Please show me low-cost, high style glass?

kksmamaJune 5, 2013

I love the look of seeded glass, but my glass doors will be on 18" high uppers above the 42" uppers (12 ceilings, ugh) and spendy glass isn't in the budget :(

I saw another thread about silver leaf, anyone do that on upper doors? I'm intending to have those cabs lighted, would light shine through the silver leaf? My GC suggested some kind of rice paper to make the doors transluscent at a budget price. Someday I might have pretty things to display up there, but for now I don't think clear glass is ideal in my kitchen.

Can you show me decorative, inexpensive glass treatments?

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Etching and painting would be two more affordable ways to dress up plain glass.

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There are all types of vinyl static-cling glass treatments out there that I doubt will be visible from that far below. You can get seeded, ribbed, even stained glass looks and then remove them when your tastes change or when you do have something to display. I use one in my bathroom for privacy, but I can peel it back to see what the dog is barking at.

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Someone suggested Solyx on another thread, there are many attractive options. I'm quite intrigued by the paint idea, going to do some experiments this weekend, I think.

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