Why do my Photobucket pictures keep disappearing?

kaysdJune 1, 2013

I posted a thread last night with 3 PB pictures. They were visible in the preview and when I opened the thread to check it, but this morning there is a grey box that says the image has been moved. I just tried again, and the photos were visible in the preview, but missing after I posted.

I type "img src=" before the direct link from PB, with around the whole thing. I have used this method for over a year without any problems. Is there another way to include several photos in a single post?

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Fori is not pleased

Maybe they're trying to fix the missing Picasa photos. :/

I dunno. A few weeks ago Tamara tried to fix my issues but nothing came of it.

I think it's broken. And getting brokener.

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Sophie Wheeler

I haven't had any issues putting in multiple pics from other sources than Photobucket. I suspect it's a Photobucket issue rather than a GW issue. First of all, did you make any changes to the pics in the PB album? That will break the links. If not, then contact PB and ask them what's going on. Yours isn't the first time I've seen people having issues with PB, and it's always been PB that's the common element.

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PB is a mess! ItâÂÂs almost as though they hire some new hot shot 19 year old every three months. I say this because every couple of months there are changes to the site navigation that make no sense except maybe to those new to the PB employment pool who want to make a name for themselves. Over half the time you upload pictures for a particular album they do not end up there. Then, you have to search around the hundreds of pictures in other albums to find the one you are looking for. To get around that you (for a brief time) could hit recent but that only works part time as well. Sometimes you can resize and sometimes it doesnâÂÂt work. PB used to be easy to use.

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I never have any problems with Flickr, and, now that it's been acquired by Yahoo! they seem dedicated to keeping it running. Also, they've upped the free storage.

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I use the PB app on the ipad and haven't had any trouble. Interesting how different our experiences are. I have a Flickr acct, too, which is where I started with my GW pics. When my free storage was used, I opened a PB account.

Kay--have you tried just copying and pasting the HTML code and not using the part? You can cut and paste as many HTML codes as you like in one post. I just went to the PB site through my browser and copied/pasted this direct link:

This post was edited by breezygirl on Sat, Jun 1, 13 at 12:59

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I am having the same trouble. I don't think it's photobucket, I think it is a problem related to using img src.

I just posted about this in the decorating forum. Someone suggested changing browsers but that did not work for me. Another person posted a picture in the thread with img src and it worked fine for them.


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Breezy-too bad you live on the other side of the state as I would be right over for breakfast otherwise!

I too have always used breezy's method of cutting and pasting the html code from PB on all of our different computers from iPad to mac laptop to PC with no problems unless I have changed something In PB.

But I totally agree with jterrilynn about PB in general with how they change things every other millisecond.

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Flickr is now giving me 1 terabyte of free storage. Just sayin'.

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I use the html code as well - Breezy - we will have to come west to try those gorgeous rolls!

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Leela--Surely you cross the mountains sometimes, right? :)

A2--let me know when your plane lands!

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I can't find the html codes for my pics on flickr these days...

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Steph--I'm on the ipad using Safari, but I assume that the basic format of Flickr would be the same on a PC. Open your photo in Flickr. On the bottom of the photo on the right are a few symbols. There's a star, a little talk bubble, and a rectangle with an arrow coming out of it. Click the recantangle and you'll find the HTML code.

Its good to know about Flickr's terabyte of storage now. I wish they had switched to that before my account reached its limit and I had to open a PB account.

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Ok, I'm going to try just pasting the html code. I hate to switch to another service at this point, because all of my remodel related photos are already saved at PB, and I don't have a lot of free time to find them all on my computer again and upload to Flickr.

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Yay! Thanks for the tip, Breezy. I'm sorry I missed breakfast -- those rolls look delicious.

I really have to pick an obscuring film for the glass doors on my pantry. I do love the wide, shallow storage though!

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Wow kaysd-That pantry is great! What a wonderful bunch of storage.

breezy-with DD2 in Bellingham, DH's family in Issaquah and doing most of our recreating in the N. Cascades or on Rainier, we get over the pass a LOT.

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You're welcome, Kay. How 'bout you thank me by showing me a glamour shot of your quartzite I see poking into the frame near your pantry?? ;-) I've been looking forward to seeing your kitchen! (Notice I didn't say "finished kitchen."). Your pantry storage looks so luxurious and plentiful.

Leela--Issaquah and Rainier are getting close!

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Works just fine with the html code.

great pantry kaysd -- wow!

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I will do a counter top reveal soon. The fabricators did an incredible job of scribing the counters to the walls and matching the veins on the mitered edge of the island.

Sadly, my counters are covered with junk right now. We just had to move my parents to assisted living, and a bunch of their stuff ended up here for sorting since they down sized (and they did no packing or sorting before we arrived to move them from 3 hours away).

Here pictures I took of the counters the day after install, before they got buried:

I would really love feedback in my closets thread:


If I don't get the details nailed down soon, DH may divorce me.

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