Modify cabinets for build-in appliances before delivery?

mpasquarJune 17, 2013

I won't bore you with the details, but time is of the essence once my kitchen remodel starts and I'm considering the necessary modifications to the sink base (holds the rangetop) and the 96" tall wall cabinet (holds the double oven and micro) prior to having the appliances in-hand. Has anyone cut their cabinets just using the installation instructions from the appliance manufacturers? Or is this crazy and need to have my head checked? It is much safer to wait for the appliances?

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I don't know that I would fully trust installation manuals to have the proper dimensions. While ours have been accurate, I am sure that misprints can happen. If you can, wait until you have the appliances in hand.

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Only do that if you can afford to buy the cabinets again and wait on their delivery again. If you've got a time sensitive reno, NEVER EVER even do tearout of the old stuff without all of the new stuff being delivered without damage.

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My cabinet installers would not even schedule a date until I had the appliances on site.

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