Blizzard (black) granite?

mommemeJune 5, 2013

Hi, We are doing a very modest kitchen redo. Just rehabbing our original cabinets (painting white) and putting in new counter/backsplash. We are just starting to look at countertops and came across this one that we like, but I haven't been able to find any info on it. Anyone know of another name it could go by?? Thanks for any input!

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And this is another one we had liked, White Ice. So, whole different look. I would say I would like our kitchen to be traditional/classic.

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I saw similar black granite called "Cosmic Black."

I love the white ice. Both would be stunning in a kitchen!

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Word of caution on the white granites. They can stain easier and even can have problems when sealed.

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Sherrie Moore

That looks very similar to the granite I chose. Mine is called Nero Forest. I know different regions and even different stone places in the same region call things by different names sometimes.

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Can't help with the name for the black granite it reminds me of marble but it is LOVELY. I can second the comment on white granite staining (as i have white granite.) So far I have been pretty much stain free but if you are in a busy household you may want to opt for a darker granite.

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Thanks for the input on the white. I suppose I should put some wine or something on the little sample I got. I really like the black, but had white in mind up until this point, so seeing if my brain can change gears :)

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If you are checking for staining you have to make sure the sample is sealed as they usually are not. My sample of white diamond did stain with grape juice. Now that its installed (sealed), nothing stains it.

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Oh, thank you. I did not ask! What else would stain? Mustard? Tomato sauce? I'm trying to think of things we use that are bright, dark. I have gross 20-year-old tile, so I always put a cutting board or plate down, but spills do happen.

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We have honed white granite (delicatus) similar to what you posted. I left wine on the sample over night and got the stain out with a little elbow grease and some oxyclean.

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We have white Delicatus as well and nothing stains ours.

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