I'm down to choosing paint color

annkh_ndJune 10, 2013

We're in the middle of demo of our old kitchen - the electrician will start next Monday, so the kitchen will be empty by then. At last! I feel comfortable with all the decisions I've made up to this point - we even decided on drawer pulls!

Now I'm stuck on color. I want to paint the walls and ceiling before the new cabinets go in. The kitchen and dining room are open, so the new color will go on the wall that extends from one to the other, and around the kitchen.

I used Cambria's color match to help me choose a wall color (though I picked out a few dozen paint chips myself first, and happened to narrow down to one of these - BM Putnam Ivory). I bought a pint and painted a few areas around the kitchen. In most walls, I love it - but on one wall, it shows distinctly gray! No matter what the light - sunshine, overcast, dining room lights on - still gray. I suspect that I'll end up continuing this color around the rest of the dining room into the living room (they are open to each other), but I really don't want gray. Arrgh! Just when I thought I had it figured out!

I'm going to pick up a sample of BM Elephant Tusk this afternoon, to see if I like that better (it reads slightly green to me).

Here is a link that might be useful: Cambria color match tool

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Holly- Kay

I feel your pain Ann. I need to decide on a paint color for the kitchen breakfast area that also extends into a dining area and living room. I love BM Truffle but I am afraid it will be too dark and the closest BM dealer is half an hour from me.

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I think Elephant Tusk is Gray on purpose. If you don't want gray this may not be your paint. What color do you want?

I've got 9 different samples I've been painting all over the place. It's hard! Good Luck

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Kristen Hallock

Are you going with Cambria for countertops?

We are I think and my husband likes Victoria. Which is what we had in our old house. I also have a wide open downstairs and my kitchen area opens right up into our living room and to a lesser extent our foyer. So I need a color that goes with everything.

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I am no color expert so take my opinion with that in mind. I feel like your neutral wall color needs a little more of a yellow tone in it. To me these samples don't really match the neutral color tones in your stone. What was recommended to me was to get white poster board and color the samples of paint onto it. It really worked great because you can move it around to different parts of the room to see it in different light. Paint color is soooo hard. Good luck!! Your stone is gorgeous!!

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The countertops will be Cambria Somerset - it was love at first sight for both DH and me.

I am looking for a neutral tan/beige/gray, possibly with a green undertone. Yellow doesn't do it for me. The kitchen is small, and while it gets good light (and will have even more when we install UCL), I want to keep it bright. Cabinets will be medium to light oak.

I looked at what seemed like a million tan/cream/beige samples. I was really hoping that the recommendations on the Cambria site would hit home - choosing from 2 or 3 is a heck of a lot easier than choosing from hundreds!

I like the Putnam Ivory, for the most part, but DH isn't crazy about it, and my son hates it. I'm hoping the lighter Elephant Tusk will play better with my lighting.

I will use the poster board idea - especially since I'm thinking about painting the living room too (but not right away, so I don't want to paint a big square on it).

Thanks, everyone!

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Update - I picked up a sample can of Elephant Tusk, and painted it in a few places in the kitchen and dining room - some next to the Putnam Ivory, some not. I wasn't crazy about it - I was hoping for a slight warm green undertone, but it reads blue and cool to me.

But what it DID do was make us all appreciate the PI! The one wall where the PI was looking very gray, it was surrounded by the existing yellow/gold on the walls. I painted above and below my PI sample with Elephant Tusk, and the gray just about disappeared. Even my son agreed that it looked ever so much better when the yellow was out of sight.

Now to decide on the ceiling color - elephant tusk (which is bright enough to look really good on the ceiling), or 25% putnam ivory? I think I'll get a sample of that today, to see how I like it. Thank goodness sample cans are cheap!

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