Would you move the island out to make more aisle space?

Kristen HallockJune 7, 2013

Here is my plan. Right now, in the plans, the island is supposed to be even with the countertop at the end of the sink run. That gives us 42" aisles on the sink aisle and on the range aisle. This drawing is not drawn to scale, but the measurements listed on it are accurate.

The sink wall is actually 3.5" longer than where the countertops would end (with a 1.5" overhang) so I COULD line the island up with that and give myself 3.5 more inches on the range side for more aisle space to make it 45.5" on that side instead. The 42" was for countertop to countertop, not including the extra space that the range sticks out. The range including the handle is just a hair under 29" deep.

If I have the island a bit closer to the kitchen table it would cut my space down a bit there, but that area is 134.5" wide and my table is 40" so I would still have 47.25" on each side of the table.

What do you think? I am just thinking about this now because we are going to install the electrical boxes over the island and I want to know where to center them.


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Kathy Rivera

Where do you think you will prep? On the island or to the right of the range? If the island, I'd keep as is probably - less space to turn around and risk dropping things. If on the counter, I'd move it down - since once you factor in range depth you are looking at 38-39" and that might be a bit of a squeeze for people to get past you...

I can't believe we obsess over 3" here! LOL :)

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Kristen Hallock

I think I would probably prep on the island.

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