Please show us your corner kitchen sink!

azmomJune 16, 2013

Do you have a corner kitchen sink? How do you like it? Any Pros and Cons? Will you do it again?

I have not found any Susan for kitchen corners I like. I thought may be a corner kitchen sink is a good way for the one kitchen corner we have. It is next to a window 86" x 44".

The idea of having a uninterrupted counter top under the big window is getting more and more appealing.

Thank you for the inputs.

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We are in the midst of a kitchen reno, and are installing a corner sink. Our kitchen is small, and the corner sink provides the best use of space for us. Our KD and many here on GW discouraged the corner location, but I think I am going to love it. Our counter tops and sink will be installed on Wednesday, so will try to post a pic soon after. I can't wait to have water available in the kitchen again.

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Rachiele, LLC

Since you have not had any responses, I thought I would submit a photo as one way to accomplish a corner sink in a kitchen.

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Debbi Branka

Here is my old house, corner sink. I put it in (it used to be in the very short counter run). We have one in this house that was already there. I'll post that picture next.

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Debbi Branka

Obviously mid-reno, but the sink is in! I love my corner sink - wouldn't trade it at all.

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My layout is a little different but I like mine a lot as well.

Real counters one of these days but for now, all I care about is that everything works :-)

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Our corner sink, 10'x10' kitchen, not much other choice. Works well for us, it's been in that same corner for 29 years. Actually, it's been in that same corner since the house was built in 1953, but this is the third sink and countertops...

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Sophie Wheeler

Those two bowl sinks that straddle the corner are the WORST SINKS EVER in the history of kitchen design. I knew this, but when I stayed at a FL condo for a vacation that had one, I wanted to dynamite the whole thing out of there. Corner sinks are limiting enough without having something that makes you drip water all over everything every time you use it.

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I do a couple a year- always do them recessed as shown- this is a display in our showroom ABB due to time and budget (happens to us too : )
Sink cabinet is 42" on each leg- a big single can barely squeeze with modification into a 39- I usually go to 40 or 41 instead.

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I have a corner sink in our current house. Love it! We pulled it out from the corner so the front of the cab is 36 inches wide and a bit over 48 to the corner. I have the herb garden behind the sink, and do need a step stool to clean the back corner but I still love it.

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Here's ours... we are just about done with the kitchen. This kitchen has had a corner sink since it was built 76 years ago. They are NOT popular here and among the KD community. However, it and the raised ledge/corner window are true to the original home, and is a common element in the neighborhood. It actually works extremely well in the newly expanded kitchen, but we also have a sizable prep sink on the island. The usual cons of lost space and smaller sinks aren't really an issue for us. The cabinet is like 43 3/4" on each side.

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Thank you so much for the feedback, and photos of your beautiful kitchens.

jakuvall, thank you for the photo of a recessed sink. I read your other thread, I was not sure how it looks, this photo helps a lot.

I received quite a bit more information from by searching for âÂÂcorner sinkâÂÂ. Info from both sites make me think more from dish storage area and cooking habits point of views in addition to space utilization.

We are planning to store dishes in bottom drawers of the island; it may be too far from new sink location. We both cook, I am concerned about corner sink may create congestion. Need to go back to the drawing board and rehash the design.

Thank you again for the help.

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