Colour for my dark cottage kitchen to match blue tiles etc

markfleetAugust 7, 2012


My first post so hope I have posted this in the correct place.

I havent been in my house long and am about to start re-decorating the kitchen. What I am not sure on is what colour to choose. The reason why I am stuck is because:

-The room doesnt get much natural light. There is only one window which goes to our courtyard that is very enclosed.

-It needs to go ok with White units, blue tiles, wooden kitchen tops, beams, brick etc.

Please see below picture (tried uploading more but looks like I can only add 1?)

Any ideas? I had chosen Farrow & Ball's elephant breath but not sure if its a good choice.

Assistance is greatly appreciated.


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Another picture attached.



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What a charming kitchen! I would choose a very pale blue for the paint. I'll be interested to hear what others say.

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You have the bones of a wonderful navy and white scheme.

With all that natural wood, brick, and floor tile, and your white cabinets, I'd stay with strict clean white paint, and keep the linens and crocks and whatever else you like in your kitchen in blue and white patterns.

Add an accent of bright yellow or red here and there (a yellow potholder, a white bowl of lemons or tomatoes...), but keep the basics purely navy and white, and let the food be the rest of the colors.

Look through these images and see if they inspire you.

Here is a link that might be useful: Navy and white rooms

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What a neat room!

IMO the yellow is making the blue look blue-er and the blue is making the yellow look yellow-er. Which is OK if you like that...but I'm not sure the yellow is playing nicely with your lovely wood beams.

Navy and white is an interesting option, as is a pale blue or a chameleon blue/gray like Benjamin Moore Sterling or Titanium (they look gray on the chip but will pick up the blue from the counter).

What's your furniture like, and what do you want the room to "feel" like?

Can't wait to see what you choose!

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Love the beams. There are a couple of F&B experts that mainly stay in Kitchens, so you should cross post there so this isn't missed. Be sure to put F&B in your Title:

Here is a link that might be useful: GW Kitchens

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Lovely kitchen!!

Yes -- another vote for fresh clean white .... F&B All white or Wimborne White

Please post more photos as your project continues! :)

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Still one more vote for and white will be wonderful with all the wood and brick.
And you may start a collection of blue decorated stoneware...a few jugs and crocks would be wonderful on the mantle!
Linda C

Here is a link that might be useful: blue decorated stoneware

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Annie Deighnaugh

White would be ok, but i'm afraid too stark against the wood and the brick, though clearly it is frequently done. I like the pale blue suggestion...

Or I can see picking up on a warm beige that would blend with the counter and flooring and the beige grout color in the brick.

The yellow is too strong though...

Mediterranean Kitchen design by San Francisco General Contractor JMA (Jim Murphy and Associates)

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Another white vote.

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I would not go w pure white, because you have so much white with the cabinets.

Elephant's Breath is a tad dark. I am a big fan of Slipper Satin and Lime White by FnB. Get a few "pots" as they say and try them out; it's the only way to tell.

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I would also have a look at F&B Great White or Blackened. Blackened definitely has blue undertones, it quite a cool (as apposed to warm) colour. You have a wonderful space, good luck with it!

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Thank you all for the comments and great suggestions!

Originally I had moved away from the idea of white walls as thought it would be too much white with the cabinets as mtnrdredux said. Having now seen some of the Navy and white combinations (thanks bronwynsmom) I am however changing my mind. Particularly having seen the below picture.

I would then like to get a pine farmhouse table, re-waxing the top and painting the legs white to match the units and cottage look.

My only issue is working out what shade of white as there is so much choice! I think I need something with some colour in it so not too much white but obviously not too dark. Think I will have to get some pots to test although will be expensive at ã3.99 a tester for Farrow & ball! does anyone know if there is a cheaper place for them?

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I think a paler shade of yellow would work, or a grayish white if you want to stick with the blue/white concept. However, I personally think the outlier in that latter color scheme will be your floor, as it is very "warm," and at odds with the "cool" all blue and white. So cream or Annie's suggestion of a beige would work best IMO.

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I wouldn't add yellow to the underlying scheme. Something that is just barely off bright white like the wall color in your inspiration photo and still very neutral could work, but I think anything too beige (meaning brown undertones) is likely to just look dingy.

Look at Benjamin Moore White Dove, Sand Dollar, or Winter White.

Also Sherwin Williams Pearly White 7009, Natural Choice 7011, and Ivory Lace 7013.

Donald Kaufman has the most interesting range of whites, in my view.
I'd consider #4, which is creamy; #7, which is grayish; #28, very vanilla; and #55, also gray toned.

You might want to spring for his sample pots, in the interest of getting it right, because his complex formulas can't really be appreciated until you see them in your room.

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Oh - forgot to say that Elephants Breath is a lovely color, but it has a slight purple undertone, which I don't think would do a thing for the warm tones in your lovely wood, and could make them look unpleasantly orange.

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Farrow and Ball Pointing is a versatile white that was intended to evoke the pointing compound in old brick chimneys and the like. I agree with kswl about the warm floor, but, if Pointing works with your cabinets, that may be the way to go. Worth a try.

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