White/white/white kitchen refresh FINISHED

wi-sailorgirlJune 4, 2013

Hopefully the subject warned you that if you're not a fan of white kitchens, you definitely will not like this one. Fortunately, I am (and have been as long as I can remember).

This was more of a refresh than a reno. The cabinets, counters, sink and backsplash are all new. The floors and all appliances are not (we've replaced them all slowly over the last 11 years of owning this house). Although we only changed a few things in the kitchen in this latest go-around, I don't think there's anything left save for the basic layout that is the same as it was when we bought the house. So maybe this was really an 11 year reno!

Anyway ... photos (and lots of them). Details at the end.

Before (about three years ago). I know, it's not really bad looking, but the cabinets were in rough shape and I hated the dust-collector shelf on top of them.

The inspiration picture (from Coastal Living magazine):


Walnut trim on the mantel hood (thanks to Katieob for the inspiration). The panel above the mantel flips open for additional storage around the vent.

The hutch and upper cabinets flanking the sink also have glass sides and I'm so happy we did that. It makes it feel so much airier. Dimmable LED lighting in the cabinets. The lighting looks a bit sickly green in some of these photos but it's actually a slightly cooler white (we didn't want to go too warm with the lights).

When we bought the house, a stackable washer and dryer were walled in next to the fridge. We move the laundry several years ago and used the area as a pantry but the half wall on one side sort of stuck out into the space. We removed that and did a built-in pantry around the fridge. The difference in depth was probably less than a foot but having that protrusion into the room gone makes a huge difference in a small kitchen.

Pantry area (we weren't planning to light it but we had extra LED strip lights left so we stuck some in there. Love the area for the roll-out dog food and step stool and of course I love having my microwave in there where we're had it for several years).

Vertical storage over the fridge. Should have done more of this.

Probably my favorite thing in the entire kitchen (other than the backsplash). I love not having stuff on my counters.

A shallow drawer pulls out for cutting boards and oven mitts.

By the dishwasher we need a spacer so the hutch would match up with the cabinet above but I told our cabinet guy to find some kind of storage to stick in there. I think it's really meant for spices but I obviously don't need spices there so we use it for various dog potions and pills and the big bottle of Advil.

A few detail shots:

We planned the double molding around cabinetry as a design element but it ended up really saving us when it came to the molding because our ceiling is incredibly out of level. We took up the difference in that second piece of molding and you can't even tell now that the room is horribly crooked.

The glass knobs. Love them SO much.

Close up of the backsplash (with my little walnut tray).

And lastly, the other side of the kitchen, which is where a lot of the color comes into the room. I painted the door black on a whim this winter and love it. The barn light over the sink was originally white but I spray-painted it black after the cabinets went in because I thought it would be good to pull the black over to that side of the room. This is our back door so we walk straight into the kitchen, so it's not just a functional space but a major thoroughfare as well.

I took off all the window treatments (nice lined bamboo roman shades) to paint but I kind of like it with them off. I could, however, stain them a walnut color to match the other accents in the room. So I'd love to hear opinions on whether you think they should go back up.

Cabinets: Custom cabinets made by a local cabinet maker (he's done other things in our house too and always does a great job). Painted (several times, but let's not talk about that) Benjamin Moore Cloud White

Countertops: Caesarstone Eggshell (aka Osprey if you're outside the U.S.) Island is walnut butcher block, I think from Blockhead Blocktops in Michigan.

Hardware: Emtek Georgetown glass knobs (1.25") and Restoration Hardware Aubrey pulls in polished nickel (and yes, we had the problem with the screws breaking off and replaced them all).

Cabinet glass: Bendheim glass, mouth-blown clear soft seeded (a splurge but I'm so happy we did it). I need to take a better picture of the glass so you can see it to appreciate it.

Backsplash: 1-inch mother of pearl mosiac, purchased through Key West Tile (the source listed in the article I used as inspiration), but I've seen the same or very similar tile online through Glass Tile Mosiacs. Polyblend grout in Bright White.

Vent hood: Kobe 36-inch insert. We have an existing downdraft but when we replaced our range several years ago we had two ranges to choose from that would work with that venting situation, so we installed the overhead vent now so when it comes time for a new range (hopefully many years from now) we aren't limited in our selection. Plus, it works MUCH better than the downdraft (both vent outside).

Appliances: All existing Jenn-Air

Paint colors: Anything white is Cloud White. Walls are Benjamin Moore Edgecomb Gray (previously they were Revere Pewter which is still a favorite color but I felt it was too dark with the tile).

- Large Thomas O'Brien Hicks pendant in polished nickel over the island. Even though this like is rather ubiquitous, I couldn't help myself. I still love it even if it's everywhere. It is polarizing though: people either love it or hate it.
- Barn Light Electric sconce over sink. It was white for several years but I spray-painted it black
- Roost glass cylinder lights over kitchen table.
-UCLs and in-cabinet lighting is LED strip lighting purchased locally. Sorry, I don't know the brand.

Sink: 32-inch single-bowl Kraus stainless steel

Faucet: Hansgrohe Talis S (DO NOT buy this from Home Perfect. I had a horrible experience, ended up filing with the credit card company and just buying the faucet for $10 more through Amazon.)

Let me know if I've forgotten anything. Special thanks to the helpful folks here, particularly the friendly voices on the Small Houses board as well as some of the experts here. It's no secret that I drew a lot of inspiration from many of your kitchens including Breezygirl, Katieob and Beekeeperswife.

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Wow! I love everything about your kitchen. The storage details, the aesthetics, the color you brought in at the breakfast area, and the personality. That was fun to look at. Thanks!

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Very nice! Can you tell me more about the glass? I've wanted to use it too but DH is worried you won't get the full effect with the objects in the cabinet being closer than the log range views you get looking out of our antique windows

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You nailed it. This is one of those kitchens that really works, and I so love that something this excellent resulted from people working on a budget over time to make their vision reality. Inspired, inspiring, pass it on. :)

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It is BEAUTIFUL. I love it (and I am not a white, white fan. But, I love yours.) You have some non-white (dark wood) that helps to ground things and keep it from feeling too sterile.

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What a beautiful space. Congratulations.

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Beautiful! Very well done

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Holly- Kay

Oh my goodness, I could look at this kitchen for hours. You did an absolutely stellar job making your kitchen lovely and usable. Simply perfect in both form and function. You have a kitchen that is now among my favorites!

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I know your floor was existing (appears to be the same in before/after) but do you know what it is? Also, more generally, is it tile or a tile-look something else?

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That is so so pretty...well worth the tease and not so long wait. ;)

Even a stained cabinet fan would appreciate your white kitchen. It's so calm with just the right pop of bling and walnut. Great job! I need to go back and look at it some more.

P.S. - thanks for the interior cab shots - lots of good ideas and I love it when they are shared in reveals!

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I love your kitchen...but I am a huge white kitchen lover too. I am especially enamored with all of your functional drawers/pantry/racks and your Hicks pendant. I love the built-in organizers you have everywhere. That's something I would love if I can afford those add-ons. I didn't have many bells and whistles inside my last kitchen cabinets because we didn't have the budget--yours are awesome!

The breakfast nook is really pretty--love the shots of color. I think having walnut colored blinds would look lovely, but if you don't need the privacy/shade, I do think it looks nice without it.

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ohhh, question.

What do you have or plan to have stored in the 3 drawers in your dish hutch? Curious is all. I am still in the planning stages and like the dish hutches I have seen so far.

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I just love your kitchen. I liked the walnut accent on the hood and the backsplash tile. When I saw the tile the other day I was waiting for your reveal. It is lovely. I'm in the midst of a white kitchen remodel now.

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I like the different whites. Your backsplash lends texture and sparkle, along with those very contemnporary yet classic glass knobs!

Of course, you already know how wood warms a place up.

Great, beautiful job!

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Everything looks beautiful and flows seamlessly! I love the sparkle of your backsplash and all of that wonderful color of your eating area.

The glass knobs are a great touch and complement the backsplash sparkle really well!

Great job and I know you will be enjoying that fabulous space of yours finally!!!

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wi-sailorgirl, Your kitchen is beautiful. Love your back splash and hutch.

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Wow - gorgeous finished kitchen.
I absolutely love that backsplash and the touch of dark wood with the trim and island really warms the space up.


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LOVE!!! I'm a Cloud White girl myself and am so happy with it. Hope you will be too.

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Beautiful!! Really love it : )

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Kathy Rivera

Really lovely!!!

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Excellent job, congratulations!
Love your floor, love the ceiling, love the cabinets, love the touches of black (inspired!) and all the great color in the eating nook! Cloud white is on my list of potential colors too!

Your windows are beautiful, and unless you need the shades for privacy or light control, I would say leave them off -- as is they fit the cleanliness of the rest of the space.

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that is lovely! I especially love your banquette area and all of your lighting choices! the lighted pantry is really cool!

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Love it all!!!

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I absolutely love it. The backsplash is to die and the dining area is sooooooo pretty!

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I love your kitchen! Good to know about the double trim. I had planned on doing something similar but worried about our wonky ceiling too.

I like all the little extras you tucked into the cabinets. Nice that your cabinet builder was receptive to all your ideas. I especially love the way you did your pantry.

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Love your kitchen - features are great!

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So beautiful!!!!

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Gorgeous. I love the storage, the bead board ceiling, the BS, the matle trim, everything. What a beautiful job!

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Your kitchen says "I'm both beautiful and unique".

There's something about your flooring that I find intriguing - it seems native american-ish, or earthy / archaeological... Your flooring adds a cozy and warm contrast to the white and also pick up the tones of the wall and island top.

Suggestion: In the first picture under "After", in between the door and the cabinet start, add a tall live potted plant / tree of some kind. (the experts from another part of Gardenweb might know which one!)

The green in that plant will pick up the green on the wall tapestry and seat cushion on the other side of the room (in the last picture of your post)

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The beadboard ceiling is TDF. Showed the glass sided & fronted cabinets to DH and he agrees: Stunning!

He's a "white-on-white-on-white" kinda guy ;-) married to a "natural is nice" kinda gal. And yes, I am in awe of your beautiful white-on-white kitchen. Thank you for posting the lovely pictures.

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Omg, I thought I was cured of white kitchen admiration (small budget, small house, rough boys) but this is so beautiful I could cry. It's one of those rare magazine type kitchens that still looks real and inviting. I love it!

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Simply stunning! You must love walking into that room every day! Congratulations!!!

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Wow! Beautifully done! Congrats!

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Love the backsplash, love the glass in the cabs. Congratulations and enjoy!!

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Great googly-moogly--this is STUNNING. You really nailed it. Form and function, with comfort AND bling! What's not to love?

Really, really beautiful! Congrats!

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Your kitchen is absolutely gorgeous! I love everything about it. We just finished our WHITE kitchen, and I too, have always loved that color. Love it!


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I could just move in - really, so lovely.
Love the Hicks - there is one coming to live at my house too ;)

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Just fabulous. What a wonderful kitchen. GREAT JOB. I bookmarked this because there are so many useful ideas. Loved the utensil jars hidden in a drawer. And your stacked crown is fabulous. (One KD suggested we consider adding beadboard to our ceiling in order to even it out instead of trimming the crown pieces. I don't know if that will work or not. I have a 1920s house. Nothing is even! But I do love the look of the beaded ceiling anyway even if we have to trim crown.) And I have to mention- all those pillows in the dining area are so pretty and that space is really inviting. Thank you for sharing.

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I think my kitchen is the opposite of yours, with my java cabinets and Montego Bay paint, lol! But I love how light and airy your kitchen is, looks perfect in your house! The glass cabinets are beautiful, and the walnut accents set the white off nicely. And the MOP is just stunning. If mine looks half that good I'll be happy!

Congrats on finishing such a great kitchen. It's -really- nice. I'd vote for paining the shades walnut and putting them back up. Nothing says you have to lower them, but they would look nice sitting there.

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Love the kitchen, very similar to what I am planning right now. I am in the Milwaukee area. May I ask what part of Wisconsin you are from. I could use some contractor suggestions. Thanks.

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Just lovely and LOVE the utensil jars in a cabinet!
Can I ask where you got your lovely eating area small table with the pedestal legs? I have been looking for one such as this but all the small kitchen tables seem ugly by comparison.

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Beautiful! It is absolutely striking! I love the black background hangings by your table! Are they scrolls or paintings? I would leave the windows without any adornments. I like them the way they are.

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Thanks so much for the nice comments everyone. We are just loving it and as many of you pointed out one of the best parts is all the function. It's a small kitchen in a small house and one of the things we've learned is that you really have to make the storage count.

Katy-Lou: About the glass, I think your husband may be partly right ... the effect is probably lessened vs. it being on a window, but it's still quite nice. I was looking for something different than seeded but not as clear as just plain glass. This hit the mark.

Kirkhall: The floor is 20-inch porcelain tile. When we purchased it, it was called Sardara, but when I went to buy a few more pieces to patch a couple areas it was under a different name, but still made by Mohawk. I think with a little Internet searching you'd still be able to find it. I think the color is Island Brown or something like that. I'll be perfectly honest about the floor: We picked it entirely for durability. We have two Newfoundland dogs who traipse in an out several times a day and it get very dirty. To preserve our sanity we went with something that can hide a good amount of dirt.

We still love the tile, but if we were doing the tile as part of this part of the kitchen project, I think I would have very seriously considered some of that wood-look tile.

Autumn 4: If you look at the before picture you'll see there used to be four little drawers there and I remember thinking when we moved in that they were so weird. It turns out they were great little places to stash things. I liked the look of three better so that's why we changed the number. The first drawer has dog meds/syringes, etc., the second has gum and mini phonebooks and the third has the ever-important wine and bottle openers.

A few other notes: I forgot to mention that the glass knobs turned out to be mini versions of the glass door knobs we have in part of the house. We grabbed the glass door knobs from my grandmother's house before it was torn down and we're slowly replacing the knobs in the house with them. And when we redid the upstairs we put in reproductions to match those. I didn't realize the cabinet knobs were mini versions of them but when they arrived it was rather serendipitious.

As for the whole white kitchen thing, we don't have kids and I understand they can be a bit messy, but I can say with a certain degree of certainty that few things could be messier than 275 pounds of hair black (often muddy and always drooly) dogs and really it's not anything a damp sponge can't take care of.

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Wow! I love your kitchen! The glass cabinets really make it for me! The banquette looks cozy and perfect and the black background of the botanical prints just makes it all "pop"!

I am another one that designed my kitchen around the mop bs rather than Waiting to figure it out when I was finished. I'm knee deep in our renovation and hope mine comes out half as pretty as yours! Congratulations and enjoy!

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Beautiful....I especially love the utensil pullout....so clever!

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I love your kitchen so much! I love the style of the cabinets, the finished furniture sides of the cabinets, the beautiful crown molding so the cabinets go to the ceiling, the beautiful stainless steel appliances, the crystal knobs mixed with the handle hardware, the gorgeous backsplash, and all the very useful storage pull-outs! Thank you for sharing.

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It is like a morning on the beach, fresh, gentle, idyllic. Simply lovely. The walnut accents are inspired, the backsplash is dreamy. Enjoy it forever!

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You totally stole my heart with this one. I had to look at these pictures 2 or 3 times. This is a stunning kitchen and I am stealing some of these ideas (i LOVE that utensil holder drawer thingy) for my next kitchen. What can i say about the backsplash that hasn't already been said...it is just simply perfection. Well done.

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Just beautiful ! Everything ...I love the contrast when you get to the breakfast area. I would leave off the blinds too...the light is just so pretty. Great job. c

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Congratulations on completing the journey on your refresh. Everything looks fantastic and I hope you are taking great pleasure in the results. I especially love the utensil drawer with pullout and the glass sided cabinets.

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Beautiful! Great choices, it looks warm, airy and inviting all at once. I love it.

I think I would put the shades back up for balance and staining them is a great idea! Your home is beautiful, you have such a knack for making it all work together, it's perfect.

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Gorgeous! Classic, classy, and clean. One thing I've learned from your kitchen is that it can really work to find the single thing you love (mop backsplash) and plan around it. I'm not sure I've found that thing for myself yet, but am going to be turning over lots of "rocks" to do so. Thanks for the gorgeous pictures!

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For anyone considering the utensil drawer, I used Vollrath bain maries for the stainless "cups." Vollrath is wholesale only but you can find their stuff through restaurant supply stores and sometimes Amazon. I believe the ones I got are 5.5" in diameter. They are really meant for salad dressings, etc. on a salad bar, but they have the lip to hold them in the drawer.

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what a lovely kitchen! great idea for the utensil holder. my kitchen is gutted at the moment but mine will be white too so seeing this provides more anticipation. :)

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LOVE IT! Your backsplash is stunning and I'm sure it will be a new trend here on the forum. The whites all work so well together. On the shades - I'd leave them off if you don't need them for light control or privacy. I need my shades to deal with the west sun at dinner time.

And of course I love your pendant! I have two Hicks pendants over my dining table and they are definitely polarizing, as you said. My daughters still can't stand them. I don't care how many times I've seen them - I'm sure nobody in my midwest suburban world has them.

Thanks for sharing your kitchen with us!

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If I hadn't just finished my kitchen, I'd be saving yours for inspiration. I love both the quiet white working side and the slightly more exuberant eating side. Both sides look both beautiful and functional. Wow!

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WI-Sailorgirl, I have loved all the pictures I have seen of your remodeled home. You have vision, a great sense of proportion, beautiful color sense, and exquisite style. Your kitchen is just perfect. I love the Mother of Pearl, your use of glass and light, the touches of rich wood, and the explosion of nature in the eating area. On top of that, your detail photos give us good ideas for storage. Your pull-out with six utensil canisters saves so much space compared to a stack of drawers for the same items.

Can you add some photos showing how the cooking and eating areas tie together?

Your outdoors renovation and garden areas around the porches and patios have always been a favorite of mine.

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Thanks for sharing! Love it! Absolutely stunning. It gives a clean but inviting, warm feeling!

The section next to the dishwasher is darling! I love love love the pullout for utensils. Those details make the kitchen!

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Duplicate Post.

This post was edited by Julia4326 on Wed, Jun 5, 13 at 16:21

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Thanks for coming back around and answering my question. Every time I look at the pics I spy something I missed before. :) Enjoy!

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Duplicate post - sorry.

This post was edited by Autumn.4 on Wed, Jun 5, 13 at 18:58

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love your kitchen! and I think the white is beautiful and classic.

I saw that utensil pull-out drawer on a picture on houzz, and now i'll have to double mark it, knowing that you love it and it functions well!

how do you enjoy your walnut butcher block? showing a lot of marks? giving me some good ideas ;)

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Your old kitchen was beautiful - I would probably have lived with it forever. But your new kitchen is definitely much better. Really lovely, better function. So many nice features. Good work! Congratulations.

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Beautiful kitchen! Great job!

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Just beautiful!

What are the botanicals above your eat-in area? I really like them.

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Wowowow! Fabulous. Oh, that pantry!

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Hi! I love your kitchen! It came out beautifully! Were you stressing on here for a bit over your choice of countertop? I think I remember following your posts about which quartz to choose...well, regardless, you chose the right one!!

I love your dining area, I love the color of the chairs and all the colors you pulled in there.

Is your island just a freestanding table or is it bolted down?

Wow, great job!

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This is my favorite part of being on this forum, watch people transform their kitchen and bath. I love the shimmering backsplash. Congratulations on your new kitchen.

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OMG.....I am speechless. Your new kitchen is stunning. I love the brown detail on the hood and that backsplash is gorgeous!!! I am staring at your seating area, we were going to try to do a banquette but part of ours would be in front of the slider. Seriously I thought is was a picture out of homes and gardens, like another inspiration picture you put up. I would not cover those windows, beautiful exposed and love the dark trim on door that ties in with the hood. I have to tell you that I am rethinking the mullions on my glass now, your glass doors are amazing, i have to ask about that type of glass. I know this is a silly question, but where did you get the art work behind the seating in dining area?

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Hi gang,

I'm hoping to try to get a picture that sort of shows how the space ties together. It's really pretty small. I think we measured the entire kitchen including the eating area at 250 square feet.

For those who asked, the botanicals are vintage educational posters. I got them on Etsy from a seller called Bonnie and Bell. She's in the UK, but shipping to the U.S. isn't too bad. That wall over the banquette was blank for three years while I found the right thing to put there!

Homebuyer23, the island is freestanding (came with the house though). Technically the walkways between it and the counters are much smaller than anyone on this forum would recommend, but it works just fine for us. We're able to open the dishwasher and the oven but you can't walk around one or the other when they are open. I think the small size of the kitchen works in our favor for that; it's not really a big deal to go around the island (38"x34") the other way. And it is HUGELY helpful to be able to slide it around if you have to move something. In fact I did a lot of that when I was taking the pictures.

When we were replacing the top of it we were without it for about a week and it was awful. I prefer to do all the prep work there because it's a little lower, about 34" high. My husband, who is much taller, likes to prep on the counter. All in all it works out well.

I think someone asked how the walnut is holding up and the answer is great so far. I think it's about 6 months old now. We oil the top, which I prefer because if something does happen it is much easier to fix (just a quick sanding and re-oil). The only downside to oiling it is that you have to be careful when you lay paper on it as it will get oil spots if left there too long. The walnut is a little softer than I realized it would be. The one mark on it is from the bottom of a wine bottle that was set down too hard, and I was surprised that would leave a mark. We have always used cutting boards so we don't cut directly on it.

Also, a couple people emailed me with questions but both have their settings set to private so I can't respond. If you were one of them, change your settings and email me again ... I'm happy to share info!

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Hi Sailor- I remember you posting a picture of those cool glass door pulls and it's nice to see where they're living.
And that would be in white kitchen heaven!

Oooh la la your kitchen is beautiful from top to bottom and if you had a paint snafu one would never know it.

The backsplash is absolutely gorgeous!! What a star; just stunning. Would love to see how it shimmers in some different lighting. Could you possibly share a few more pictures of your kitchen jewelry?

I'm intrigued by your over hood cabinet. Would you mind posting a picture of it open? I've never seen anything like that. I love that style of hood, but don't want to give up the little bit of cabinet space I have there now and what you have looks like the perfect stylish compromise.

Love your door profile, cabinet crown and lighting over the table. The lovely seed glass especially in the side panels- genius. So much eye candy. The ceiling is special; if an open space, did you carry it through the ajoining room(s)? How high are your ceilings?

Thanks for sharing.

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It is beautiful. There are so many details I love: backsplash, walnut accents, glass cabinet sides, interior organizers, pendants above table, etc. It must be a pleasure to walk into that space every morning.

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wi-sailorgirl - Your kitchen is just lovely! I love all of the details in your kitchen...the molding, hardware, your tdf ceiling. And the light you get from all of those windows! I am definitely a fan of the Hicks pendant!
It's such a funny coincidence that I just recently did a white kitchen w/mop backsplash and edgecomb gray walls too.
Hope you are enjoying your fab kitchen! :)

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What a beautiful kitchen -- the tile is stunning! And so is everything else in it. Really, really gorgeous -- I'm swooning here!

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It looks terrific! (it looks like a full-on reno!)

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Sailor forgot to mention, LOVE your banquet area!! The wall hangings and pop of color in the pillows are perfect!

I'm hoping to incorporate a banquette seat in the angled nook area of my kitchen and would love to know more about yours....
Was yours built by your cabinetmaker?
Does the seat have a back or just loose pillows?
Is there storage below?
Can you please provide the dimensions of the seat, specifically seat height and depth?

Funny, I have those exact chairs with a rectangle table, both solid natural maple. The chairs are so comfortable, solid as a rock, but I've been hating on them thinking too big and country looking. Can't wait to remodel and haul them off to the Goodwill, but now I see yours and Wow I can't believe how cute they look in color!! Now I think I'll hang on to them and try painting first!
Did you paint yours and if so what type of paint? Thanks for the inspiration!

Oh almost forgot, I love the look without any window dressing. If you don't need the shade for privacy, I'd leave it off. It does not look unfinished.

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Hi island.

Our banquette was built (several years ago) by the same guy who did our cabinets. There is no back on it ... just loose pillows, which we sort of toss around depending on how many people are actually sitting on it. It does have storage. There are sliding doors on the long front of it (this is not easy storage to access but it's for the cookbooks I pull out once a year, etc.) and a "morgue" drawer that comes out from the end (where we keep all the dog leashes, collars, etc. Super handy storage!).

I will take some measurements tonight or tomorrow for you, but I recall that the seat is about 19" tall after the cushion is on. I made the cushion extra thick, 4 inches, and raised it up a little because I prefer to sit a little higher at a table.

The chairs came with the house and I sort of painted them on a whim. I used Annie Sloan's chalk paint, which was OK, although I'm not sure it was any better than any other kind of paint, other than not having to prime them first. They do seem to be wearing well though.

Hope that helps for now. More to follow.

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Hi Sailorgirl, I already commented on your fabulous kitchen! Simply divine!

We are getting ready to install our MOP and I was wondering the exact grout and thinset you used. We are going to put 1/4 inch board behind it to even out the wall and make it come out a bit since its so thin and the Calcutta pencil liner is too thick next to it. Please share details.

Also, how deep is your banquette seat? Thanks so much for your help.

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Sailor - I looked at your kitchen on my phone - but had to see it on the "big screen"
Zowie - it is gorgeous! I love everything about your new kitchen. Love your cabinets, your knobs, your BS (always good to grow our ABB alumni club), and of course your banquette!
Congratulations - now for a KAW pictures!!!

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Sailor - I looked at your kitchen on my phone - but had to see it on the "big screen"
Zowie - it is gorgeous! I love everything about your new kitchen. Love your cabinets, your knobs, your BS (always good to grow our ABB alumni club), and of course your banquette!
Congratulations - now for a KAW pictures!!!

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Beautiful! I especially love the glass sided cabinets and the gorgeous backsplash. I intend to install a wet bar in our family room next to the doorway from the garage. I was considering glass upper cabinets and maybe the glass sides too would really help keep the visual feeling open when you walk through. Thanks so much for sharing.

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