Kitchen Finished! (pretty much)

christina222_gwJune 22, 2014

We are just about done. Finally! We've got a few little things left to be done. Mainly the dishwasher needs to be pushed back and secured and the floors need steam cleaning, some paint touch ups etc. Got so much help from reading the forum here. I never got up the nerve to actually ask for help until near the end though!

So we started with this kitchen, which we had built in 2000 when we bought the house. It was a gut job at the time.

I don't know if white kitchens were a 'trend' back then, I never saw one, but as you can see we have had a white kitchen for a long time. Cabinets were thermofoil and counters were Corian. We had no clue about thermofoil back then and put our toaster under it so we got some slight lifting and discoloring of the thermofoil. It was okay though, I could live with it. Then we had a pipe burst behind the cabinets under the window. It probably leaked for about 2 months before finally giving way in the middle of the night last October. What a mess. We put off the reno until after the new year. Ordered the cabinets in January, they were delivered end of February and that's when the demo occurred. Been a bit of a long haul.

Here are some after pics. Please excuse the messes! If I waited for it to be perfect and staged I'd never post pictures.

In this next one you can really see the mess over in the eating area! Have to get that cleaned up, Through the arch you can see the coffee station and pantry. Those were added about 3 years after the original kitchen was built and were unchanged in this remodel. We will be replacing the backsplash in the hutch area this fall probably.

The view below shows entering the kitchen/family room through the pantry area. Unseen to the right is the laundry room.

Closer view of the backsplash. As with a lot of other people we dithered a lot over this and went back and forth with a number of options. We ended up with this Calacatta White subway with 1x1 accents. Love it. The rest of the kitchen is pretty sleek so this helped tie in the more french country look of the family room. We chose a honed finish because the counters are polished and the uppers are almost all glass. Didn't want any more shine!

About our choices:
The layout itself is nearly unchanged because it works really well for us. We chose a corner sink for two reasons:
1: we didn't want to lose the bank of storage under the window. The dishwasher is in the peninsula so if we put the sink under the window we would lose the storage there,
2: we often have 2 cooks and sometimes 3 in this little kitchen and wanted at least two long runs of clear counter space.

The OTR microwave/hood is admittedly not the most efficient hood but it's adequate and we have no where else to put the stupid thing. We don't use the microwave for much though and it's worked fine for us.

The only real goof up that happened in the project was the cabinet to the left of the cooktop was changed from what was originally a 9" cabinet to a 12" one. To make up for it the corner susan was made smaller by 3". Unfortunately the KD didn't remember to add the addition 3" to the window run of cabinets and we were either going to lose 3" (not an option in an already small kitchen) or have a weird filler gap. I ordered a 3" spice rack pullout. Crisis averted. It's in my baking area so while 3" will not hold much it will hold all my extracts and decorating sugars.

I know that overall my kitchen is not small, when you take the pantry and eating area into account but the actual cooking area of the kitchen is not large so we tried to make it as efficient for us as we could.

Cabinets - Local shop. We chose to have the insides finished in the clear maple rather than painted because we thought the wood tone would warm up the very white room. We like it. Didn't go to the ceiling because it wasn't in the budget and the storage wasn't needed anyway.
Counters: Iceberg Quartzite
Backsplash: Calacatta White with silver grout
Sink: no clue, bought it with the counters. It's 16 gauge stainless and sound muffling.
Faucet: Pfister, Wheaton
Ovens, micro and Cooktop: Fridgidaire. Only the Induction cooktop is new. Ovens and Micro were put in about 4 years ago.
Dishwasher and Fridge: Kitchen Aid. We kept the old fridge with the old panels for budget reasons and because it has performed flawlessly for 13 years. When is fails I'll get a new one.
Floor: Horrible porcelain tile, been there since the house was built in the 80's. Hate it but not in the budget to replace it.

Edit to add: Paint is BM Silver Mist

Editing one more time: I forgot to mention about the double ovens. I see a lot of recommendations here not to use wall ovens, especially double wall ovens. I suppose because you lose the counter space? These are 30" convection ovens and I use them all time time. Both ovens are in use at once several times a week. I have a big family and cook for a crowd quite often. I wouldn't give up those ovens for anything. I joke that when I go to meet my maker I'm taking them with me!

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Pictures? Or maybe I just can't see them...

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Beautiful! Your back splash is incredibly pretty!

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So beautiful! I just love it. Especially the mix of glass front and regular cabinets. Your countertop and backsplash look just lovely together. Thanks so much for posting we are in the beginning of a kitchen project and a kitchen designer just suggested a corner sink. Currently, the sink is off-center from the window. I'm considering a corner for all the reasons you chose one.

Can I ask the dimensions of your kitchen and the distance between the counters and the fridge/other counter with the appliances? The last designer we talked to suggested 48 inches and I worry that we would loose too much space in our kitchen. I think we only have about 11ft to work with.

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Very nice! I have almost exactly the same layout. Love the quartzite counters and marble backsplash!

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LeeMiller, you asked for measurements, here is my floor plan. Just add 3" to the window run of cabinets! The counter overhang is 12" on the long side and 9" on the short side behind the sink.

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Yours may have just become my inspiration kitchen. (I like my U-shape white kitchen, it just needs bigger cabinet openings and your type of finishes) I love how you didn't change the footprint, but the glass, lighting, and color choices make such a difference in how much more spacious it looks. The black countertop really sucked up the light, and the new one...sigh.

Thank your for posting your lovely kitchen!

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Really lovely. I like the backsplash with the different sized tiles. Just a little to snazz it up a bit, but not overdone. What is the counter in the coffee area? It looks like it's different from the kitchen.

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Evenshade: Thanks so much, that's nice to hear since we agonized so much over that decision!

Juddgirl: thanks, I love the counters too. They were the hardest thing and are actually the second ones to be chosen. We started with super white quartzite but one of the pieces cracked on delivery and the fabricator told us all the slabs they had had the same fissure that caused the crack, so we had to start over. Happy now as we like this one better!

Bpathome: Thanks, I'm a big fan of u-shaped kitchens. This is my third one and I find they just really work. We were astonished at how much bigger it looks with the light counters. It was one of those things I didn't anticipate.

AnnaC54: The coffee area has a teal blue 6x6 tile laid square on the walls and diagonally on the counter. You can see some of it in the photo from the hallway. It's been there quite a few years and I can't remember exactly what it was. I do remember it was pricy and only the fact that it was such a small area allowed us to use it! Here's a close up photo.

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How clean, pretty and cheerful! You can't beat a lovely blue and white scheme. And those counters!? I'm not sure which I like better. The counters or that perfect back splash.
You're going to love this for a long while. Enjoy!

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lovely, thanks for sharing! Can you give more details on the sourcing of your backsplash?

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This is a really nice example of a U layout. I'm not sure why this layout is not more popular. I ended up going with L+island, but in some space a U just seems to work best. I like how you didn't crowd your window with uppers, and how the flooring is continuous throughout the space :)

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Scrappy25 - we ordered the tile from a local tile shop and had to wait for it to come from Italy. I've seen other, similar tiles online though. This one is Ciottoli brand and was called Calacatta White. It had a lot of different size options to choose from. Sorry for the awful photo but this was the sample card.

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Wow- nice job with your new kitchen - Love your cabinets and your backsplash and your countertop - well, love it all - congrats!

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I love it! What a great job and beautiful kitchen. Congrats!!!

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I love the cabinets, counters & the gorgeous backsplash! I love the modern hardware. Are your cabinets 30" high or 33" high or 36" high? What height is your ceiling as it looks nice just the way it is.

The microwave looks great above the range. Oh how I wish I was taller since that is what I would do also but I have to have the microwave lower so I can reach everything safely without a stool.

Congratulations on being just about done! I love how happy and brighter your updated beautiful kitchen is now! Thanks for sharing.

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At first I thought your "Before" was your "After." Not too shabby.

I just love your quartzite and backsplash. I think they are incredibly beautiful and go so well together.

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It's beautiful. My favorite thing is the small squares accent in the backsplash.

I remember bits and pieces of your kitchen as you'd show a piece here and there as it helped others, but it's nice to see it 'all together' now.

I'm off to look at your dimensions. It looks like you've got 4 lights in your kitchen area. That's some of my next

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Lynn2006 they're 36". The ones over the range are hung just a little bit higher than usual to allow for the mixer to slide under easily. The ceiling is 8 feet. To tell the truth the micro is a little high for me but all I ever do is defrost stuff in it.

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It looks awesome! I love the green/blue glass dish on the counter.

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thanks Christina for the answer on the tiles!

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Really lovely! Nicely done. Beautiful counters and lovely backsplash.

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I love the lighter counters and the new back splash. And, the glass doors really make a difference.

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I need 36" high cabinets also. I have an 8 ft ceiling. Maybe I will not want mine to touch the ceiling after all to save money. The crown molding is so much. I have to think about this. Thank you for sharing.

I am only 4'10" tall and the microwave over the range would be uncomfortable for me to use every morning when I make coffee and sometimes at lunch. But it is what I wish I could do with my microwave since that is what everyone in my neighborhood has.

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Very nice! Love the countertops!

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Your countertops & backsplash are absolutely gorgeous. They look like they were made for each other. I like the height you put your accent tiles at. I've never seen that quartzite. It just draws you in, so pretty. You have excellent taste & your kitchen is just perfect. The different colored seats of your stools, another soft, pretty accent.

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So pretty! I especially love the counters and backsplash. Nice job!

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So luminous! Love the counters and all that glass. Nice job!

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MGMum, I got that bowl at Home Goods, super inexpensive!

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Do you mind sharing where you got the countertops? Thank you

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Chloenkitty, the counters were fabricated by Americas Marble and Granite in Ft. Pierce, FL. I also got the slabs there. They don't have tons of stone on site but they have a nice selection. I suspect the stone was originally sourced from one of two much larger stone yards in Palm City, FL., I saw some iceberg there.

AMG did a really nice job I think and I'd use them again.

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Linelle, I loved my 'before' kitchen and wouldn't have thought of totally replacing it at all had it not been so badly damaged by the burst pipe. I had a few things I didn't like and might have fixed but I wouldn't have gutted it.

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I keep thinking about your amazing quartzite, christina. Somewhere you posted close-ups during (or right after) install. Will you share those again? It is on my very short list of stones I love.....aand your cabs read lightest blue in many of your photos, whoch looks so delicious to me! I had to remind myself they are white.

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Could you also post a picture of your slab, if you took one. I'm frequently surprised at the difference between the slab & the installed countertops.

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roomy 718 - I agree the difference between slab and counters can be surprising. My slab was beautiful but I didn't anticipate at all how it would look as countertops. Here is the slab. I'm pretty sure we actually used part of a second slab as well but I haven't got a photo of the other one.

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Beautiful kitchen. I especially like that you have a butler pantry off the hallway. Hope the problem plumbing was fixed for good! You're in FL, so it couldn't have been frozen pipes. Love the Saturday Farmers Market in Ft Pierce.
Love your bs tile, and how the marble plays with the quartzite.
Enjoy your new kitchen.

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Greenhaven- here is the link with the close up photos of my countertops.

Here is a link that might be useful: My countertops

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Christina-thanks for the slab pic. Glad to see your cat matches your kitchen. You'll have to add a pic to this post that includes your kitty.

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I have purchased superwhite slabs for my counters, and thought that a marble backsplash wouldn't work. I'm really impressed at how well they work for you, so I won't just rule them out! It must be an amazing place to cook.

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Wow!!! Beautiful . I adore your countertops .. My super white is being installed this week although I wish I had known about your quartzite. @juno_barks I was thinking the same thing! I even posted about it because I really want to try it but I am scared it may look too busy but this is similar and looks beautiful.. Definitely something to consider.

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Looks great! I love your backsplash!

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Juno_barks and Gidge816, I think it's certainly worth getting some samples and seeing how it looks. Our first choice was super white and it was actually half installed in the kitchen and then removed. As I recall it had a slightly warmer tone to it than the iceberg but was very similar in terms of movement etc. The Calacatta tile that I used would probably be a better choice than a colder toned marble but again, your mileage may vary depending on your other choices and light etc.

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