soap dispensers redux

ginny20June 10, 2011

I've read lots of threads about this, but I can't get a good fix on the best answer for me. I would use it for dish soap, but it seems that many people who are happy with them use them for hand soap. Most tellingly, two women at two stores that actually sell these said that they didn't like theirs and took them out. One said it always clogged (blanco) and the other said she always made a mess by overfilling. The Never MT does eliminate the filling problem, but I'm thinking of just a regular top-fill one. Also, now I often pick up the bottle to squirt extra soap right on greasy pans. I guess with the dispenser you need to squirt it on the sponge instead.

So could we have one more poll, please?

If you have one that you use for dish soap, how does it work for you? Does it clog?

If you chose not to have one, what made you decide against it?

What did you do instead, a pretty bottle on the counter or just the dish soap bottle (which is what I have now)? Or do you put the bottle away after use, and is that a pain?

The bottle doesn't bother me at all on my cluttered counter now, but I think when my kitchen is all new and pretty and granitized, it might.

Thank you!

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I have one and I love it. I did not get a Never MT. My plumber told me to just go get some plastic tubing at the hardware store (under $1) and attach it to the underneath part of the dispenser and stick the other end in a Costco-sized container of detergent. I have used that method for about 6 years and have never once had a problem.

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Overfilled or not, I've seen that they dribble.

To spray my house plants, I have a plastic bottle that has a squirt / spray nozzle. This is $5 technology. Not "rocket science".

When I saw I could get a wireless router for less cost that a "fancy" soap pump, I began to wonder. I don't like the fact that the $10-$20 soap pumps seem to be as robust as the $100-$200 ones. If there isn't a BIG difference in anything technical, it makes me think that this is just a squirt pump like any other squirt pump.

SimplyHuman has a lightweight plastic one with a bamboo sheathing. Being lightweight means it won't damage anything if it falls off the shelf. I might get that one.

I already have a legacy one. A vase made of glass. I guess I paid for the curves.

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Had no desire. I have one hole at the sink ... that's enough. I keep a bottle of Williams-Sonoma hand soap there along with a bar of soap for dh (his preference). Also keep a small bottle of dish soap out all the time. I don't try and hide the fact that it's a working kitchen.

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If you want to reduce clutter around the sink get one, if that isn't important to you save the $50 bucks and either buy soap in a beautiful container (Williams Sonoma, Restoration Hardware, Method, etc.) or buy a beautiful container, stick a liquor pourer on it and enjoy. We recycled a bourbon bottle.

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We have LDR soap pumps and Never-MTs in our kitchen (one) and newly-renovated master bathroom (two) for handsoap. Love 'em, never a problem.

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I have the pump that the parts guys at the plumbing supply recommended. Apparently a lot of the ones that match the faucet sets have tiny little holes and are always clogged. The parts guys said that this one wouldn't. That said, mine is at my laundry sink, and while it has dishsoap in it, it's the 7th Generation Free & Clear (goof for cleaning hands, floors, and all kinds of things besides dishes) and doesn't have any grit particles, thickeners, or other cloggy things.

At my clean-up sink, I don't have a built-in soap dispenser. I did on the previous sink and didn't like using it. I prefer to have the bottle on counter. More control over how much goes where, and the design of my kitchen is colorful and active so the bottle doesn't look out of place or ugly.

The one exception to liking the bottle is chicken/egg hands. I finally found an automatic soap dispenser that isn't horrifically ugly. It was too expensive, but it's stainless colored (black plastic only shows on underside) and cylindrical, and only ungainly in its lines rather than "I can't look at that." It also has a nice on/off button on the top. Which is operable with one's elbow, though I usually remember to turn it on. :) It has three dispenser settings, but the smallest one is too much for many of my tasks. Fine for chicken hands, but wasteful otherwise. Plus, it can't be right by the sink or the shifting light from the window will set it off.

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I put one at main sink for dish soap (that I also use to wash my hands). I loved it so much I added another one at the prep sink in which I put hand soap. I do not seem to refill them often enough to bother me so I didn't get never MT. I don't like clutter so the built in is a no-brainer.

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We didn't get one. We didn't want another hole at the sink, didn't think we'd be diligent about filling and using it, and don't mind taking the bottle out when we need it. It is a working kitchen after all. No regrets about not getting one.

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Love my dispenser with the Never-M-T attachment. I have the large, deep Franke sink and can plop big roasters or cookie sheets in and with the flick of wrist--squirt, squirt. Never had a clog.
I like the reduced clutter. My dispenser matches the faucet.

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How often will you use a soap pump if you have a functioning dishwasher? Even if you leave hot soapy water in your dinner pans to soak, it doesn't seem like pulling a bottle out of the cabinet underneath the sink is a big deal. If you want to keep a bottle on your counter, why not just get a pretty hand soap pump. I thought about using one like this:

I've also seen people use olive oil bottles like this one:

I've also seen a few kitchens use a pretty decorative bottle with the same kind of dispenser top as the oil bottle. Even my economy-sized bottle of dish soap wouldn't bother me on a daily basis, though. I wouldn't want it out if my kitchen were being styled for a magazine photo shoot, but I'm generally ok with kitchen things being visible in the kitchen.

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I've had one for several years and like it very much. The old bottle on the sink got pretty nasty looking with dribbles and the guys using it to wash their greasy hands.

I mix liquid detergent with half water so it flows easily and that works very well and saves money, too. The only negative I can think of is that if you are washing something very, very large (like a huge lobster pot), it may not fit under the pump. On those rare occasions, I grab the bottle from under the sink.

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We got a Grohe dispenser that "matches" our Grohe faucet (both are SS). Hooked it up a Never-MT, and we've been happy with it once DH got it going (had to dribble some soap in from the top of the tube to "prime" it).

I LOVE not having bottles of dish soap in the way, not having to deal with them as the am't of soap becomes low, and then trying to balance the bottle upside down in order to facilitate squeezing out those last few ounces or so.

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I bought a Kohler dispenser at HD for under $30 last year and have it hooked to the NeverMT. The dispenser works great, never dribbles or clogs. The NeverMT oozes a little at the connections, not a big deal and next time I change the bottle I'll check it out.

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Has anyone tried Cetaphil liquid hand soap in these things? We use it because of eczema but it does seem to be a little thicker.

If it failed, I could use the 7th generation dish liquid, and I do handwash my knives. But I wash my hands far more frequently than I wash knives.

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I decided agaist it because I didn't want any more holes in my quartz than necessary. I have a couple glass soap dispensers that I keep on the window sill. One for hand soap, the other for dish soap. I think they cost $5 each.

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Hi Ginny,
No dispenser for me. Five holes (one for sprayer, two for bridge faucet one for air switch and one for filtered water) were enough. Did not want any more clutter, at least built-in clutter. The bottle can be put away when I want to.

I second what ellaf said -- a nice pump bottle. The Restoration Hardware "Vintage" dispenser has a nice chrome ball at the top and is a perfect mate for the Perrin & Rowe bridge faucet which also has a ball. I had been using it for lotion and will either re-purpose it or get a second one for soap.

The faucet makers are missing an opportunity (I think) by not selling separate bottles to match their faucets.

I like being able to pick up the bottle to squirt.

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If you have kids, it's nice to be able to move the soap where they can reach it. I notice that when my sister's kids visit, they can't reach as far back as the faucet.

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We installed one during our recent reno. We keep dish soap in it and use it for small clean ups and hand washing. For bigger jobs like washing pots & pans we bring out the squeeze bottle we keep filled with dish soap.

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Thanks to all- these answers are very helpful. I'm starting to get a clearer picture - although it is apparent it is very much a matter of personal preference. I just need to decide if I'm Team Edward or Team Jacob, so to speak (can you tell I have a middleschooler?).

I'll keep watching for feedback, so if you want to weigh in, I'd love to hear it!

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We have one and love it. It's a Kohler that matches our Vinnata faucet. It doesn't dribble and is placed to where the spout is over the sink and not the counter. We use it for handsoap. We use a filled brush for our dish soap or just straight from the bottle that we keep underneath the sink. But we use that little spout multiple times a day. It's been working perfectly for six years now.

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I only have the built-in dispenser because it came with the Moen faucet and my plummer just assumed I wanted it installed. I find it convenient but I could live without it. I wouldn't purchase one if I was starting over.

Years ago Martha Stewart had a piece on dish soaps and suggested getting a pretty clear bottle and putting a liquor pouring top in it. My kitchen is blue and white so a pretty shaped bottle of blue Dawn sits on the counter.

My husband and son always go for the bottle over the built-in pump.

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Mine is for hand soap, which I know isn't what you asked about. I wouldn't be without one. I lived with one in my old kitchen for 10 years. Loved it. Never had any problems with leaking. We're in a temporary house during reno without a dispenser. It makes me love the dispenser even more. I hate chasing a wet, slippery soap bottle around the counter trying to wash my hands. It falls over. I picked it up and it flies out because it's soapy. I can't wait to have one at both of the sinks in my new kitchen.

I'd rather have a discreet hole in my marble then another "thing" sitting on the counter looking possibly cluttery. My kitchen is a working kitchen too. Doesn't mean it can't have some thought put into how it looks when it doesn't impact how it functions.

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I hate chasing a wet, slippery soap bottle around the counter trying to wash my hands. It falls over. I picked it up and it flies out because it's soapy.

Perfect cartoon visual for Saturday morning. ;)

I can honestly say that's never been a scenario in my kitchen. Maybe you need a heavier bottle?

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