Help me get a 'handle' on things!

flynnnjJune 15, 2012

Here are some photos of my almost done kitchen - I still need to do the backsplash, put in the sink/tray front, choose glass for the doors near the frig AND handles -

Does anyone else find that choosing handles is traumatic - the thought of drilling holes into the cabinet is like putting that first nail hole into a newly painted wall.

I like the cleanness of the European style bar pull but I'm not sure about sizes especially in the sink area. What do I do for the 6" spice pull out in between the super Susan in the left corner and the sink base and 15" cabinet to the right of the dishwasher?

I thought of doing a 6" horizontal pull on all the 15" drawers and the same size handle done vertically on the 15" base, the 24" doors under the sink, and maybe the super Susan. Maybe a 9" handle across the sink/tray but what to do with the spice pull out? It's only 6" so should I look for a tiny pull or look for a knob? Would only one knob look silly?

Should I mix in some knobs in other locations? I was ready to order pulls in 6", 12" for 30 inch drawers, 17" for 36 inch drawers, and a 9 1/2" for the 2 glass doors. Now I'm not quite sure it's the best choice.

Here is a link that might be useful: TopKnob Hopewell Bar Pull

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I have similar cabinets. Knobs vs. pulls was the HARDEST decision of the whole reno! I went with knobs and pulls. Decided I liked the mix. I have same set up...sink, 6", lazy susan. I put knobs on all cabinets and put pulls on all drawers.

Not a good photo - taken before backsplash, etc. but you will get the idea.

You can't go is all a personal preference.

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Hi, flynnnj!

We are bumping into the same questions as you do! What did you finally decide to do with the placement of the pulls/knobs on your cabinetry?

Also, if you don't mind, could you post some photos please?

We are trying to decide whether we should go with all horizontal pulls, or mixed it with vertical pulls for doors and horizontal for drawers, or maybe knobs for doors...

Thanks for your help!

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I'm in handle hell, too. I have a LONG time left to decide - my cabinetmaker won't even start on my project until the end of June - but this one is making me crazy. I love the pulls I see in everyone's photos - but I don't want them in my kitchen.

The only thing I'm set on for now is that I want all pulls, and all horizontal. My kitchen is small, with 42" uppers, so I feel like I need something horizontal to temper the long vertical lines. I also tend to lean toward an arched pull. I love the look of the European style handles, but I know I'd be catching pants pockets on the ends (I am the world's biggest klutz - I've done it in my Mom's kitchen more than once).

My narrowest door is 9" (a base cab for cookie sheets); I don't know if I should go for varying sizes or not. One more decision!

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Looking good! Can't help you with the hardware, but was wondering if you could please take another picture looking into you kitchen that includes the back side of the wall where your sink peninsula is?? One that also includes the header above and the little side wall that the end of the upper cabinets attachs to.

I ask because I currently have a similar layout and am trying to decide if I keep it how do i treat the back of the peninsula that faces my family room. Keep the dropped header above and the wall along the side or get rid of both and see the side of the cabinet. Hard for me to visualize anything but my old kitchen!

Thank you!

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Holly- Kay

I have been looking for pulls for three to four weeks. I just sent off for yet another sample. I knew I wanted all pulls but what I have found so far is that I can find many lovely knobs but the pulls always seem to not have enough lengths or if there are a variety of lengths the cost is prohibitive on the longer pulls. Throw into the mix not being able to find a finish that I love and you could say that I am in handle hell.

I think 3 inch pulls look silly on most drawers. They just appear too small! My cabs will go to the ceiling so a three inch pull doesn't quite do the trick on them either.

I have finally narrowed down the choice to the one that I haven't received yet and the Alno Fiore in 4" for all but the dishwasher and trash pull.

Good luck with your search for that elusive "perfect hardware" and please post pics when you find it!

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Here's MY "elusive "perfect hardware", and boy was it easy to pick out, and the price was FANTASTIC, "Next to nothing"!!!

After 7 years, we sill love the design, very easy to open, NO "turmoil" about drilling holes, etc etc etc.

Just an alternative to the "Jones Thing"!


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Hi flynnnj, that looks great! Could you take a closeup of your counters? What is it? It looks really nice and I'm looking for something similar.

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That is awesome dodge! We lived 22 years without handles in our old kitchen. Cabinets did show it some--scratches and scraps from grabbing the doors in different spots all the time. It ever bothered us enough to do something.
But we did install them on the new cabinets. Haven't lived with them yet--kitchen will be finished today, so I don't know how I will learn to grab in just one

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