Feedback on lights & backsplash?

PhronesisJune 7, 2013

Okay, so soon to be installed are natural maple Shaker style cabinets with slightly to moderately marbelled soapstone counters.

It's a moderately small space but I've got a good deal packed in. There's a small (some might say 'micro' island) that's going to have two mini-pendants over it. I'm thinking of going with something white and simple. Then, there's a bar/peninsula over which I'm going to put 3 multi-colored mini pendants.

Then sconce in dining area and some sort of colored glass backsplash. There are very few upper cabinets because the kitchen is a former dining room and filled with windows. Also, for this reason, the backsplash will be quite small (basically between the top of counters to bottom of windowsills which will be 2"-3".

(I can apparently only upload one picture so I chose the backsplash)

My thinking is that the maple & soapstone are neutral colors, hence the desire for some color (via pendant lights over bar/peninsula and backsplash). Could I go with more color with backsplash or should I be going with less overall?

In general, any suggestions?

Just thought I'd toss it out into the virtual universe for feedback.


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How funny! I'm planning natural maple shaker cabinets and, hopefully, soapstone counters without a lot of movement.

I love intense color and so I think this plan calls out for real color to balance all the neutrals. I'm trying to keep the big, expensive, hard to change things fairly neutral and adaptable, in case I change my mind eventually about the color I pick, but yes, I agree the backsplash does call out for something interesting. I think real color in the backsplash would look great with our cabs and counters, the only question is whether you're willing to "risk" committing to the color in something that's difficult and expensive to change.

If you're afraid of lots of color (I'm not - I just redid my son's room and the walls are navy blue.) you could do something texturally interesting in the backsplash with accents of the color you like or you could skip color there, keep it texturally interesting entirely in neutrals and bring in color with the lights, paint, window shades, accessories, etc.

I love the backsplash you posted. Monitors are tricky. Is that shades of black and green?

FWIW, for color in my kitchen I'm thinking hard about a dark green, something in the hunter or forest neighborhood.

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Well, clearly great minds think alike (in my previous house, I painted my bedroom dark blue and loved it).

but, also, I'm clearly not a wood expert. For some reason I'd gotten it into my head that I was getting maple cabinets and I realized yesterday that while I've been saying 'maple' what I'm getting is cherry (and cherry is what I want, I don't know how maple got in my head).

That back splash is dark blue with some copper tinge and is called "slate metallic & copper metallic." Now that it's dawned on me that the cabinets are cherry I might be more inclined to go with a frosted glass type. But, I still really like this blue & copper one

I look forward to seeing pictures of your finished kitchen Marcia.

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