Last set of Barker Cabs are in

lucas_tx_gwJune 2, 2013

They are on the back side of the DW wall, actually in the breakfast nook. Analagous to the back side of a peninsula.

These are 12" deep base cabs.They have no toe kick since they aren't in a work area, so thought some people might like to see how that looks.

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Looks great! Did you add the base or give Barker instructions to add a base?

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If you look at the Barker cabinets website, you'll see you can buy them with no base at all, with a standard toe kick, or flush. We ordered flush and they come with the front piece of trim that installs where the toe kick would be. You can see that below the doors.

It's also not terribly obvious from the photos but there is end panel on right hand side and we took that down to floor level. And there is a 2" filler on the left, which also goes to floor level. (For those of you interested in all the Barker parts and pieces).

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That looks really good. I have two areas where I'm wanting to use the flush toe kick.

When are you going to show "totally finished kitchen" pics? Huh? Huh? (Although wait a couple weeks; I go on vacation to Alaska this week and won't be back til the 14th.) :)

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Totally finished kitchen pics? Um....I think you'll be safe going to Alaska :-)

Might have trim, etc. done by then but we're moving pretty slowly getting counters and backsplash figured out.

One step at a time it's coming together, but we knew we would be slow since we're doing it ourselves.

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Well, that works out great then - I'll have something to look forward to when I get back - no pressure! ; ) Just kidding - but it will be nice to know I didn't miss the big reveal...good luck with the decisions - counters and backsplashes can be a bear to decide on...

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