Paneled Warming Drawer w/ Inset?

mfhoopJune 6, 2010

Has anybody done a paneled warming drawer (I think Dacor, Miele and Wolf are the brands that can accept a panel) in a kitchen with inset cabinetry? We're trying to do this and our contractor doesn't think it can be done; if we want a panel then it would need to be an overlay panel (which would look very funny in the middle of an entire run of inset drawers). That, or do the WD in stainless steel.

Any advice? Would deeper cabinets solve the problem?

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No. The trim around the warming drawer door is designed to sit on the cabinet frame and not inside it, so deeper cabinets wouldnt solve the issue. If you put a panel on it, it will be an overlay. I think you should just do the WD in SS...otherwise, a panel will contradict the look of the inset cabinetry.

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I have a 3/4" slab panel on my Monogram.

Looking at it, I don't see why it couldn't be done inset. Are your cabinets custom? The trick would be to make the opening the correct size, with a stop rail inside of the stiles for the panel. The overall size would have to be a litle bit bigger than the drawer ordinarily calls for. I guess what I mean is that there would be a box inside the cabinet frames to hold the warming drawer, and the WD panel would overlay the interior box and be flush with the framing of the cabinetry.

Additionally, in the Appliance forum, before I bought mine, there was a lot of discussion about the depth of warming drawers and obstacles to getting the panels flush. There are some brands that do better than others. I think it was the Miele that admitted that the panel would stick out. I know when I was at the Miele showroom they said that one would have to cut down the depth of the panel for a standard installation flush mount.

I mentioned all this to my cabinetmaker, and he said, "Of course!" That all the panels and doors (everything but the ovens) would make my cabinets 25" deep overall. I don't know if that's just his standard, or if that's something about panels, or what. The WD was installed by his foreman and was no trouble.

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As far as depth goes, the Dacor indoor/outdoormodel was the only one on the market that was less than 24" deep when we got ours. It is made to fit a bathroom cabinet that is 21" deep, so that might help you if you don't want to bump everything out to 25".

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I have an inset cabinet with a warming drawer. Here it is before the panel was put on:
From Menlo Farmhouse From Menlo Farmhouse

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sorry archnista - but as you can see you are just flat out wrong!

Warming drawers that accept panels can be used in framed inset cabinetry. You simple need to plan out the construction, and ACTUALLY increasing the depth of the warming drawer or all cabinets is almost always the first step.

As you can see from MP's pics you'll need to account that most warmer drawers are around 10" tall and a std. drawer is 4-6" so consideration needs to be given to the overall look of the elevation that the WD is going into.

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