99.9% Finished!! Thrilled to death

bellcrestJune 2, 2009

We are nearly done. We need a cover on one outlet and soon as we replenish the budget we will be changing the shelves to glass in the corner cabinet so that when the light is on it shines on all shelves not just the top one.

It was fun installing the Never MT. What a neat gadget that is!!

Backsplash was installed by my dear Son in law. He did a wonderful job. We are thrilled to finally have a working kitchen, and for the first time in our lives a dishwasher!! I don't ever want to be without one again.

Here is a link that might be useful: Photos of our kitchen

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Looks great! He did a super job on that backsplash!
Enjoy that dishwasher!

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Beautiful job! You must be so pleased you held firm on the correct countertop. It looks wonderful.

(Always nice to see pics of Mr Baxter (?) and his friend!)

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Wow! What a difference! Your kitchen turned out beautiful. Great job - enjoy it!
I love your doggie, too!

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Yea, no blind corners or cramped cooking! You did a great job. You must be enjoying all the counter space and not having a peninsula between the kitchen and dining table.

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Nice work! I especially like the backsplash and your tile floor. This is your first DW? Congratulations! I hope you enjoy many wonderful family times in your new kitchen.

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YES morton5 our very first dishwasher and we are senior citizens LOL. My very first brand new appliances also!
Life is good. So many friends tried to talk me out of Stainless because they said they were hard to clean. I love them and find them so easy to look after. This kitche was designed to be 'Wayne proof' DH (Wayne) is a wonderful cook but man is he messy!!

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How exciting!! This is a simply wonderful transformation! I love your choices. I bet you grin every time you walk into that room. :)

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Ooooh! I just love to see the backsplashes that are a little bit brave and different--yours is perfect! It really makes the whole space sing--just lovely. Enjoy.

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Details! Details! We need Details!

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yes the glass accent tiles are great! love the floor also - picks up on your cabs and SS. man, you are just loving it aren't you? lol! don't blame ya - you've waited long enough for that beautiful kitchen.

the 'audience' is great also... bet they're glad the commotion is over.

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It is just lovely, not to mention it looks like the function in this kitchen improved about 1000%! Enjoy your new space - beautiful boxers, too!

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I came across a link to your kitchen through another thread. I don't know how I missed it first time but WHAT A GREAT JOB! I really love your flooring and your very cool creative backsplash. ENJOY!

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Sorry I did not see your kitchen until now. What a pretty kitchen! I love your floor and your backspash! Great Job! What a nice place to come home to.

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Wow, what a difference! You should be very happy - enjoy your great new space. Great choices - you did good.

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What a transformation! Yes, I'd like details too... what floor did you use?

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Very nice!

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Beautiful, just beautiful! Doesn't it feel WONDERFUL to be *DONE!!!*?!

I agree with the posters above who said DETAILS! WE NEED DETAILS!!!

I'd like to know more about the floor, too. LOVE IT!

Congratulations!!!! It's all BEAUTIFUL.


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Details? You want details? Ok, here goes. My DH and I are in our late 60's.
Our home is 44'by 24' a raised ranch set on 78 acres of land. In 1976 we lost our farm house and all our possesions in a fire. We were in a rush to get reestablished and money was a big issue so we purchased this home. It came in 2 pieces and was put on a foundation, almost in the same location as the old house. The entry is split, stairs to the main living area and stairs down to the large family room, kennel/laundry room.
The house is now 36 years old and we are in the final stages of remodling. The one and only bathroom is next and hopefully last.
The kitchen is our dream come true. It functions beautifully and cleans up great. We are happy with our choices. It is a budget remodel. We tried very hard to stay within $20,000 for the entire DIY project, but like everyone else, we went over budget, by $3,000.
Stainless Appliances, all GE Profile, except the dishwasher which is Maytag. I am loving the easy care of these appliances. Stove is a slide in. (electric, ceramic top)
The floor is laminate (Tuscan Stone Bronze)by Dupont. I love the colours and here again it is so easy to keep clean. I have 2 Boxers and often have other dogs here visiting. This floor is so practical.
The backsplash is Subway tile, Daltile in almond matte 3x6 with Accent strips in Red carnival glass Sonterra 1x1.
The countertop is silestone (quartz), colour is Kalahari.
Cabinets are Thomasville, maple, spice colour.
We have under cabinet lighting and a light in the riverglass corner cabinet. We did not change the fixture over the window nor the one in the ceiling. The wiring is there if we choose to change them in future. We did change the fan over the table as it was white and the new one is stainless. It is a Hunter fan.
The faucet and soap dispenser are Moen, 'extensa' Very practical, attractive and functional. We have the Never MT also. We put the faucet on the left side because most times when using the tap, you are rinsing something that is in the right hand (we are right handed) The curtains are temporary. Till I find something I really love.
We have under the counter garbage pull out. All shelves in lower cabinets are pull outs. On the left of the stove is a pullout for DH's oils etc. Spices and stuff are on the right in upper cabinet and top drawer contains oven mitts and his binoculars as he loves to watch the deer, moose and other wild life out the patio door. The dishwasher is in the island and the drawers beside it contain all DH's brand new paderno pots and pans. The cabinet above the fridge has a slotted pull out for trays etc.
The flooring goes all the way down the hallway to the bedrooms. I like it so much I even have it in the bedroom that I use as a computer room. The Living room and 2 other bedrooms have hardwood (oak, gunstock colour) and family room downstairs is all beige ceramic tile.
I did want the same hardwood in the kitchen but DH got his way as he loved the floor we got, having seen it in his friends house.
Is that enough detail, or is that overkill LOL.

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Your kitchen is beautiful and such a transformation from the old kitchen. I like all the light in it and the space, as well as the colors you chose for your cabinets and counters!

I know you will enjoy your new room!

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I LOVE your backsplash! Dark red and ivory is one of my favorite color combinations. :)

You did a really excellent job with the whole renovation. Every detail covered. And I'm VERY impressed that you did it for so close to $20,000!

Looks beautiful. Enjoy your new space!

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