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dilly_nyJune 27, 2013

Hi GW! I'm back. This time I am helping a friend with her kitchen layout. She's combining 2 rooms to make one eat in kitchen that's going to be 9.6" wide in front and 11.6" wide in back and about 23' long.

The space needs to include banquette or dining table to seat 6, wall oven, cooktop, pantry, and the other usuals - dishwasher, fridge.

We are at the very preliminary planning stage. This is a family of 5. Right now, mom is the main cook, but helpers are likely to develop as kids get older.

Right now, the kitchen is at the front of the house, but we are considering moving the kitchen to the back. There will be windows along the front and back walls, but none on the 23 ft. long walls as one side is against garage and the other side is against the stairway. Stairway is not accessible from kitchen.

My initial thoughts are that the space is too narrow for an island and proper aisle clearances, but a penninsula might work. What do you think? All feedback is appreciated.

Thanks GW!

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Here is the architects plan. Yes, the coat closet has to stay as shown because there is no where else to put it.

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what are the 2 rooms being joined? I see access to a covered porch, but thru a narrow door? and down some steps?.....I would want the kitchen sink window to instead be French doors or patio door and hook up flow to back yard and porch via decking/small patio/stepping stones/etc...probably have to change the screen panels on that side of porch for a screen door.....but I would....Placing sink and counter there prevents this option and that kind of access from this space would be included, if my home,even if the exterior deck or patio or the doors themselves can't be in the budget just yet.The kitchen doesn't really flow into living room/dining room at all, so at least a couple of seasons of being able to move into/out of back yard/porch/patio,, along with more light and view,would add huge value to the home.Therefore I would start planning with leaving kitchen functions at the front and the rear is where a table or banquette of smaller proportions coming off range wall might work. Then again, there is probably something like a double island[one being narrower], or galley 'within' type of kitchen that could make this a very special spot. The plan so far seems just okay. I think more enhancement can be created. This is for your friend?A lot depends on what kind of searching/thinking she's done..or what her budget is/etc.Has she searched Houzz or shown you pics/etc?

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What I would do is:

1. move the refrigerator to where the cooktop is now but butted against the lower right corner.

2. move the pantry to the wall where the coat closet is, but instead use a wider shallow (12" deep) pantry cabinet spanning the width of that wall. This could be a hutch design or just a 12" pantry cabinet. Depending on the type of refrigerator she chooses, some type of narrow pull out may be needed for door clearance.

3. If it were me, I'd ditch the cooktop and double ovens in favor of a larger range with ovens below and center it in the left wall; but either way I'd keep the cooktop and ovens together on that wall.

Is she planning to put in a microwave?

These changes will allow her to better separate her zones; cooking, prep and cleanup.

I would not put in a peninsula as corners will limit her storage options.

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Herbflavor - 2 rooms being joined are small kitchen and large breakfast room. Covered porch is just a landing to stairs, leading to patio. Yes, microwave is to be included. French doors in back would be nice, but how could we fit in dining table and great kitchen? This is a complete reno of the space, but budget is limited as other rooms in the home need to be renovated as well. Pictures on Houzz are fabulous, but I feel we don't have a direction concerning layout.

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Valinsv - Yes, we need to plan for microwave. I like your pantry / fridge idea. I'll sketch it.

Thanks. Keep the ideas coming. My friend really needs to consider all the options carefully before she moves ahead with this project.

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Also explore the option of using 30" deep counters along that wall where the refrigerator will go. As she has a family I think she would like a full depth refrigerator (cheaper plus more space) so doing the deeper counters to one side and shallow pantry on the other should give it a built in look.

Can something creative be done with the back of the coat closet to steal a few inches for the kitchen side so that run can be evened out a tad more? Perhaps the architect can suggest something.

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the way to allow a patio door at rear window location: L shape kitchen using front window wall and long garage wall ending cabs at oven position.Place banquette bench on range wall [stair wall]and use a patio door with left panel being the opening panel.Put in 12 or 15 in depth setup beyond oven position on garage wall for serving/laying out food/etc-handy for coming in/out...the reduction in depth will allow for passing behind chairs on open side of banquette table..The range[or stair] wall is 11 feet-much can be done with some storage on either end with banquette in between or shift bench one way or the other with substantial storage occupying some of those 11 feet. Some of the foyer closet could be cut into for wall will have some other storage or locker locations in about 3-4 feet[or more] adjacent to banquettte bench near patio door for people coming in from garage and porch-extremely useful.

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Dilly- Would something like this work? I put the wall oven/microwave next to the cooktop, but you could put the fridge there, instead. If you didn't need the wall oven, you could open the peninsula up to the dining area. I just made it a dish storage or pantry on the back side...up to you :)

From [Cottage house plans](
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