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MopncJune 21, 2014

I'm in a 2 mo quandary, pls make suggestions.
I like a light surface workspace and want no or minimal gray.
I don't like speckled or terrazzo like patterns as it reminds me of the 50's, remember the salt and pepper speckled bathroom tiles of that era?
The "terracotta" on walls have to stay for design reasons in adjoining rooms and for view from front door. There is dark muted olive green accents trim/wall.
My floor are warm and golden/browns/ orangy-ish.
I'm thinking to match that and considering Cambria Buckingham for that reason but more gray than I want.
The light colors have the speckles or the terrazzo look. My Kohler ORB fixtures bleed a brown onto my present sinks, my existing white porcelain sinks are now stained as a result so I fear a solid white.
I need a counter top selection to love!

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Another photo, I couldn't get 2 photos uploaded into one posting.

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Sophie Wheeler

I wouldn't spend a dime putting stone on top of thermofoil cabinets. Leave what you have until you can address the other issues.

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Are you specifically looking for a quartz that will work with your colors?

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Cabinets are being replaced too I should have mentioned but will remain white. Yes, I'm wanting quartz to work with my colors, the floor being the first priority as the walls may/will change, floors wont.

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What material do you want to use - granite, quartz, solid surface, recycled glass, laminate, etc.?

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Quartz. is my first choice. Granite a possibility too. Solid surface my third choice but I'm open to suggestions.
Let me say that I cook like the Swiss Chef on the Muppets, very messy and I drop things often, even occasional avalanches. IOW, durability very important, and less maintenance the better.

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maybe too dark for you, but I like this best

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I think the lightest & darkest have the least speckled look.

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Thank you! It is a conundrum that I'm not aesthetically drawn to the lighter slabs but I sure enjoy a light workspace. The dark frequently is the most handsome. I will have to go to a Silestone showroom. What are your thoughts on Silestone vs Cambria. Cambria advertises made in USA and that is the only difference I have noted.

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I think Buckingham will overpower your small kitchen. I used Pental Botticino, similar to Caesarstone Buttermilk. It's a warm-toned greige, but not too warm like a caramel color, and has a clean, quiet look. There are tiny tan sand specks. It's pretty with white cabinets, though mine are natural cherry. I have olive green walls in my adjoining dining room.

Here's a photo of Buttermilk with white cabs and a photo of my Botticino.

Farmhouse Kitchen by Edina Architects & Building Designers Meriwether Inc

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From my notes (please verify accuracy): Silestone is made in Spain, is the hardest (10 on Mohs scale), has the most colors & edge choices, has Microban protection, first company to offer quartz, and are the largest.

Love that Cambria is made in the US, assumed you had already looked at them. Ceasarstone & Zodiaq are others. I think they are all good, I'd pick the one that has the color/pattern you like best. Suggest taking some paint chips/samples with to the showroom. Good luck. Please post pics when you are done.

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Look at Caesarstone Shitake. It is a really nice grey/beige that looks grey up close but reads beige from farther away. We ended up with card counters, but we really liked the shitake a lot.

Here is a link that might be useful: Caesarstone Shitake

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That Buckingham may be overwhelming for my kitchen certainly gives me pause. My kitchen is 12 x 12.5.
One "wall" is an open peninsula/counter to the dining room which has my grandmothers Duncan Phife style table and mahogany antique Hepplewhite shield back chairs. The last wall is opened arched to a sun room. The arrangement is L shaped with different mood/function that the kitchen serves transition for. While a creamy counter top may flow well into the sun room, I think, .. will the creamy counter top flow towards the dining room? The open bar area b/w kitchen and dining I use as a buffet area when I have dinner gatherings as the dining table only seats 8 max, too tight for serving pieces. The dining walls have one blonde gold wall, other walls are the same dark green olive accent color the kitchen has. There is also a center island in the kitchen which i plan to enlarge the surface of with the new counter top selection to seat more than 2 people. Your thoughts?

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