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eam44June 17, 2014

I have been seeing a lot of little teasers lately, an image here or there from people who have essentially finished, but have yet to reveal their kitchens.

I'm sure it was a lot of work, I'm sure you're probably tired of even thinking about kitchens and just want to live in yours. I know you're waiting for that last cabinet pull to come in from Italy or Belize or RH, but reveals are so fun for the rest of us in-process. Please let us see and be inspired by your spaces! It is so helpful, having had a glimpse into your decision making process and heard about problems encountered, to get to see what you've accomplished.

Don't wait, POST! Speaking for myself, I could really use a win, even if it's not in my house.

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Can't help you with a reveal EAM44 - we still have Ramboard on the floor, lighting not done, no cabinet fronts or panels, hood in old spot, drywall not fixed, paint not done.

But, our kitchen is mostly functioning now! It's a small kitchen but because of tearing down walls and changing the layout it is actually changing how we use our whole kitchen/living/dining area.

I'm loving the island. Even though it's beside the dining table in a small home, there are four of us living busy lives - dd likes to eat breakfast there, ds was sorting game cards with his friend there, etc. On child-free nights I often eat dinner there with dh. I didn't realize that it's much more comfortable for him to sit higher up (he's 6'2"). Here's a photo from a recent night where I was prepping green beans across from dh who was enjoying a well-deserved beer and some cherries.

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Here is our reveal. If you like antique white cabs:

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Going to do my reveal in a few weeks. Still have some items to sort out...

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I'm guilty! Just haven't found the time to choose photos, write up everything and post. It's definitely on my radar though, and has been for months!

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I'm guilty too, but I am going to do a reveal. I've got lots of excuses, but life is finally getting back to normal (knock on wood).

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Haven't even started demo yet. Hope I'll get to do one sooner rather than later. :)

feisty, what a great picture!

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I'm guilty, too! But I'm still working on the attached dining area.

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Guilty as charged - so overdue that most of the folks around here don't know me. My architect has been promising to get professional shots for his website, and I plan to use these shots. He tells me it'll be soon! It has to do with proximity to solstice and lighting, no kidding. My reveal will happen for sure, as I owe it to everyone who helped me so much! (Shout out to EAM44 for backsplash guidance!)

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We finished on Thurs. and fortunate to leave Sat. for the week at the beach. Perfect timing for some well needed R & R. I still can't stop reading GW while here though and right now out on the balcony of our condo rental overlooking the ocean.

Have a few things to hang on the wall and will post more pics next week. I admit I am a bit self concsious as this is no way near some of the gorgeous projects taking place here but hopefully my experience, advice and issues encountered will help others. Stay tuned.

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Guilty as charged! Waiting for backsplash to be installed, but will certainly do a reveal afterward. Maybe I'll even do the reveal on our old kitchen that was completed 5 years ago!

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Hopefully tomorrow is the last full day of real work on our small kitchen - 6 weeks after what was supposed to be a 10-day project began. (Of course there have only been about 8 full days of work during that period, but who's counting?!)

On the plus side, like @feisty68, the layout changes have made a huge difference even to our very small space. Once the floors have cured and the backsplash is grouted and I can stop obsessing about all the things that didn't work out the way they were supposed to....I hope to join all the reveals too. It's been wonderful seeing some other galley kitchen reveals posted here recently; probably good that we were too far down the line to change anything or else I might have been tempted!

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Mine is usable, just need the backsplash. I cooked for the first time last night but splashed onto the drywall, oops. I am still trying to decide between Quemere and Btittany & Coggs tile for the back splash. Quemere samples should be here soon.

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ReBe--what B&C's tile are you considering? We've placed our order and I can't wait to have it installed. It's made in the town we live in (which I think is rather cool) and we ordered it from a tile shop that is owned by the mother of the owner of B&C.

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So much to look forward to!!!

Feisty, how great that you can sort of cook!
Fun, your link isn't working for me! Please re-post!
Jgopp, I'll keep my eyes out for it.
ck, post whenever you can.
Roomy, just don't forget about us. Glad life is returnng to normal.
Cal, that's OK, you'll get there.
Errant, I get it, but there's nothing wrong with just posting kitchen pics :)
Fouram, thanks! Glad I was helpful. And I can't wait to see how it looks.
Tinker, there are so many kinds of kitchens and so many types of remodel ranging from a fresher up to a complete gut. What you've learned in your process is of value!
Nh, that would be great - post them both!
Small, your bs is lovely. Can't wait to see your space.
Rebe, maybe a bs post is in order?

Thanks to all of you for your responses. I'm dieting in preparation for all of the eye candy to come :)

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Backsplash is going in tomorrow and being grouted Friday or Saturday. I'll post then. I'm guilty as charged I having listed some photos in replies and I did post a few pics when my countertops went in.

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My kitchen is progressing slowly at this point. Some adjustments needed for the cabinets which should be all done I hope when they return on Monday. Light fixtures, sinks and powder room fixtures have all arrived. Floor needs one more sanding and finishing.

I doubt it will all be complete until later this summer because I haven't picked out a backsplash, I have no chairs for my table yet and the wallpaper for the powder room is on back order until the end of the month.

I am getting pretty fed up with our meals and the state of the house, which is getting messier and messier, simply because I can't be bothered to tidy it. Our basement is covered in dust and our garage is tidied up each night, but full of saws, boards, boxes.

it was a total gut job though, so I can't complain. My contractor has been on top of it since mid April making sure something is being done consistently even though they might be small things these days.

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We're in a holding pattern right now.

We still need the GC to come back to patch some areas of the plaster that have cracked. And then once that's done, we're painting.

We're working on a table...struggling with that one right now.

And we have some lighting to get finished up along with a lot of small odds and ends. Not to mention FINALLY a good cleaning from all the "construction dust" that is all over every. single. thing.

But, no worries...a reveal will be forthcoming. If we ever get the last 10% finished. :)

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Sorry. Hope this link works.

Here is a link that might be useful: Kitchen Reveal Funkels

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Funkel's kitchen before and after:

Click here to view these pictures larger

It looks great! Great improvements and such a pretty back yard too.

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But but but....not just abb, it's abb and some crown, glass in the may be another month for the crown and glass...but I will post as I received so much help here. :)

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Christina, for me the bs is possibly the best part! Good luck tomorrow!
Reno, I feel your pain. My work has slowed to a crawl for various reasons, not the least of which is that I'm doing most of it myself. My house is a horrible mess, and I've gained 10 lbs from eating out. My mantra: it will get better!
Andrea, I'd be so happy with the 90% I wouldn't worry about the last 10 :) you'll get there!
Funkels, your kitchen is GORGEOUS!!! Thank you for re-posting. Now that's what I'm talking about! What was the biggest bump in the road, and what do you love most!
Feisty thanks for the assist.
Autumn, whenever you're ready, we'll be here!

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EAM44 -

"Funkels, your kitchen is GORGEOUS!!! Thank you for re-posting. Now that's what I'm talking about! What was the biggest bump in the road, and what do you love most!"

What we love most is the overall harmony of the space. We went classic/transition and tried to unify everything. What we liked a lot is the Costa Esmeralda granite. Sometimes it green and other times it gray. We love the subways that are 2x8 - Adds character, but doesn't steal the show. We also liked the openness and the counter space between the dining area and the main kitchen. Works great with company for putting food items on. Going from a double window to a triple window at the sink made a huge difference as well as removing most of the dining room wall. Two things we might do differently The pullout spice rack to the right of the stove is challenging to squat down and grab the spices and I don't like how the microwave frame stands out so much. Hope this helps. We are extremely happy with the kitchen. It was a looooong process, but this gave us time to really refine our choices.

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Guilty, sorry! Still trying to get the backsplash corrected, but in the meantime our new kitchen is full of our living room for further remodeling. I guess it's only fair...we had a whole kitchen waiting for install sitting in our living room for about 3 months :-)

New couch was already ordered, so once I manage to pick a paint color we can reshuffle all the rooms back where they belong! After about eleventy million paint chips and 8 samples, the only thing I know for sure is two glasses of wine is too much when running around the room holding chips up in all the different lights.

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I am only a few weeks away...promise that I will do a reveal. Because I love everyone else's reveal so much, I absolutely will not forget. I just hope I can finish all those little things to make sure it's a timely reveal!

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Ok you've all been very productive. Good for you!

Fun, The granite is pretty, and I love the counter to ceiling wine cab. It's really beautiful. It must be great to be done and enjoying the space.
Williamsem, total bummer! What's wrong with the splash? Let us know if we can help w paint, and by the way, two glasses may be too much...but have you tried three :)
First, we're counting on you! Go first go!!!

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Aw EAM44, I feel your pain. My apartment has been a MESS for 3.5 months and it's starting to drag on me. I'm a homeschooling mom and I work part time at home, so I have to do stuff at home other than just live. We had to move everything out to do the floors and now it feels like Tetris - constantly moving around boxes. I've been decluttering but I need to do more - I have to be more ruthless than most because we don't have a garage or attic or basement, and the four of us are living busy lives.

Regarding the weight thing, I wrote this in a different thread:

"This might sound insane, but I have a suggestion that saves cooking hassle, dishwashing hassle, money, and helps with weight loss! Intermittent fasting. It's the only way I manage to stay size 6 in a middle-aged body that wants to pack on fat. I only eat dinner and a snack and I've gottten used to it. I feed the kids breakfast and lunch but keep it simple. I've been my current weight for 4 years using this method. Before that I was size 12-14 for well over a decade.

Especially during a kitchen reno it is very nice to not have the entire day revolve around food. "

See below and hope that helps!

Here is a link that might be useful: The Beginner√Ęs Guide to Intermittent Fasting

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And I hope everyone knows that things don't have to perfect to post.

The idea of a "reveal" felt like too much pressure for me. I liked when folks used to post "finished" or "done," almost always with caveats about what other things were still to be done. My "almost finished post" featured terrible photos. And there is still small finish work to be completed. But, I was so relieved and excited to be done enough. I worked so hard, as we all do, on all the details. I couldn't wait to share my imperfectly, perfect remodeled kitchen.

For me, in the best kitchens, there is always more work. Just see those awesome KAW posts!

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Guilty, too. Reno fatigue got me, but there us hope in sight. Just today I started refinishing my wooden storm door--one of my last mini-major projects. This includes the wooden storm door, the main front door, all the trim and installing all new hardware. Desperately need to get this done. But that shouldn't hold up reveal pix, now, should it? :)

When I started putting my reveal together I realized that I wanted to include pix of every step/detail. Wayyyyyy too much. You know how it is--everything feels important but in reality not really. Thanks for the gentle reminder/push, EAM44!

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My kitchen is almost done and I should be ready to post some reveal pics soon. Currently they are re-finishing the floors and the kitchen area is covered in plastic like a decontamination zone.
Funkels - It looks like we have the same Viking induction range. Do you love it? I haven't gotten a chance to cook on ours yet, but I boiled some water just to make sure it worked. It was super speedy - amazing really.

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I am also guilty of never getting around to a reveal. My kitchen has been finished for a year and a month! Time sure does fly. It has been more than I ever dreamed, and I cook more and bake more because I just love being in the kitchen all the time.

I had better read fiesty68's link about fasting. Haven't been in my skinny jeans since the remodel began ;)

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My kitchen is 95% finished, but 99% of the time it is a disaster area. With 7 kids at home, I cant seem to keep the entire kitchen clean enough to stand back and take picture. If you would like to provide a cleaning lady, I will take some pics.

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Oh my gosh, there are even more of you out there than I imagined!!

Feisty, sincere thanks for the commiseration and the advice. I've been skinny my whole life, am a fanatic kayaker, and I shudder to think how many calories it took for me to gain that weight in a year. I feel like an Oompa Loompa. I used to cook everything, even my own junk food, but the quality of the food I've been eating has so totally plummeted since my cookers went out of commission. Maybe fasting will help.
Jenn, I second that emotion. Perfection is highly overrated (hear that michellem) and finish work is not that big a deal!
Sum, you're welcome! Absolutely post tons of pics in photobucket, then pare down for the reveal and leave a link. It's going to be wonderful when it's up.
Thering, Godspeed as you head towards the finish line.
Heidi, I remember you and would love to see your pics.
Michellem, your idea of a disaster zone is probably our idea of a Kitchen At Work thread. It doesn't have to be perfectly clean. That said, with seven kids, what's your stand on child labor?

It is such fun to hear from all of you. More, more I beg you!

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the rington - We are very happy with the viking induction. Induction takes a little time to get used to.

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Well if I post you are obligated to find me a kickin backsplash on a modest budget. ;). Haha! I actually have some samples coming that I will post when they arrive.

Truly we just moved in over Memorial weekend and still without internet-gasp! It really is a bear. I am waiting to be able to use pics from a real camera instead of the I-phone. By then who knows I may have the crown finished, etc etc.

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EAM44--What a great post. I haven't checked in for quite some time. STILL not done with backsplash. I need to post some photos of the Pratt and Larson tile we are considering to see what you all think. I'm sure it's one of the tiles you suggested to me a long time ago.

I'm starting to get itchy to finish all the remaining details and be able to post something more complete. And to finally post in the FKB! It's been my dream to post there for so many years. But mudroom is about to be built and I'm going to post the cab layout for help in a moment (as I sheepishly hang my head in embarassment that my post will not be kitchen-related). Nice to "see" you!

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This keeps getting better. I love re-connecting with people.

Autumn, challenge accepted!! I'll help any way I can. Also, lack of internet is the best excuse I've heard for not posting. You are completely absolved - for now :)
Breezy!!! Nice to "see" you too!! Oh I'm totally psyched to see your bs options, whether I suggested them or not. You will make it to FKB before I do, and then hopefully help me get there too. I'll take a peek at your mudroom post in case I have an inspired insight.

You all are lifting my spirits and re-energizing me. Thank you!

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Sigh. Dh just wants to watch FIFA now. Reno might start up again when that's over ;) .

EAM - try'll be surprised how quickly it works.

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Yikes - I've not posted my reveal either. I've been working on the last 10% since Feb it seems. There have been so many good reveals that I wanted to wait for a more finished look. I'll see about taking a few photos this weekend.

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nhbaskets, after going back and forth between Brittany & Coggs and Quemere, I am pretty certain we are going with Quemere. I love B&C but my kitchen is small and I think it would look too heavy. I am sure yours will be beautiful.

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I'm not guilty (yet) but will be because a few items will be outliers. I'm working on a family room, entry hall and formal living room also.

The big items in the family room are the ceiling and doors
The big items in the kitchen will be the backsplash and pantry doors, plus me figuring out what to do with a regular sized fridge in a Subzero sized hole for the time being.
Holding up the entry hall and formal living room are the entry hall flooring, new front door/sidelight, and grasscloth wallpaper.

On top of all of this, the tenants are moving out of our ~1920 foursquare on 8/1 and getting that turned around and ready to rent will be a super high priority. But on the plus side, there's another kitchen thread out of it! Anyone who hates cheap early '80s kitchens will love this.

It seems as though the work is never done.

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EAM-yay! I will post some options once they arrive. I received a msg they shipped. Cable is supposed to be in within 30 days...sigh.

Schicksal-yikes. You need to post more pics back on the build board. :). No the work is never done. I bet it will be fall for us.

Here is a quick snap from a bit ago to get you thinking:

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Finished the backsplash today; just the last details left to go! Should have a reveal in 2 weeks or so

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Wait mode for me. Waiting for one last window to come in. It will impact other decisions, so I'm resigned to abb for a while. I gave up on real housecleaning these last 6 months - it just shuffles the dust around. I can relate.

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I haven't posted updates in awhile either...and I should have!! I am very grateful for all of the helpful advice and tips on here. So I'll post a few photos of our progress. (Still trying to decide on countertops, sinks, backsplash, hardware...)

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I don't post much but I'm here! My small kitchen...

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The other side...

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Mgo that'll be great. I have to look and see if you've posted anything. Perfection is highly overrated!
Schick it does seem as though the work is never done. New work just keeps getting piled on top of old. It'll turn around. It'll all get done eventually.
Autumn - pretty! My mind is churning with possibilities....
Ed, if must feel great to be able to see the light at the end of the tunnel. Good for you!
Mags, in the immortal words of Tom Petty, the waiting is the hardest part...
Thp, what beautiful cabs. I look forward to seeing more as you progress.
Kitch, what pretty pics! How long have you been done, and how long did all this take you? You should absolutely post a reveal or upload it on the FKB.

Ok, I think I can, I think I can, I think I can, I think I can...

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Ooh, Kitch, that's lovely!

This thread gave me the kick to post my finished (as of yesterday!) kitchen.

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Thank you Eam & Christina!

We started our reno the middle of Feb. and finished the weekend before Mother's Day. I'm still looking for a window covering and a new rug.
I'm leery of posting because my pics have been upside down :(
Sorry about that!

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