btus & doors of 1950s okms and wedgewoods

navi_jenJune 9, 2013


I am looking for a 1950s OKM or Wedgewood double oven from the 50s. How in the heck do I tell what BTUs are in the burners? I swore that someone said their burners are 15k, but GrapeVine Sally's biggest sizes are 12k. (I would love 15 and 12 on my stove). I've asked everyone whose stoves I've been interested in...and they can't tell me (if it's stamped on the burner, it's not visible to the naked eye).

If the BTUs are stamped on the burner, where is it?

And are the burners sizes interchangeable?

Finally, can you swap out doors from the solid front to the glass front?

Oh, and Savon Appliance rocks. I called them Friday to ask some simple questions, and the owner was incredibly helpful. I was I lived closer to LA to really use that resource.

Thank you!

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The BTU ratings are usually stamped on an ID plate, which might be on the back of the range, or more commonly, the ID plate may be under the top in the burner cavity area. Most of the old ranges I've seen usually max out at 12k. That's not to say some aren't higher, back in the 50's and 60's my Dad had a 60" Magic Chef commercial with six 18000 BTU burners, a 36" oven, a 24" griddle, and an open broiler below the griddle!

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CTYC....thanks. I did look for a plate on one of them, and could not find it for the life of me.

The question then is, can I switch the burners? :-)

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On our OKM the plate is on the inside of the cabinet door (single oven) and lists it. Our biggest burners are 12K though. Check the backs of the ranges if you don't see the plate inside anywhere, though, as ctycdm noted. Can't recall if Wedgewoods have the BTUs listed on plates too.

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Thanks all...seems like you can open up the valves, but you can't switch out the burners. But perhaps I can live with it.

So, I found 2 Wedgewood double oven options. One has the top part that I like...but no glass double oven doors (and more expensive). The other doesn't have a top I like as much, but I like the glass double oven doors...but less expensive.

I would really like to hold out for an OKM double oven, but I have not yet found one east of the Mississippi.

I probably don't need the stove for another 4 to 6 months. Should I hold out the one I really really want?

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I think you should hold out. Even if you don't find 'the one' hopefully you will be able to find another one like you just described.

Good luck!

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I have been thinking about an older range too. So I hope you keep us posted on what you end up with and how you like it. I have a couple of years though before I get there.

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You can swap the doors. I did! I wanted "no glass" for a tidy, white look, but the stove I liked had glass. The sellers changed it for me.

The burners are easily adjusted so that you can singe your ceiling if you want to!

And I say hold out! I got a single oven, and 7 years later, I really wish I had 2 ovens for my set up. I have the Grillevator, which I think is fantastic. However, I have neither a stove pipe, nor a vent hood. Without one or the other, the Grillevator is mostly useless to me. If I had proper ventillation, I'd go with my current set up b/c the full sozed broiler can do wonderful things with meat. Alas, when I attempt those wonderful things (like rotisserie style chicken), my kitchen walls get black sooty stuff on them. I can only do short term, lower heat stuff like bacon, melted cheese, etc.


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