9 foot ceiling cabinets pictures again please

gggirlJune 11, 2014

I need to decide on kitchen cabinets for a 9 foot ceiling. I am not a fan of stacked cabinets with lots of hardware.
Does anyone have ideas of simple cabinets for a 9 foot ceiling? White shaker or I also like plain white slab...


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i know you said no stacked....but here's mine just in case.

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another view

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The problem with a 9' ceiling is that standard cabinets are usually not available in heights taller than 42", which leaves 12" of space between their top and the ceiling. If you want zero space between the cabinets and ceiling, 12" of molding is disproportionate. That leaves either finding a cabinet line that will make (and warranty!) taller cabinets, or stacked cabinets.

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Barker Cabinets shows their standard 1 door wall cabinets in heights up to 60" and the 2 door wall cabinets in heights up to 66".

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But will they offer a lifetime warranty?:) Longer lengths of wood in larger doors like that tend to warp more dramatically with the change of the season's humidity. That's why many makers won't do them, or split them into multiple panels if they do. They also generally have a waiver for you to sign that acknowledges that fact if they do produce them.

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This is a pic of Redlover's 42" cabinet with crown molding (about 12", I believe) to the ceiling. Not overwhelming at all. There are some other GW examples. If I can find them, I'll post.
I like how Redlover did hers: a larger fascia (flat board) & crown that does not project outwards onto the ceiling. I have 45" cabinets & about 8" of crown. Mine projects outward more than this pic. 12" would have looked overwhelming. Even my 8" looks a little large over one area where I have a single narrow cabinet.
Redlover's looks perfect, to me.

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We will be adding a tray ceiling to our kitchen with 9 ft. ceilings. This will help us disguise a beam and also solve the problem of needing the extra stack of cabinets.

Here is a link that might be useful: Ktichen with Tray Ceiling

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KraftMaid offers 48" high upper wall cabinets with single panel doors. (no horizontal bars). I'm not sure, but I would guess they are covered under the warranty. I don't know of any other brand that offers this.

You would still need a 6" area of crown.

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Here is my current kitchen with 9 foot ceilings and cabinets that extend to the ceiling. These were custom built on site. We start a renovation today on a new-to-us home and will be doing these exact same cabinets with the exact same fabricator, as I've loved these cabinets every day for 7.5 years.

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I see above mention of the risk of doors this large warping over time. I've lived in the above kitchen for 7.5 years and have not noticed any warping. Our house has shifted and other things have gotten out of kilter, but no issues whatsoever with these cabinets and their doors. They are fabricated out of paint-grade alder.

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Sooner, that is a really pretty kitchen! I like how the wall cabinet (over REF) and top door of pantry cabinet line up nicely. Those are the little details that make a kitchen feel special.

I went with 45" upper wall cabinets; 15" + 30" combined (all one cabinet) not two cabinets stacked.

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Wow I really appreciate all of your input. I have been stalking this site for good ideas and here they are, thank you. My KD did a plan for standard sizes and it went with stacked cabinets but I really want custom so I am going to get some bids, we'll see...

elizabeth, thank you, this is what my kd had in mind so I might en up doing this, it looks great

romy I saw you posted this previously, i am using it as an example, thank you

Sooner- we have the same kitchen! This is such an inspiration. I now know you really can go to the ceiling.

kompy- I love the one box and smaller hardware on top, maybe this is what I should do, hmmm

I will try to attach my kitchen plan and inspiration pics.

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Here is my inspiration picture, how tall do you think these doors are? I don't think we would make a soffit. I think this is a 10' ceiling, now that I am looking at the fridge...

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Just found this, this crown and fascia might be more realistic? Romy, I love your kitchen, wow. Any more pics of crown plus fascia for 9 foot ceiling would be great, thank you all so much... very kind of you to share on my question

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Your inspiration pic looks like 9 ft ceilings to me. (I'm comparing it visually to mine, and they are quite similar. The above-fridge storage space looks similar, too.) The cabinet doors next to the stove look to be about 42" in height... maybe the cabinet boxes are up to 45"?

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Sophie Wheeler

Use a scale. Your inspiration is 10'. The fridge height is 84''. There is just as much space above the fridge as there is base cabinet height. The second inspiration pic with the completely oversized molding stack only doesn't look obviously wrong because that is an ADA kitchen with a 9'' toekick rather than the standard 4.5''. Put a standard sized toekick on that and the room will be off scale. Not to mention completely wrong stylewise. The simplistic shaker style door paired with ornate tall moldings is a very definate style don't. If you want elaborately tall moldings, then the detail of the dooor has to support that.

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Here is a video with your inspiration kitchen. (It's a video of the whole apartment.) It's a relatively small kitchen. :)

There is also an article on it that says it's a 9' ceiling throughout the home: http://www.thestar.com/life/homes/decor/2011/08/05/artist_in_residence_marilyns_mansion.html

Here is a link that might be useful: http://houseandhome.com/tv/segment/marilyn-deniss-home

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hollysprings- thanks so much for pointing the balance out, I realize now that I will have to study this site before even talking to cabinet people, what is ada, is that custom?

Lolauren, thank you so much for the pics, I now understand why eveyrone raved about your kitchen. It is stunning, clean and perfect. I now wonder if the inset is what I am drawn to...

Also, thanks for finding the url for Marilyn's kitchen i have seen it but never noticed that they said 9' ceilings. Whay does it look so airy, I wish I had the open concept.

Another pic of crown plus fascia where they painted some of it the cabinet color- interesting...

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