Will BB stores match online appliance prices?

numbersjunkieJune 8, 2010

I may go ahead and buy my KA refrigerator before the current rebate period expires, even though we have not ordered cabinets yet. AJ Madison pricing is great, but I would rather deal with a local store. Does anyone know if the BB stores will match online prices?


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Lowe's would only price match if the online retailer also had a local showroom. Not just a showroom, but one that was local.

So a Lowe's near AJ Madison's store would match the price, but I doubt they would do it elsewhere.

I wanted my Lowe's to match the price of dishdrawers. I found a good price at an online store that also had a bricks and mortar store (which was about 1.5 hours away). My Lowe's wouldn't budge.

You never know though, maybe check with the manager of the appliance section, or the store manager...in this economy you would think they would want to sell one.

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They will generally match online pricing with delivery and taxes. They won't give you the extra 10% to beat the price because most stuff is special order and is excluded from that. That is, IF you get a local store willing to work with you on that. Many don't do internet competitive matches. It's always worth asking though---as long as you are nice about it. The old adage about flies with sugar rather than vinegar applies! :)

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I haven't had any matching done in the past six months or so, but while we were building our addition and gutting the rest of the house I was price matching constantly. I must have been lucky because my local Lowe's would match and beat internet pricing on anything they had in stock. Special orders they would only match but matched the price without any shipping charges, so I still saved. Sears also would beat the internet price and didn't include shipping. Local state tax was applied by both stores. This was at a time when both stores were hurting for business, so maybe they were more willing to make deals to get a sale. But, I did find that I had to ask and persue the price changes. They didn't offer but I was never refused when I showed them internet pricing. If they want your business they'll work with you.

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I guess Lowes is getting smarter.
When my DH bought all our appliances' we priced shopped
online and found them at a ridiculas price thorugh a
Sears Outlet for pick up more than 800 miles away from us.
But my DH never told the Lowes saleman. He just said can
you match this price from Sears.

Of course the salesman did not see it was a Sears outlet
in person to be picked up far away and that for us to pay
shipping it would cost the same as Lowes.
They matched the price and while we did not save 1000s
we did save hundreds and that was worth it. We also bought
all new Bosch and maybe Lowes was thrilled we were buying
them all at one time. Not sure.

Keep negotiating, in this economy you can find a deal
if you can pay cash for them.

Mileaday is right, if they want your business they'll
work with you.

Good luck

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I've had BB match when the price was not too low, and didn't involve coupon codes (that is, the main page price is matched, but not the "shopping cart" price).

For example, Sears put a 60" LCD on sale from $1900 to $1500, then with a coupon code added at the shopping cart page offered another 10% off, then on could get another 10% using a Sears CC. BB only offered to match the $1500 price, not even the $1350.

I tried another price match this week, and they said no, it was too low :\

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