Granite natural 'staining'

czarinalexJune 2, 2013

Just wanted to share my story.

I went to the granite yard and looked at about 5 or 6 slabs of our granite, Ivory Fantasy. The slab I picked had a large 'bloom' of a yellowish color on the bottom of the slab. The rest of the slab was beautiful with all the swirls I was looking for. We laid out my template to avoid the yellow color and I examined it carefully(with my glasses on!).
The counter was installed and the sink installed but not hooked up. I had a school event to attend that evening and left for work the next day. Our contractor hooked up the sink the next afternoon. When I came home from work and admired a working sink(after 3 months of none), I noticed a yellow splotch right at the front of the sink.
I am certain the granite yard did not move the template. The way the template was laid out on the granite and the right angle, it is impossible for it to be the same mark I noticed at the yard. The front of the sink was at the top of the slab and I just didn't notice it because it was too high up.
The yellow blotch is not very noticeable to the casual observer but of course my eye goes to it every time I stand at the sink.
I guess my reason for telling this story is because others who ended up with non-standard markings on their granite are always admonished that you must see your slab and you must approve the template. That doesn't always guarantee you will get exactly what you want.
Next time, I'll request a step ladder and examine every square inch of the slab!

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Granite is a natural product. It has color imperfections. A friend of mine got a synthetic quartz-containing lightish-colored countertop. Perfect uniformity. We went with natural granite, but it was a dark color.

It sounds to me that the granite trimmers should have put the yellow spot away from your face, i.e. to the rear of your counter surface. They could have, but the placement of a discolored section wasn't their concern.

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I don't think the fabricators would have moved the template from where I placed it. I'm guessing that they didn't even notice it.

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There have been previous post on this site regarding "green bloom" which appeared days or weeks after install. That could be what you have. The stains were succesfully removed but it took some effort. Search on google with the terms: gardenweb, green bloom and granite. There are quite a few posts.
I have linked one post below. It has some pictures. There was a follow up to that post sometime later when all was resolved. You should be able to find it if you search

Here is a link that might be useful: Granite bloom

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