Please help me pick my pendants

isixpackuJune 20, 2014

We are trying to make the final push to finish the kitchen and picking pendants and a fixture for over the breakfast table, which I have no ideas on yet, is one of the last things we have left. I would love to get opinions on pendants.

For those you not familiar with my kitchen we have typhoon bordeaux granite, a 48" Rachiele copper sink, Waterstone PLP 5500 faucet, and the cabinets are traditional raised panel with mitered doors and a pillowed edge. Below are a couple of pictures.

Here are the two of the pendants I am considering. I have loved the Hudson Valley Darien pendant since I first found it on GW. I would have ordered it weeks ago but I was trying to find a less costly pendant. The other pendant I found recently is visual comfort boston pendant. The Darien pendant is 8" wide while the Boston one is 5 3/4" wide. Our island is 114" long, and we were planning on having three pendants.

Now that the granite is in I am wondering if we should have amber color shades instead of white. Amber shades typically aren't my favorite because of how yellow they are put I wonder if they would look better.

I would appreciate it if you have any opinions to share or any pendants you think would look great.

Here are the pictures.
Hudson Valley Darien:

Visual Comfort Boston:


Granite/backsplash/faucet laying on side:

Cabinet color:

The inspiration picture for the HV Darien pendants:

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Hi, I love your kitchen! It's going to be beautiful when it's done. I love your choices of pendants. I would not go with amber shades, since you are not a fan of the look anyway. It will give off a yellowish cast, too. I actually like the visual comfort Boston. I like the shape of the shade, and classic design in the hardware. I know it is smaller, but I think you will be fine if you are planning on having 3 of them over your counter. Good luck with the rest of your renovation!! Lookin' good.

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I really like the darien. I too have picked out a HV pendent and to be honest I tried a cheaper version first and it didn't even compare. I'm delaying my pendent purchase a little bit to be able to get the one I really like.

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Love the Darien ones. They will look great in your kitchen!

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When I looked at the initial pics, Ithought the Visual Comfort, Boston pendant. But, I love your inspiration pic with the three Darien pendants.
Is your island large enough to accomodate three of them? If yes, go for it!

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I like them both, but the deciding consideration for me would be the ultimate effect: the Darien feels sharper, edgier, a little more modern, and the Boston softer, more traditional.

So take that as you may, maybe it will give you the final perspective you need to tie it together.

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Thanks for your input everyone. I ordered the Darien pendants but am second guessing my choice. My kitchen is more traditional, and although I love the Darien, it may not be the right choice for my kitchen.

Part of what drew me to pick the Darien was the larger size (8" vs 5 3/4") and that it comes with a stem kit. The Boston pendants are 44.5" long unless you custom order them for an additional $88 each. At 44.5" long, they would be 37.5" off our countertops, which are 38" tall. My husband and I are both 6' tall, and it think I would want the pendants to be a little higher up, probably around 40", to feel like they aren't in my face but I don't know for sure. Our ceilings are 10' high. How high off the counters would you have the pendants in our case?

I also am trying to pick a fixture for over the breakfast table but am not finding anything I love. Here are two fixtures I am considering. What are your thoughts on how these would work with either pendant? Any suggestions of something different to look at?

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