Touch sensitive faucets - no drips! The good & bad please.

beepsJune 9, 2012

Someone over on the baths forum mentioned Touch Sensitive faucets to me. I hate dripping on faucets and the counter to turn off the water. Just a little pet peeve of mine. Someone else in the bath forum had mentioned the Tapmaster and I found the thread on that and read it. But, the Touch Sensitive looks even better as you don't have to put holes in anything and hook up lines like with the Tapmaster. I can't find a thread about touch sensitive faucets. (The sensor faucets look too much like an airport restroom for me. :) )

So, do any of you have a Delta, Brizo, or any other brand of touch sensitive faucet? What has been your experience? Unless I get talked out of it because of problems, they are so going in my new home - despite the limited selection.

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I have had the Delta touch sensitive faucet for about a year. No cons that I know of. Love it. My daughter has had hers slightly longer and likewise loves it. My sister who is doing a reno bought hers last night at Lowes. It's great.

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I have a Brizo Talo faucet and it's great, no problems sofar and everyone says "cool", when they see it!!!

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I just read that Moen is coming out with a motion sensor faucet and I'd like to know more about it. I hate the dripping too. But I wonder what it takes to make the sensor work, and how much is the price? The Moen list is $660.

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With the Delta faucet it is a couple of I think double A batteries. I pulled the container for the batteries to the front of my cupboard and hung it with a Command picture hook, thinking it would be easy to access. I think it will be but in a year I have not even had to change the batteries and I use the sink and the faucet alot. I have always had better luck with Delta rather than Moen and I know mine in ROB was significantly less than 600 dollars

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I was getting geeked until I saw the battery piece. Our family all has the dead battery gene - all we have to do is touch things and dead - LOL - in reality, we do always seem to have dead batteries...

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I can't find a thread about touch sensitive faucets

Do a search here for Pilar (the name of the first one to become popular) and you'll find several threads. Use the search box below the message list, not the one at the top of the page.

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I have the delta pillar in the dog room and I have the euro style tapmaster in the kitchen. I like the tapmaster much better and I wish I'd done tapmasters everywhere. It is much more intuitive and comfortable to use the foot to just tap off and on. I also like that the water doesn't stay on unless you want it to w/ the tapmaster whereas w/ the pillar I'd have to keep turning off-on-off if I wanted the same effect. The pillar also gets turned off all the time when it gets wiped down for cleaning and then I don't realize it is turned off and I have to touch w/ dirty hands to turn it on which is the very thing I wanted to avoid.

So, speaking as someone w/ both options, I like the Delta Pillar better than the other faucet in the kitchen w/ nothing on it, but I like the tapmaster better and were I to do it again, I'd use the euro tapmaster at all sinks.

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Hmm... things to think about. Thanks.

Beagles - great to hear from someone who has both. And, clearly you have dogs... would the euro style tapmaster not make a nice chew toy? I can just see one of my guys thinking that was what it was. :)

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Definitely not. It is pretty well completely hidden under the toe kick. People don't even know it is there or see it even when they have been told it is there. The dogs would never see it. If they did, it is a tiny lever at an odd angle that they could not ever get their mouth around. My dog chews every single thing and would not be able to chew this.

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Yes I also prefer touch sensitive or automatic taps for hand wash. I have also observed that automatic taps are not at all drippy.

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