Looking for Practical Magic kitchen (advice please)

bigds01June 18, 2013

Our home is from 1885 and my wife would like to do something very similar to the kitchen from practical magic. Any thoughts on an online cabinet maker we can work with to help with design/construction?

Also, to confirm, should I get all wood, or a combination of mdf/wood?

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Sorry I don't know of any online cabinet makers for this house, but I wanted to share a link for others. It has lots of great pics of the kitchen and close ups of the cabinets.

If you read the entire blog post you will see it's a fake house that was built for the movie. Sad because it would be very cool if it were real.

Here is a link that might be useful: Practical Magic Kitchen Tour

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Here's an article that talks more about kitchen specifics.

Why do you need to work with an online cabinetmaker?

Several have used an Amish company with success so I'm sure they will recommend. The Workshop of David T Smith can build anything and specializes in more historic looking kitchens.

Here is a link that might be useful: Practical Magic kitchen

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It does seem like a custom cabinet maker would be able to replicate the cabinetry details to really achieve the look. I imagine if you mentioned the general area where you live, someone here might have a cabinet maker suggestion. In any case, I had to say that I absolutely love the Practical Magic kitchen. I've always dreamed of having such a kitchen, though it's all wrong for my home so I won't be having one anytime soon. I really hope you'll share your progress and decisions so I can live vicariously through your remodel.

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I actually think that a lot of that look can be had from the semi-custom lines. I didn't see anything at a quick glance that was very unusual, other than the nooks & crannies in the architecture of the room itself. Some of the basic cabinets seemed to have trim added, but we have seen people do that here on GW.

The tiles in that kitchen are beautiful.

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Circus Peanut

... but where did they put the fridge?! This is my repeated plaint as I begin the remodel/rehab of a Victorian kitchen myself.

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There's nothing that unusual about this kitchen....one of my all time favorites, by the way....except for the culmination of design ideas.....such as:

-White inset cabinets (easily done by P&F, Shiloh, Showplace)
-Ann Sacks crackled Tile
-Unfitted kitchen design (individual pcs of furniture instead of a U-shape or L-shape)
-Wide plank, dark flooring
-The use of transoms (cabinet company can make these)
-Fancy range
-Super tall cathedral ceilings with dark beams (there are beams you can buy that look 100 yrs old but are hollow and easy to work with.
-Antique dark work table (Go Antiqueing!!!!!!)
-Not TOO much lighting! It needs to look old, worn and bit dingy.

This kitchen would be a blast to replicate! I hope someday I get a customer who wants me to remake this for her! What fun!

Kompy the KD

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Great kitchen. Very much in current taste.The style with the white inset and lots of glass and decorative accoutrements would be fairly easy to do. I could do it in Dynasty/Omega easily. All it would take would be the right budget. ;)

The architecture, which is what really makes the room work, wouldn't be so easy to come by, and would certainly need a handsome budget to accomplish. The same components inside a plain suburban box with 8' ceilings just wouldn't have the same vibe. The super tall cathedral ceiling with the support beams is central to the atmosphere of the space.

And I would seriously hope that whomever wanted to recreate the look would pay a heck of a lot more attention to the layout than that movie set. Having a sink about 14 feet from the 20K range with no refrigerator in sight isn't very functional. One thing that I DO find very functional and have done before is the "glass separator" of the glass storage cabinets between the kitchen and eating space. It can keep the rooms feeling open to each other while at the same time masking the disarray of a kitchen that's actually been used to prepare dinner.

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You do realize that for an 1885 house of the grandeur akin to the Practical Magic house (at least the ceiling beams and other trim details) that the kitchen would likely have been in the basement, with only high windows, and though it might have been tiled in a light color for hygenic reasons, it would have intended as a working space for the domestic servants, not the householder's family?

You'd be seriously mixing things up to have a fancy kitchen in in fancy 1885 house. In fact, the fancier, and more up-scale the 1885 house, the more certain it would have been to have a kitchen staff and kitchen designed and decorated to be used by them.

That particular kitchen's fittings won't be hard to recreate, though, if you want it. The ceiling, however, will be a bear.



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You realize it's already been done?

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That copied kitchen misses some of the important points of Practical Magic. The kitchen has a lot of "wasted space" created by stairways and openings to other interesting rooms (like the conservatory)... that feeling of space is an important part of the appeal of the Practical Magic kitchen.

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I liked the open shelves on either side of the Aga, in the Practical Magic kitchen...and that conservatory is beautiful.

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Without that ceiling, it loses the effect.

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Movie kitchens don't exist. SGTG showed a kitchen with black plywood countertops faking it as soapstone. Practical Magic is a stage set that's missing walls. There is no way to exactly reproduce a movie kitchen in real life, unless you build an entire enormously expensive house around it. And maybe not even then, since the site and light won't be the same.

All you can really do is be inspired by a movie kitchen, and make sure you know that what you're building is going to be different.

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Friends of ours built a home with a ceiling very similar to the one in Practical Magic, not because they were trying to mimic that film kitchen, but because they were trying to imitate the ceiling of our church. The cabinets and details of the kitchen are nothing like the film kitchen (sadly), although they could be, but the ceiling, beams, volumes, etc., are.

As for film kitchens not existing, without going into a treatise about film and perception, suffice it to say, that SGTG kitchen, as perceived, is not all that difficult to recreate. We are talking kitchens here, not views.

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