Cabinet depth - uppers

seosmpJune 5, 2013


I am going with 14" deep upper cabinets in my main kitchen area.

I do have one cabinet run by the kitchen table which contains an undercabinet frig - it's next to the family room and will provide drinks/etc. and a recycling/garbage center.

The uppers on that run consist of a 33" cabinet, 36" cabinet with frosted glass, and 33" cabinet. The glass cabinet will be deeper to provide that front to back depth (since all cabinets are going to the ceiling due to PVC/electrical/etc. above them).

The cabinetmaker has the outer cabinets at 13" and the glass cabinet at 16". He originally had it at 15" deep which I was ok with. He is now suggesting 16" deep but I'm worried that this may be too deep and the doors would swing too far out.

Do I stick with the 16" as he is suggesting or go with 15"?

This may seem like a minor question/issue, but my brain is fried and can no longer function.


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Is it a standard 25.5" deep counter underneath (24 plus overlap)?

If you a putting crown molding at the top, a 3" jog may look better than
a 2" jog. In any case, make sure that is being considered.

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Yes, standard depth counters.

And yes, I will have crown molding (12" basically of a flat piece then a couple pieces to make up the built-up crown).

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