Should I have pendants or not?

bmh4796June 29, 2013

There are some layout things that have changed since the image I'm posting, so please don't focus on that. Most importantly, there is no wall separating there is no wall separating the breakfast room from the kitchen. There will only be 2 small stools under the peninsula in the kitchen. The rest of seating is in tne breakfast room-- a bench along the back wall and chairs at the heads heads and front of ghd tabke. The footprint of the breakfast room and kitchen is still the same. I know the L is not great, but trust me that we've worked and reworked this plan with an architect. I insisted on getting a garage in the back and having a formal dining room and a breakfast room and my husband wanted the den and dining to be facing each other connected bu a cased opening, so this is what fits on our very narrow lot.

Ok, so back to the pendants. Should I hang two small pendants above the peninsula or is the peninsula too small?? We will have 12 foot ceilings. There will be a chandelier of some sort in the breakfast room along with recessed in the kitchen and under cab lighting. Our style is sort of modern industrial.

I will pick out the chandelier first then find pendants that go with it, but I'm thinking something small like this

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I would definitely do pendants. You'll appreciate them every single time you sit at the peninsula to read the newspaper. Recessed lighting won't throw enough illumination from a 12' ceiling to make you comfortable reading or working at the peninsula.

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ok thanks. that's what I'm thinking. i'm really sad to leave my florescent lighting behind. i like the way it lights up my kitchen, but no one is using florescent any longer, so i guess it's time to move on. i've never paid attention to kitchens lit up by recessed lighting. can recessed lights give off the same amount of light as reveal florescents or am i going to be disappointed?

i think i will miss my bright bright kitchen

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I just realized I forgot to post the floor plan in my original post

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Just be sure you have lots of cans. My can-lit kitchen is blinding. My husband complains, but he's a freak with excellent night vision. I love it.

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Perhaps if you try the (relatively new) LED can lights, they might be bright enough for you.

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