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dreamojeanJune 17, 2013

Any suggestions as to whether to switch to a single bowl undermount or drop-in/top sink for a 30" cabinet base, for a kitchen we're adding, or suggestions for a good narrow 70/30, 80/20 or the like?

I'm a double sink devotee having had one for 7 years, but ours is 50-50 and 33" wide, and I've long wanted a bigger single bowl and a smaller 2nd sink for prep/breakaway use.

We are really constrained by space in that we probably should really have a single, deep, 26" or 28" wide, as we could use those extra inches of countertop, but I'm worried about not having even a small 2nd prep sink - and I've been looking at Vigo, Kraus, maybe Franke mostly for the squared off look that I love (would do an apron/barn sink but it doesn't work in our particular kitchen).

Any suggestions? I saw posts about fitting a 29" sink in a 30" base when specs call for 31" (which I think the Vigo 29" sink would do, i LOVE that sink), but our contractor doesn't want to do that and I'm ok sticking with specs as a tradeoff. If we go semi-custom cabinets he could do a 31" cabinet base if we want, but we'll have 12" of countertop between sink and fridge assuming a 30" base, then only 24" between sink and stove - this is a SMALL kitchen... We'll have a 6 foot island adjacent to fridge/sink/stove for prep so we'll make do countertop wise, But I'm trying not to lose too much functionality.

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Maybe you need to put your prep sink in your SMALL space, and put your dish sink in the 6 foot island?

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kirkhall, I thought of that, and heavily explored putting either the prep sink or the main sink in the island. It's a decent amount more money to do it since this is a parlor (2nd) floor and the ceiling below it is in great shape so we don't want to replace it (or, ideally, our hardwood floor in the kitchen). in the end it came down to whether to have a small prep sink in the island and a 24" bowl next to the fridge, which would have been fine. and I just wanted an island without appliances, for the way we live and entertain. I hope I won't regret it.

So the choice comes down to whether to do a single-bowl, 24 or 27 inch sink. I like the squared off versions like Kraus and Vigo have, that are undermount and deep. Or whether to do a double sink, probably with 20" bowl and 8" breakaway. I have since found a 28" double bowl sink that fits a 30", it's not squared off, but instead rounded off a bit and very round on the top - it's the Kraus KBU21 30-Inch Undermount 60/40 Double Bowl 16 gauge Kitchen Sink, Stainless Steel and I could probably live with that. The guide says that it fits a 30 to 33" cabinet, so it's possible to do this 30" in a 30 cabinet. And I found a more squared off option that's 28" wide and fits on a 30" cabinet - it's pricier than the Kraus - the Franke LAX16030 Largo Double Bowl 18G 28X17.5X8 Sink Boxed - neither are cheap but the Kraus comes with faucet for the same price (give or take).

And by the way, Ikea has a great 29" or so double sink that fits on a 31" or so cabinet - what is that about when it only sells 30 and 36 cabinets? it's a nice sink and I'd consider doing it - ironically enough, if I go wtih a non=IKEA cabinet and can have a 31" base.

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I have the asme predicament, but I will not have a prep sink. I wanted a double bowl so I can use the garbage disposal even if there are dishes in the sink. Like you, I currently have a 50/50, 33" wide.

I looked at what seemed like a thousand sink, before finding the one linked below. I ordered it, and really like it - though it won't be installed until the end of July. I am getting custom cabinets, and when the cabinet maker comes over to take final measurements, he's going to measure the flange on the sink, and size the cabinet so that the sink will fit between the walls. I think it will only take an extra 1/4" or so.

There are certainly ways to fit this size sink into a 30" base from the top, but since I do have the option, I am going to allow myself the room to drop it out if necessary.

Good luck with your search!

Here is a link that might be useful: 30

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Look at Blanco's supersingle. Not squared off but one of the largest that will fit in a 30" base without having to cut the cabinets.

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annkh, the link you sent is to a 32" sink, was that intentional? I like it and boy is it less expensive than the others I'm looking at (even IKEA) but I think it is probably too big for our particular space.

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I looked at it after I posted, and saw the same thing - but I also pulled mine out of the box and measured. To the outside of the flanges, it is 29.5". That's a little wide to fit inside a standard 30" sink base (which is 28.5" wide inside), but the bowls themselves will fit. Drop the sink in from the top, and the flanges will overlap the sides of the sink base. You won't be able to remove it once the countertop is installed, but realistically, how often do we have to replace a sink?

Oh, I found the thread I was looking for!

Here is a link that might be useful: sink install

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