Help with kitchen layout, please!

ctbertJune 21, 2013

Hi everyone
We are trying to decide on our layout. We've been living with a small kitchen with table squished in by the kitchen door. We're expanding, so our living room is turning into a dining room.
Since there really isn't room for an island (we had a table there, but could move it!), we are thinking of taking out part of the wall between the 2 rooms and adding a peninsula with stools onto our row of counters.
I would really appreciate any feedback on the design we've been given!

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And here is the drawing of our plan.

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Here is another view.
Any feedback would be appreciated - I'e never done anything like this, and its overwhelming

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And one more view, looking toward the dining room.

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I think if you provide some of the information suggested in the stickied thread "new to kitchens..." You might get some responses.

Have you considered centering the range on the wall between the window and door (easy venting) and putting the sink and DW where the range is? That gives you more space where you'd naturally want to prep (between sink and range) and you'd prep in front of the window, and prep is where most of your time is generally spent.

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Hi, CTbert. Remember the classic work triangle-- with the refrigerator-sink-stove for its points? See where yours are? if that were my kitchen, I'd end up working in that rather cramped little corner between sink and stove (think chopping veggies, etc.) while those nice big counters outside the triangle went to waste. No way am I going to haul everything out the triangle just to haul it all back in.

If it were mine, I think I'd do things a little different. I'd put the cleanup sink on the wall next to the open peninsula; the DW could go under it or to the left of the sink. Mess would move clockwise around the kitchen to pile up at the sink, but hidden by the wall. While I cleaned up, I'd be able to look out into the room and chat.

My children are gone, but DH is still around, so that peninsula would also be a lunch/breakfast breakast making center. The refrigerator is directly across, so that'd work well. The toaster and coffeemaker could go on that wall/corner area also, where they'd be nicely hidden from view too.

This would then leave my main goal: A really nice, pleasant, generous, well-appointed main area dedicated to prepping and cooking between the refrigerator and stove, complete with a window to look out while I worked. I don't personally always feel a need for a prep sink, but in this case--yes. By the refrigerator for peeling potatoes, dumping them in a pot of water, etc. This would give me everything I needed in a very efficient storage-prep-cooking triangle.

Other, secondary work stations would be the counter to the right side of the stove, the cleanup center, and the counter on both sides and end of the peninsula.

Hope this helps stoke up your own ideas a bit. :)

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the plan feels like a kitchen that is getting slighted in your obviously bigger plans if you are adding on....Between sink and fridge[where a lot happens], your back is to everyone.....and the other main counter run next to peninsula is tucked away as though the work is to be out of view as well. It's not as though you can't prepare a meal, but the space isn't really inviting, and actually a bit inaccessible except for the main cook or two persons who will move back and forth between the two runs-and that's what you will be doing. Regarding adding on-isn't this to be a bigger/better home-that means also comfortable, good flow/etc....maybe this is an issue of priority that hasn't been sorted out. There is nothing wrong with leaving the wall intact, and the kitchen be updated in that 3 wall configuration.... but the peninsula speaks to wanting a more aesthetic and inviting space..... I don't think this is it....I feel confusion for you, about this, so far. Something in the dynamic of "adding on" or budget or prioritizing has to be scrutinized further if this were my endeavor..

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Thanks for thoughts
Here is the background:
This is our current kitchen.
The biggest issue is space for eating and hanging out - where the table is there is also the door to the garage and the slider to the deck ((when we have guests over, we move the table into the living room!)
We will not be adding on to our little ranch, but turning the garage space into a mudroom and living room. The former living room will be a dining room.
We haven't really had an issue with working in the kitchen , beyond lack of free counter space (and not enough storage
But we liked the idea of opening up the wall partway and putting in a peninsula with some seating and also a connection to the dining area and more light throughout.
I actually like the sink under the window. I'm not crazy about losing some space to the left of the DW but feel like that is a better location for the fridge.
With all that in mind, any thoughts?

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You are suggesting putting sink and DW where refrigerator used to be?
I can see your point in a way but that might entail a lot of $$$ to move plumbing .
I like the idea of having toaster, coffee maker close to open peninsula area

Not sure how switching range and DW would increase space?

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My initial thought was just what Rosie said, but I was hesitant to start out with adding a prep sink. I do think that plan would be worth drawing up on some graph paper for more serious consideration.

Putting the range on the wall next to the window and moving the sink to the left wall gives you at least 15 more inches of counter between range and sink, the spot you will almost certainly end up prepping in.

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Rule no -- whatever: Don't rule out possibilities without investigating them, especially on fear that it might be too expensive.

I can see where you have some traffic issues in the current plan, but what openings are what on your drawing? If one is a window, how tall and how far from the floor? How much space is there between the corner on the sink wall and the opening? Knowing those things might help suggest some other options.

If lack of counter space is an issue now, I really don't think you will be happy with the new plan. By moving the fridge over on the sink wall, you are minimizing counter space near the fridge, near the sink and near the cooktop. It has a run of counter space, but it is sitting on the other side of the kitchen. That might give you space for baking (mixing, kneading, rolling, decorating -- the kind of things most people don't do much), but for regular prepping and cooking, you will be bouncing back and forth across the kitchen. There would be some of that in baking too. If more than one person is working in the kitchen, it will compound the problems.

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Sorry williamsen

I'm not getting where you would move the sink to? Also , if range is under window, where will hood go.?

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lascatx, does this help?
This is current kitchen. Slider and window on bottom wall looking toward deck - they will stay
Door on short wall into garage will go - yippee!!!
On long wall on top is 89" opening into what will be dining room. This is wall we want to open up more.

rosie, lascatx. williamsem - thanks for your ideas of triangle and better work space - on that note I am wondering about keeping fridge on current wall but moving it further away from stove? Then I could have more prep area near stove, more counter space to left of sink and more storage above dw.
This was actually my initial thought but KD was thinking it would close off kitchen too much from the peninsula. â¨Thanks for any thoughts on any of this.

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CTbert, you've said you have no real problem with the current layout, so that's an argument for just making it look nicer.

Lascatx gives really, really good advice, though. Explore ALL possibilities. Move the refrigerator, sink, stove everywhere, muse over your options, THEN narrow down. Don't start cripplingly narrow in an attempt to save money for the fun shopping part.

And the fact is, anyone who can afford to remodel a kitchen can pretty much afford to put the plumbing anywhere she wants. It's not even you who'd be wielding a jackhammer or wiggling around a crawl space, so regarding it as something difficult is rather silly. You do know how to write a check. :)

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