Cabinet Glaze

tmccaullaJune 17, 2014

We just painted our cabinets and started glazing last night. I purchased the Valspar Mocha Glaze and after putting it on am wondering if I should mix it with a dark paint to make it more of a chocolate color. Has anyone glazed over something they already glazed? Do I need to do anythin different? With the grantie we have (baltic brown) do you think a darker glaze would look better? Any opinions appreciated!

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I wouldn't change it unless you don't like it. You've achieved your desired effect to my eye. That said, you can use dilute paint right over the glaze if you like.

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IMHO, the cream without the glaze will look more appealing over time.

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I agree with LWO. No glaze at all.

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I think what you've done is enough.
You want to glaze, not paint. More glaze would probably start looking streaky, I'd think.
The nice handles bring the darker tones down to the cabinets.
I think you did a great job.

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CEFreeman - would you go darker on the glaze or keep it lighter?

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I think you have hit the perfect "glazing balance"....not too much, not so little that you can't even see it or tell it's on there. I would do exactly the same thing you've done to the rest of the cabinets and call it a success!

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Have you considered not glazing? There's a fine line between glazing and making them look shabby. I am not trying to be mean - just trying to help on the chance you end up regreting how the glazing looks.

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I took the original glaze off (was surprised I could still get it off, that might be good and bad) and we did a darker glaze and made it thinner. Husband seems much happier now.

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