Do I really need an appliance pull for a paneled dishwasher?

DobaJune 12, 2013

I ordered an appliance pull ( 8 inch) for my new Miele DW. I would prefer the 7 inch regular pull. They are both Top Knobs. When I called Top Knobs they said they wouldn't warranty the non appliance pull for that application, but it does seem strong enough and the appliance pull is really thick and not as attractive. Anyone out there not go with an appliance pull on a Miele DW or other "strong suction" paneled DW?

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I didn't like any of appliance pulls so I just went with an 1 1/2 round knob for my Miele's panel.

Haven't had any issues.


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Glad to hear that a knob is strong enough. I was getting worried when TK kept saying that they won't warranty the pull.

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I just have handles on all of my dishwashers. Mine are handles, not knobs, but it hasn't been an issue. I have a Bosch and some kind of dish drawers (can't remember the brand). We've been living here more than a year and no problems.

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I put a knob on my Bosch, works fine.

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Holly- Kay

I bought an appliance pull for mine and it is beautiful but in my opinion it is just too big. I wish I had saved the money and just used a 6 inch pull. I am afraid the appliance pull will be over-powering on my cabinet face.

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I used a regular cabinet pull on my Bosch. I have been using it for 18 months and there have been no problems.

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I used the same 5+" Top Knobs regular pull on my paneled dishdrawers and paneled fridge and 2 freezer drawers that I used on all my cabinet drawers. Been there about 8 years with no problems. Last year the finish on the fridge pull started to wear - I'm ignoring it. I did buy a few extras but have not used them.

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Thank you all so much. I am going to use the 7 inch pull then and forget the big appliance pull. I am glad to hear that people can use knobs and small pulls without problems. I think it will look better overall in my space.

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