Under sink dishwasher? Who knew!

bpathomeJune 17, 2014

I was leafing through the current This Old House and saw kitchen with a dishwasher.( Page 58 if you are laying along.) Big deal. But there wasn't room for it. It was an angled photo of an angled kitchen, so,I,thought maybe the perspective was off. Being TOH not TOK they didn't focus on the kitchen, and the "resources" only mentioned that the DW and sink were from GE. GE makes sinks? So I looked it up, and sure enough!

I'm thinking the sink is probably shallow, and the DW low, but they're all low these days. The reviews were mixed.

Does anyone have one, or know of one in use?


(Hey, where's the "Link" option? Is it missing 'cause I'm on my goofy iPad?)

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VERY shallow sink, and VERY loud DW. Great for a bar area where space is a premium, but in a real kitchen, it doesn't do a good enough job on real dirty dishes to justify it's existence.

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That's what the reviews said, loud. I wonder why it's so loud? GE just didn't care?

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We had one of these in my office. Other than the smaller capacity, I didn't see any difference between it and any other dishwasher. It wasn't the best or quietest machine I have experienced, but it seemed to get the dishes clean and be pretty reliable for a busy office. I think it would be a good option for a very small kitchen. There are also 18" dishwashers for smaller kitchens.

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It's a matter of not really having any room for sound insulation anywhere as every spare millimeter is given to the tub capacity.

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I've heard of these in small apartments. I've never seen or used one. It sounds awkward to load.

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There is essentially only a bottom rack and I think the sink is 6" deep.

I think they might be an okay option for a limited budget and a very small kitchen, but I think an 18" DW, if it fits, or a single drawer DW would be my preference if the budget allowed.

Frigidaire used to make an appliance that was a stove top with a DW where the oven would be and an eyelevel oven.

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I didn't know such a thing existed. I think it'd be cool in a vacation home or a rental, or a similar spot where your space was severely limited. But for everyday -- no, the sink is too shallow (even for me, and I'm too short to like a deep-deep sink).

I'm sure that for the right place, this is solid gold.

And I agree that the reason it's loud is that they were trying to cram in as much dishwasher as possible, and they didn't have room for the typical insulation. If you've ever seen a dishwasher installed, you know that the whole thing's surrounded by insulation.

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