Blanco Diamond single bowl install? Tips

thedorkJune 20, 2013

I am just wondering what should I be aware of - I know the sink is very fragile - any other tips with installation - cutting holes for the soap dispenser, faucet, air switch etc. - how difficult is that?
Did you fabricator install it and cut the holes or the GC?

I want to be prepared with clear instructions.

Thank you!

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My Blanco Silgranit II Precis Cascade was installed with counters today. The fabricator had pre-cut the holes from the template.

What I did:

Checked over Blanco sink for any sign of crack on receipt, then today on return.

-Ordered a Sink Setter 114P (rectangular) so the sink could drop out below incase of any future problem. Fabricator staff knew about Sink Setters.

-Bought the Blanco bottom sink grills ahead of time and will instruct family on use and avoidance of sharp objects.

-Plan to remind plumber no plumbers putty, just silicone when installing faucet and soap dispenser due to counter top (will cause etching).

Blanco makes nice products. If anything comes up, call their customer service. Good luck to you.

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Your fabricator should cut the holes for faucet, etc. while using water and a shop vac to capture the dust. Know exactly how you'd like the holes spaced. I assume you've already decided upon and discussed how you'd like the sink reveal (positive, negative, or zero). None of these issues are dependent on sink material.

I wouldn't exactly call silgranit "fragile", but I wouldn't dump one on the ground either. I adore both of mine, and they take a beating now.

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We are in the midst of our remodel. I have the Blanco siligranit diamond undermount sink, 60/40. The fabricator took the sink with them to cut the granite. I did as Breezy suggested, checked for cracks or damage before they left and when they returned. When the fabricator came back they cut the holes for the faucet on site.

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SparklingWater -- question about the Sink Setter. I never heard of something that allows you to take out an undermount sink (which is what you're saying, right?). A quick websearch pulls up this website:

Is that what you're talking about? The website seems to indicate the Sink Setter just helps them install the sink. But I'd love to have something that would let me easily drop the sink out (and pop a new one in) in case there are any issues.

Here is a link that might be useful: Sink Setter website?

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Thank you all for the great info!

I will have quartz countertops and the sink is Diamond single bowl undermount.

The fabricator will cut the holes in the quartz - how about the ones on actual sink - do they make a template and then cut the holes into the Silgranite and then cut the quartz when install?
I am sorry for the stupid questions - I am just trying to understand the process and who does what.

Thank you!

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Breezygirl: What zero, negative or positive sink reveal means? I am clueless. Thank you!

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Thedork - I am linking a thread that will answer your question.

Here is a link that might be useful: Thread about Reveal of Sink

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My blanco diamond undermount edge doesn't go far enough to have to be cut for the faucet. They just had to cut the granite.

Here is a link that might be useful: picture of sink uninstalled

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Here's the gent who designed the original sink setter and his company. Not sure who that other one is and wonder if he knows.

You have to order the Sink Setter through one of his distributors. Also, it's worth watching the video of it's installation a few times. This is for undermounted sinks.

As to the sink then dropping down, yes, in the rectangular metal SS frame are a grouping of long screws facing up (toward the counter) onto which a small sink support is placed. After the undermounted sink is installed, from what I understand, you screw these support mount screws up towards the sink from within the sink cabinet, taking care not to over tighten and thus raise the countertop height from surrounding height. If a break/crack occurs in an undermounted sink, then you reverse this process. Hope I got this right. GL.

Here is a link that might be useful: Link to Sink Setter Inc.

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Thanks, SparklingWater! I'll send this to my contractor!

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Thank you all! I'll check the sink setter also and talk to the fabricator.

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Where everybody ordered their Silgranite sinks from? I know I can get the best prices on-line but I am a little hesitant - cracks, returns, delays... Maybe I should go with a local store even though there is a difference of $100 + tax.Thank you!

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Ordered mine through our granite fabricator-his price was about $75 more than I found online, and it was worth my peace of mind not having to worry about hairline cracks, etc. Installed super single in metallic grey last week-I LOVE this sink! :)

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Thank you for the tip Juleecat! What is the color scheme of your kitchen - I am still debating which color - walnut cabs + white quartz?

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Hi SW,

I checked with the sinksetter company today and they said that I need PW 104-P which adjusts from 25''-47" - I guess I don't need the 114 which adjusts from 31''-47'' - does that sound right?
Thank you!

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Yes, follow his instructions as he knows his Setters. I found him to be quick but on top of things. I hope he told you where to order it from-he emails you the closest place. I showed the installers his SS video; it's straight forward, you and I could do it for example.

I wish to restate, Blanco instructions call for clear silicone for your sink flange. Not plumbers putty. I would watch over during flange installation if you have any doubt on this matter.

Insinkerator sink flanges come in various colors to match your faucet should you wish. I ordered mine on Amazon, but had to take the stainless and hand over the nickel.

Watch these steps-try to get it right the first time as it's worth it. GL.

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Thank you for the great tips! They don't have the setter locally available so they need to ship it from Colorado - those things are heavy - wondering how much the shipping would be.

Yes, I didn't order that yet - InSinkErator FLG-SS Sink Flange, Stainless Steel.

I ordered the disposal from Amazon but not the flange - thank you for reminding me!

When I order the sink - do I need anything else - clips etc.?

Thank you!

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Good news, I believe your Insinkerator GD comes with a SS flange. Why don't you call them and ask, just to verify. You do need to buy an Insinkerator CRD-00 Power Cord Kit and if you're doing one, an Insinkerator STS-SO Single Outlet Switch (or double outlet switch if planning instant hot water or other) to use instead of a wall switch. I got both of these on Amazon too, and really like the Insinkerator Outlet Switch that is mounted near the faucet.

If you need a soap dispenser with a better than average review record, look to the Moen 3942Csl (comes in classic stainless). Mine is up and running and works without multiple pumps. Moen customer service must get a lot of inquires about this model and matching others faucets: they were so helpful.

No, no extra sink clips. My charge for weight on the SS delivery wasn't that much.

I'm glad to hear you're finding these tips useful. Our sinks and faucets etc, are a workhorse in the kitchen too!

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Thank you! I will check it out.

Did you buy the Blanco 440007 3-1/2 Basket Strainer?

I am going probably with the MGS Progetti Spin D faucet and Elkay or KWC soap dispenser - will check the Moen also.

The air switch I am between the InSinkErator STS-SO Single Outlet Sink Top Switch or the Mountain Plumbing MT951/BRS Classic Touch Waste Disposer Air Switch, Brushed Stainless ( $30 more ) Time is running - I wish I picked all these things a year ago :)

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No, I didn't and I just saw it. Looks like a nice functional addition.

Yes, time is precious now for you. I found Amazon to be faster than my local stores and reasonably priced too.

Sounds like you have to together. :)

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