What color backsplash would you chose and can you suggest a grani

jennifer11203June 12, 2013

Hello All. Ok so I finally made up my mind and picked out my cabinet colors. Perimeter cabinets will be a chocolate cherry and the island will be a maple hazelnut glaze. My hardware be be oil brushed bronze along with my faucet and light fixtures. Appliances are all stainless steel including the sink, which is an under mount sink. Also I will have a range hood which will also be stainless steel. FYI, my kitchen is 17 x 17 and it opens up to the living/dining room. The floors will be a similar color to perimeter cabinets and will be a wood tile.

These are my cabinets:

The style of my cabinets is the white color one. And my flooring is underneath the granite. This was just a mockup from the store. I will not use that backsplash.

So my question is.... What backsplash would you chose? I cant make up my mind cause I like them both. My husband likes the darker one. Im afraid the darker one will make the kitchen look to dark but I think the darker one might match a little better. But I also feel that the lighter one will be easier to match with a granite, easier to clean and will make the kitchen look bigger. Also, would you be able to recommend a granite or quartz countertop. Im thinking of doing a darker color on the island and a lighter color on the perimeter cabinets.

Thank you all so much.

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PS - I finally learned how to post pictures lol :)

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My cabinet colors are very, very similar to yours. My granite is a bit busier - it has shades of brown, tan, black, gray, blue and a smidgen of salmon.. I could not decide on a backsplash - so I like many others here have waited until the kitchen has been installed - lived with it for awhile - then picked a backsplash.
I was on TMI overload and could not even think to look at backsplashes - now a year or so later - I'm ready!

I'm really not lovin any of the ones you have choosen - but, I am more traditional/transitional in style.
Are you using other tile to break up the glass tiles? Or all glass?

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jeannie01 - I would wait but I feel like I been waiting forever for the whole kitchen redo process to start! lol. And the backsplash is my favorite part. Do you have a picture of your kitchen? Or, what the name of your granite if you know.. What kind/color of backsplashes are you going with?

Im not really traditional. I mean I like the look but I also love mosaic and if it was up to me I would have this type of tile everywhere in my house. I plan on doing all glass tiles.

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I think you have to choose your countertop first. In my opinion both may be too busy for granite.

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You must pick your counter first....if you fall in love with a plain one--you can go with a busier BS and vice versa. The only way I would pick BS first is if I knew I was doing a solid, plain counter...but even then you would want to have chosen the color in order to match.

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Thanks miss_kenda and joaniepoanie.. I think i'll take my backsplash samples to the granite yard this week end and see if I can find something and then go from there. I'm not really a big granite fan. Im more of a quartz fan but quartz is much more money, so I guess i will have to wait and see.

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I like the lighter of the two better. I agree with the others though on selecting your countertop first.

Your kitchen is going to be gorgeous! Love your cabinet colors.

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Thanks neroselover.. I cant wait for it to all be done!! I originally chose a black and white kitchen and then woke up one morning and changed my mind and kept looking and i feel in love with these two colors. they go great together.. the white one has the chocolate glaze over it.

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I really love your cabinets. I also like the backsplash tiles. However, for whatever it's worth: I associate the stacked mosaic tiles with a more contemporary-style kitchen, i.e. not with the raised panel doors. Have you seen a whole kitchen with the type of doors you picked with the stacked mosaic tile backsplash?

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nosoccermom - Thank you for your comments. It actually made me think a little and try to remember if i did see my cabinets with that style tile and i actually had a few pictures saved on my computer.. (my pictures are a little blurry -sorry -- and for some reason the same pictures posts twice)

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I agree with the above mentioned comments. You need to pick your counter. Some have picked the backsplash first and in your case it would go with a more solid counter.
I also agree with nosoccormon in that this BS doesn't go with a traditional kitchen. It's a very busy backsplash. Look up Sas's kitchen. She has a multi toned backsplash that doesn't look too busy. She paired it with a solid counter.
I have a question about your floor. On my monitor is appears to match exactly to your cabinets. you might want to think about going slightly lighter-a two shades difference is what is recommended.

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ellendi - Thanks for your comments. This weekend I plan to go look at granite/quartz and see what I like and then i guess go from there. I dont really have a problem with the style cabinet i chose and the style backsplash together - it doesnt bother me or look out of place. Also, my floors are a very similar color to my cabinets - just a little different - the reason I did such a close color was because i will have a light island to break it up and hopefully not make it slash. Thank you.

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If you love the look of your cabs and backsplash together, then that's all that counts. But I would say it should be more than "doesn't bother me" :)
Are there any other kitchens with your kind of cabinets whose look you like? This may give you suggestions which direction to explore with respect to granite and BS.

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nosoccermom - I love the look that why I chose the two together. I knew I always wanted a backsplash like that. I want the backsplash to be the main attraction lol. And the photos above are similar to my cabinet style with similar colors. When I look on the cabinet brand website they have those same cabinets with similar backsplash. By saying "it dont bother me" just means it really doesnt cause I didnt even notice it until it was pointed out - I love the backsplash styles I chose and also love the cabinets. I guess I wont really see the big picture until everything is done. And when I look around at kitchens with raised panels most are traditional backsplashes and I really didnt want a traditional backsplash. I guess I will hold off ordering my backsplash and once my cabinets are installed I'll go from there (which I probably was going to do this anyway lol) - Thank you so much for your help.

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If you are not dead set on granite, I think Silestone quartz in the "bamboo" color would go good with your cabinets. And I like the glass.

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Jdez - thanks for your help I actually really like that one. I'm not a big fan of granite but I love quartz. Maybe I just haven't found the rite color lol

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You absolutely do not need to choose your counter before your backsplash. You choose first what is most important to you, and build on that. Since you love the backsplash and cabinets, you should start there. But you should go shopping for a counter before you commit to these choices, to make sure there are viable options.

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Catbuilder - thanks for your comment. I guess I'll keep the backsplash and see if I can find anything to match since the back splash is my favorite part :)

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