Franke Orca sink owners - question

dalf18June 21, 2013

I have reading about how much owners love their Franke Orca sinks and am thinking of getting one. I have a question - the larger part of the sink is on the left and has the drain/garbage disposer. I will be doing food prep to the right of the sink, pushing scraps into the sink from that side. I'm wondering if that will be a problem because the disposer is on the other side. I don't want to feel as if I have to always be washing the scraps away or watching out for dishes draining on a grid on the right.
Now I have a double sink with the disposer on the right. I'm looking forward to a single sink.

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I have the Franke Orca sink and prep on the right also. My practice is to place a medium size cutting board on the upper shelf grid on the right. When finished I wipe the debris off into the drain or else use the faucet to spray what has fallen on the right side into the drain. Hopefully this helps with your decision. I predict you will love your Orca sink and have no regrets. Please post after it's installed so we can be excited with you.

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I too have the Franke Orca sink and also prep on the right. Years ago I got in the habit of placing a "garbage" bowl in my sink, so everything gets tossed in there. Or I use the spray on my faucet to push things toward the drain. I have a grid in my sink so some things tend to get stuck in it, escpecially when peeling veggies.

My previous sink was a double bowl and I don't miss it for one second. I LOVE my Orca and grid!

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Texasgal47 and matti5, thanks for your responses. I wish I could try it out first! I'm a little unsure about sink accessories; it feels like there would be more "stuff" around and I like things uncluttered. Thanks for sharing how this is working for you. I have some time to decide.

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