Paintable Switchplates

CEFreemanJune 9, 2014

Hi all!

I just read someone picking up a ton of Lutron face/switch (plates online because they were on sale) recently.

There's a little-known company named Mulberry that makes a "wrinkled" face plate. In a slim line, wider variety, a jumbo type and a few more. They make them in every configuration you can imagine. I swear.

Anyway, I choose the wrinkled unfinished variety because (are you ready?)
(wait for it)
They're paintable!!!!

No joke. You don't even have to prime because of the "wrinkled" finish. No chipping, no rubbing off, just the color you want them to be.

I mention this particularly for the ABB folks out there. But I'm using them for every.thing.

I have multiple switches and outlets, because I didn't want a bunch of separate switch plates all over the place. Since I consolidated, my requirements were such that I needed a 4-switch, a 2-switch & single gang. A decora and regular plate, etc.

HD and Lowe's carry them, but only to a limited variety. In the past, I could order them from Mulberry, but I also found the H4H in Glen Burnie (MD) had a TON of different configurations donated. Unusual configurations like I needed.

Here's the switch plate product page. They're redoing their website, so I expect this to improve.

Nothing wrong with Lutrons at all, and their color selection is great. But what if you wanted to exactly match, rather than feature a switch plate? I know they're not going to be the focus of my kitchen! :)

Here is a link that might be useful: Mulberry switch plate guide

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I thought one of the best parts of a faceplate was that it was not painted - that it's much easier to clean a smooth plastic surface than something with paint?

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Wish I'd known this before purchasing the Lutron plates that almost kind of match. Will try these when we get around to doing the bathrooms.

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Thank you for posting the source! These are what I've always used in my renovation projects. I've been talking about wanting the paintable switch plate covers and dh has been looking at me sideways- he's never heard of them. Since I've been unable to find them he was sure I was making them up.

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Here's what a talented painter did for a friend of mine...

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ctycdm, that is the ultimate in a painted switch plate! Love it! :)

I am not one who wants a switch plate to be a focal point. I've seen Pinterest pictures where people put molding or trim around them, and all kinds of things. To me, they're utilitarian and should fade into the background.

That's why I've always wanted and used paintable plates. Then you never notice they're there, unless they're fingerprinted, which will wipe off!

mlweaving, you're welcome!

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Another option, thought not cheap and definitely not quite the same as the ones you mention, is the Forbes and Lomax switchplates. Have those coming in for my common areas and the backplates of the acrylic option are totally paintable. I like the push button feature.

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Legrand Adorne has a line of contemporary switch plates that are designed to be what you want them to be. You can paint em, attach anything adhesive, etc.

Check out the one gang version, complete with video, here:

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There is a company called InvisiPlate that makes paintable wall / outlet / switch plates. They offer them in either smooth or textures like hand-troweled, orange peel or knock-down, so they can blend in with the color AND the texture of your wall.

I know you can get them in some paint stores, but you can also order them on their website, which is (a link to the website is below). I took a screenshot from their website that shows how some different people have painted them so the plate blends in with whatever their wall is.

The InvisiPlates come already primed, so you can just paint them. I've used these myself and they're very easy to paint. Even the screws that come with them are pre-primed so you can easily paint them to match.

They come in a bunch of different shapes/sizes including for different numbers of outlets, rocker/gfi switches, and light switches. Also, they're not much more expensive than regular plastic plates, which is nice, too!

Hope that helps! : )

Here is a link that might be useful:

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Aren't those great!

Now this is information I can't believe we haven't shared. How incomplete we were as human beings! How unpolished our kitchens have been without the perfect 'plate.

OMG. LOL. In the scope of life, this is such a tiny thing, but it's fun to find something in a detail that just tops niceness off.

I like the invisiplates, too!

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I've primed cheap plastic switch plates with spray primer and then painted them. The paint does not hold up as well to dirt as the plastic surface but the paint has never peeled. Not sure why paintable is needed?

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