for Liriodendron

raee_gwJune 25, 2013

There is no email for you that I can find so I am answering your question here.

I 'm using Harmon Hardwoods out of Dover, Ohio

Dan Harmon 330-343-8031

But, I don't have the cabinets yet, so I can't comment on how good they are!

He offers painted or stained finishes and builds frameless. He offers a good number of colors, plus you can pay extra for color matching

Hope that helps -- Rae

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Thanks for the answer, but I think it was someone else who asked that question. I haven't asked anything siimlar that I can recall, either in an open thread or an email through GW's system.

I know that if I do ask a question through GW email, I always provide my email in the text so a reply can be made. My user name was chosen when I was using a throwaway email that I can no longer access, nor can I now change it within GW''s system.

I really appreciate your efforts, though! Perhaps you can change the title to something that will catch the right eye as I am sure that your info will make some one's day.

Good luck on your kitchen; hope you will post pics so we can admire them!


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Huh! the email that I got said it was from you (liriodendron), but had the "sender has chosen not to reveal his email" message. There was no other name attached. How odd!

Well, I will try reposting with a different title...

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That's very curious! Could you check the dates the email was sent? If someone has compromised my user name/psswrd, I would really like to know about it.

I have been very busy the last few weeks (capturing some swarms of bees from my barn!) and can't recall sending a request through GW email for any info at all, for any reason. But it's always remotely possible I asked for the info a long, long time ago and it has just surfaced.

Thanks for your help on this.


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Looks like it was sent last evening.

I will forward the email on to the site admin so they can see the part that says it was from you.

It was an innocent sounding question, though, just who my cabinet maker is because they are in my vicinity and shopping for cabinets.

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Well, it looks as if my entire edit membership detail page is compromised and no longer accessible, even to me.

I was going to try and edit my psswrd, if nothing else.

Something very odd is going on.

Thanks for the early warning.

I wouldn't have asked you about cabinet makers in Ohio as I live in upstate NY.


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GardenWeb got back to me and tells me that the email definitely came from another GW member, hrcuso, but had no explanation for how your name got attached to it. She suggested that it had been cut/pasted from a post, but that doesn't really make sense to me.

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Thanks for following up on this. I am relieved that it was some kind of glitch that confabulated my user name with the other user's, and not someone having winkled out my psswrd. And now my log-in page is working and I can, again, change psswrds normally. Whew!

Looking forward to seeing your kitch when it's done!


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If it ever gets done...

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