with mine on my kitchen desk.

Here is a link that might be useful: other coffee station pictures

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Your kitchen looks beautiful! I LOVE those baskets above the fridge! Can't wait to see the rest!

Vampiressrn, I've seen your work over on the Baths forum and I'm surprised you don't have a whole Java based theme all figured out already! A kitchen desk would be a top contender for me if I had one. I guess I love coffee so much I feel like I should have a special shrine set up for it somewhere but the countertop will have to do.........

The one thing that drives me nuts in my current kitchen is pulling the coffee maker out from under the upper cab to pour the water in and then pushing it back under. Water always drips out and streaks across my lovely faux-wood 70s formica, lol.

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Jsweenc that is the most clever location for a toaster oven. I love it! With all of the coffee I drink, if I indulged in all those syrups I'd be 200 lbs.! lol.

Rookie, thank you so much. You just made my day : ) I haven't done a formal reveal yet because there are too many details that still need to be finished. My husband has been tied up with taking care of his 90 year old mother. And our contractor actually has been tied up with his dad, who is ill. So things are on hold. I'm glad you like our "beverage center". We keep the wine du jour in the "garage" on the left. As I said coffee on the right, etc. I can't wait for this area to be finished off. Still waiting for the fridge panel, some bead board. But more importantly . . . I'm impatiently waiting for the two, long shelves to be installed that go over the sink, and the valence that connects the two cabinets as well as the crown mold ing! Well, that's what needs to be done in this area. In the main kitchen there is so much more, lol.

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"The one thing that drives me nuts in my current kitchen is pulling the coffee maker out from under the upper cab to pour the water in and then pushing it back under. Water always drips out and streaks across my lovely faux-wood 70s formica, lol."

I forgot about this ... Our uppers are a little higher than normal, I think there is 23" between counter and uppers, and our coffee maker lid opens up totally underneath the uppers. Nice, because I hate having to pull out the coffee maker to pour in the water. Not a huge deal, but irritating.

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oh honey, you need a coffee center!!! Maybe one off
your bedroom like this. This below is my personal fantasy
as I love coffee more than, than... (dare I say it) my boxers.
Yes, totally guilty! I love coffee.

I too used to pull my out from under the counter and it
annoyed me to no end. So this time when I did the reno
I built this pretty little corner. I could just stand
here listening to the hum of my coffee maker and fill
my cup with extra cream and sugar.

At one point I wanted the Bosch built in coffee maker.
BUT, my husband has reminded me that we may only be in this
home another 5 years and off we are to plan another
kitchen. So I am saving my pennies for the next coffee
center that will be off my bedroom. Much better than
putting an IV of coffee in. : )


Ps. Great topic.

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These are some I took at the 2009 Southern Living GA Dream House. They had a coffee center in the kitchen and in the master bedroom. The floor plan is on their website.

With doors open....

The the right....

Master BR station

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We LOVE our coffee. Here's the coffee station in our soon to be completed kitchen. It was the first appliance that I got working and it was well worth it. It's a Miele built-in unit and we're so happy with it.It makes awesome, consistent coffee.

Here is a link that might be useful:

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Here is my coffee station setup right by the kitchen table:

Coffee machine: La Spaziale Vivaldi S1 with plumbline
Grinder: Rancilio Rocky doserless

Furniture: 2 Ikea kitchencarts linked together with walnut stained maple butcher block; shelves built and fitted with Bordeaux wine cases with pullout handles used to hold cups, saucers, coffee beans etc....


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OMG that is a serious coffee looks awesome!!!

I found this helpful little article about setting up home coffee stations with some sharing.


Coffee. Cafe. Java. Espresso. Latte. No matter how you spell it or prepare it, it is an obsession for most people who drink it. At one time, the only place you could get specialty coffees like cappuccinos or espressos was in a boutique coffee shop, or you could eek by at home with standard pot coffee (which can also be excellent, thank you). Now having an espresso machine in the home is as simple as picking one up from a kitchen accessory store like Williams Sonoma. But not everyone uses this machine everyday, so the question becomes where to put this modern marvel... Inside the cabinet next to the blender perhaps? Think again! These specialty coffee machines are made to be as neat looking as the coffee they produce. In newer kitchens, they are showcased as built\-in models, or placed in a spot that was designed just for them, the coffee or beverage bar. 

More and more, I am seeing a trend of putting in coffee bars in master bed & bathrooms, guest suites, or media/game rooms as well as in their normal spot in kitchens. Beverage centers that have not only a coffee spot, but wine, liquor, and soda storage have taken this idea a step further in kitchens as well as in media/game rooms. 

There are two main types of coffee makers/espresso machines, built\-in or counter top models. All you need for the countertop model is a plug, and the ability to bring water to it. A built\-in model requires a cabinet to be placed into (hence the term built\-in), be sure you have a reliable power source (a dedicated outlet may be required), and be sure that you have a water connection available if required. 

The best built in models are European made, like this one from Miele:   
<img data-gwi="1892952" src="" class="img-external cursor-magnify js-enlarge" />

The model shown is a built\-in style that does not require a water supply to attach to, so you must fill the tank and bring the water to it. This is a great option if you are trying to minimize construction costs. This model also has easier clean up because it uses a Nespresso pod system instead of messy grounds. There is another model that is almost identical to this, but requires you to connect a water supply. However, that model has a ton more customizable features, will accept coffee beans, and will grind them to whatever consistency you tell it to. 

Speaking of Nespresso, they manufacture their own coffee machines as well as pods. They have a variety of different machines to suit different budgets, all of which are made to sit on the countertop and be seen. Here is their higher end model, the Delonghi Lattissima:   
<img data-gwi="1892953" src="" class="img-external cursor-magnify js-enlarge" />

The pods are shown in this picture and come in a variety of flavors and boldness, which is represented by the color of the pod. 

For those of you who want nothing to do with all of the fancy stuff, and would much prefer a regular cup of joe, there is a coffee system made just for you. The BrewMatic residential integrated system is best installed in a remodel or new construction, but is completely worth the effort of putting in:   
<img data-gwi="1892954" src="" class="img-external cursor-magnify js-enlarge" />

It requires a water supply, but that is what makes it so great. You can install it on the other side of the kitchen, or in any room under the cabinets, and never have to take water to it! You just set the dial (or electronic key pad) to how many cups of coffee you want, put in the grinds, and it does the rest for you. 

For a more advanced beverage center as mentioned above, special planning is needed in new construction or remodeling, but the result can be phenomenal:   
<img data-gwi="1892955" src="" class="img-external cursor-magnify js-enlarge" />

Here is a close up of a beverage center with a wine center, beverage set\-up, coffee maker to the left, and a microwave to the right. This design is perfect for any kitchen or game/media room set up. 

If you frequently have guests coming to your home and you want to add a nice touch to their room (or even glam this idea up and use it in your master bedroom), take a hint from hotels and add a little nook for coffee:   
<img data-gwi="1892956" src="" class="img-external cursor-magnify js-enlarge" />

To avoid needing to install a sink in the nook, provide bottled water to fill the coffee tank. Make sure to also provide a trash can for coffee grinds, as well as cups and accoutrements for the coffee. Refrigeration is optional (and a bit unnecessary) for guest rooms, but recommended for master suites. 

If you want to create a neat coffee bar in your own home, and you don't really use your breakfast nook, try doing something like this to utilize this forsaken space and make it fun again:   
<img data-gwi="1892957" src="" class="img-external cursor-magnify js-enlarge" />

This is a perfect idea for empty nesters that have friends over for morning coffee or for a family with older high school or college age children at home. 

We are lucky that so much of modern life revolves around family and friends, and that food and drinks of all kinds are so readily available and help to bring us together. We often try not to miss a second of these good times, least of all on sleep. Here's to love, life, and the pursuit of caffeine! 
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judydel, your comment about the toaster oven reminded me where I got the idea from. This picture also shows my favorite beverage center inspiration. I tried so hard to incorporate something like this, but in the end, I do like what we have, for the reason already mentioned - not having to slide the coffee maker out from under a cabinet.

Not sure if this is an issue at all, but I wanted a built-in coffee maker and DH vetoed it, saying it is one unreliable appliance and he didn't want to have to be pulling out something that's plumbed and wired in. But an IV... now that's something I might convince him to consider!

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Since I am the only coffee drinker in our house, I have a coffee/micro station.

As you can see, we have a bit of work to do before I can say "Ta Da!" but I do have this area up and running. The prep sink is right across from this area, so it is very convenient for filling the coffee pot or mixing up a pitcher of Kool Aid.

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judydel- how big is your double sink? In our 2/1 house, we have 40" to put a vanity and I like the idea of one big sink with two faucets, but some people say 36-40" is too small for two facuets?

How do you like yours?

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I just re-read my post and I sound like such
a &%$#@

I did not understand that you did not plan I thought
you were still planning for a coffee center. I have a tiny
kitchen and barely have a spot for that cofee maker.
Please forgive my stupid remarks. You would think I was
from British Petroleum or something.

so sorry for being pathetic and crass.

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I just don't see it. You didn't sound crass at all, IMO. Hilarious, but otherwise totally fine!

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My station is still in limbo. All my cups and mixes are in the cabinets above and the coffee and filters, etc. are in the desk drawers.

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Not at all crass and definitely not stupid! I thought your remarks were very thoughtful as if you really did catch on to my love (hard-core addiction) to coffee! I am very appreciative! It motivated me to keep the wheels turning on this and coupled with the info posted by Vampiressrn, I might be cooking something up afterall......
The truth of the matter is, if I sleep in an hour or two, I wake up with a lovely caffeine headache. If that doesn't warrant a thoughtfully planned setup, what does?
This thread has turned out to be so informative, I love all the ideas!

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Just showed DH the Brewmatic BICA Built-in. He said, "no way, you break everything." I'm checking out the reviews and will decide how to proceed (on my own dime) prior to the plumber coming back next week :)

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Jenma our sink is 48" wide (Harborview by Kohler). I love it! We call it our garden sink since it's just past the mudroom in the side entrance to the kitchen. We use it to wash the eggs from our henhouse each day, to fill the hens waterer in the winter when the hose is turned off, to fill buckets for washing the floor, wash roasting pans, paint pans, etc. And in the summer when the harvest is brimming, we make sure the sink is cleaned up good and we use it to wash tomatoes for canning, heads of lettuce, cukes for pickling, etc.

Because of the size of the sink it requires the two faucets. I just wish we could find wall mounted faucets that have pull down or pull out sprayers!!! I see that Theresse has one, but it's very, very pricy and I need two : (

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LOL, rookie! Maybe DH could be your automatic built-in programmable coffee maker. Mine is... he gets up before me every morning and has coffee brewed by the time I'm up.

judydel, I meant to mention that the syrups are sweetened with Splenda, except for my one bottle of hazelnut with corn syrup (I can't stand artificial sweeteners). We get them at World Market, FWIW.

You have a true farm kitchen! Yours was one of my inspirations, especially the color.

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Finally got some pics! Hope they turn out OK. The smiley face cookie jar was DH's from when he was little. I keep the Splenda in there. The coffee container is from Williams-Sonoma, and the coffeemaker is Cuisinart BrewCentral. The granite folks built up the cabinet above the washer to give us more counter space, and they got to use more of the slab.

OK, did not realize my phone case was on the counter, but you get the idea!

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Shelayne, glad to see things coming along so nicely! Your cabs look great! I have pm'd you over on ikeafans. :-)

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Your PM to me doesn't show on Ikeafans. :^(

I just went over there, and it says I have no new messages. Weird. :^/

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gsciencechick, tell your hubby I have the matching coffee cup to his cookie jar. Wish I had a picture ready for ya.

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