Our New sort-of vintage White Kitchen finished

nanjeanneJune 22, 2012

Really a lurker here but read often and gained to much knowledge so thank you all for your posts.

Some people may think our kitchen looks like the "before" picture . . . but we love the vintage look with all the modern conveniences we have now. We closed up an unnecessary door to the living room and widened and moved the opening to the dining room so we could gain space to move the refrigerator and have 6' of pantries.

Love our soapstone counters and sink. And we added more modern stools to give it some contrast. Just having space to move around has been fabulous. It's only been a little over a week so we're still adding touches to it and getting used to where we store things.

Overall kitchen:

View from the deck entrance

View from the new dining room opening:

We love the Anastacia Soapstone we used:

Last minute decision to make a cabinet to hold my cookbooks was a good one:

Our soapstone sink:

Best thing we did was closing a door to make room for the pantries with rollout drawers:

Mini pendants from Wilmette Lighting:

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Nanjeanne - It looks beautiful! Your pantry space is wonderful. Love the soapstone too! Congratulations!

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Very nice! It looks so easy to cook in. Plus, I think the combination of the valance, the glass doors and those lights (I thought they were vintage until you spilled the beans) really makes it extra sweet.

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Your new space looks great, and functional as all get out.
I especially like the soapstone countertops, sink and the runnels.
The floors too.

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Great combination of efficient layout and lots of extra storage, just a few steps away. The cookbook shelves/cabinet is a great idea and the garden window really light up that corner!

Your soapstone is beautiful and a lovely contrast with the white cabinets/backsplash :)

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Annie Deighnaugh

Excellent job....looks very modern and bright and clean AND vintage!

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Your stools are awesome!

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That's a gorgeous kitchen. I also have a small space and I love all the functionality you have. The soapstone sink is beautiful.

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Thanks all. It's so difficult when you know you have a budget to stick to and it's not huge - and you want to make the right decisions. Very scary since we couldn't really see it all together until it was done. No matter how many times you stick the door sample against a soapstone sample and a door handle to see how it fits together - you just don't know until it's too late to change anything. We got lucky that we love it all put together.

We had a great kitchen designer that we found after looking all over CT and being disappointed with the many we talked to with their lack of focusing on our budget or listening. We drove 1 1/2 hours to finally find a lighting store where I fell in love with the pendants. I just didn't want to take a chance with online since I wanted to see and feel the light and we were getting ready to settle before we found this great store.

I thought I'd never be able to get the appliances I wanted and could afford -- or even see them and open them, until we drove more than 2 hours to LI to Plesser's Appliances who were great and so affordable (and no tax!).

Even the tiles took a lot of looking because we knew we wanted subway tile but we didn't want it to look like a bathroom. But I also didn't want it too rustic. And I couldn't afford some of the samples I did like. Then we found a great little shop that really worked with us to find the right tile we could afford.

It took a lot of driving and looking but the whole process was really easy actually. A month from start to finish since everything was ordered in advance and our kitchen designer and his contractor did such an awesome job scheduling.

We feel blessed that we found the right people and vendors. Everyone was so great to work with. And thanks to all the posters here who gave me things to think about and questions to ask.

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It's just lovely! You did a great job of choosing the finishes and details to create a harmonious whole. Congratulations!

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looks great, enjoy!

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nanjeane, it's lovely! You achieved the look you were going for, and it looks perfect! I love your soapstone--a variety I hadn't heard of before.

Can you tell me the depth and width of your pantry cabinets? And are they roll-outs on the other side too? And how about the upper cabinets?


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I love your kitchen! So beautiful, especially your countertops and sink. And I'd love to know where you got the counter stools. The are exactly what I'm looking for...care to reveal your source?

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home4all6 - the pantries consist of two 3' width cabinets and because our kitchen is long and narrow - we have 22" depth cabinets. They are Brookhaven and really well made. The bottom are really deep roll out drawers that are adjustable. They come with 5 drawers but you can arrange them however you want. The upper cabinets have one shelf and they also are so deep - I can store a lot of thing there. We use one for extra paper towels and napkins (you know how many you get when you shop at Costco!). The other has things I don't use very often right now - like my crock pot and a huge pasta bowl, etc. And both uppers have lots of empty space right now. The equipment I use more often like my juicer and food processor are in another area.

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I have pantry envy! Great job!

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rocketmomkd - the stools are ITALMODERN Carina-C Counter Chair, White Leather. You can find them in a number of places online but we bought through Amazon since we could get free shipping. You have to buy in sets of 2 but they are reasonably priced so we will store one for when we need it since we only needed 3.

We were a bit afraid to order without seeing them ourselves but it's really hard to find a store that has a decent variety counter stools so we took a chance. We needed relatively narrow stools in order to fit them in and we didn't want anything bulky or heavy looking. When we got them they come almost put together - just have to secure the seat and the foot rest. The leather is actually quite nice which was a good surprise.

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So pretty! I love those vintage-looking pendants and your soapstone, lovely!

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That sink is fantastic. Great job.

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Your kitchen is great - so crisp and bright. Love the glass cabinets on either side of the sink window and the window box. It's so pretty and looks so functional. Nice job.
And I'm like you, I drove all over the place to see and touch things, I couldn't, like many people, order things from the internet.

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Tea pot window garden!!!

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Your kitchen is lovely! It is going onto my short list of inspiration photos. It is just lovely. Enjoy it!

I am also in CT...would you mind sharing the names of the local vendors you mentioned? Such as the tile store and the lighting store? Also, where did you go for your soapstone? I have to be honest, I've never liked soapstone, but seeing those pictures may have changed my mind!

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Love it! I really like that you didn't leave the top of your cabinets open. The deep crown is perfect. The arrangements in the glass front cabinets is so nice.

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oooh....i just wanna stop by and run my hand across that soapstone! looks so soft and warm!!

great job, the thrill of the hunt has paid off for you guys!

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That is beautiful! That soapstone is crazy gorgeous! I love your stools!

Congrats--great kitchen!

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munchladyland - We used Connecticut Kitchen Design in Milford, CT. It's about 45 minutes from us but worth going up there for initial visits (heck it would be worth it driving 1 1/2 hours!). I cannot recommend Steve more. They sell Brookhaven (among others) and that was one of the kind of cabinets we were interested in. And Steve (the owner) really LISTENS - which was very important to us.

For tile we used Biscayne Tile - also in Milford which made it very convenient as Steve picked up the tile and brought it to our house when they were ready to do the work.

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Ooops sorry - forgot to add that we went to M. Teixeira in Hackensack NJ for the soapstone. We found them very very helpful and had great choices. They took very good care of us.

And yes - the mouldings were beautifully done by CT Kitchen. Especially since our floors and our ceilings are uneven - they managed to mask that and make it look really seamless.

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Looks great, good job, and right on! re: A month from start to finish


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Looks beautiful! I love the colors!

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Very nice! The layout looks so user friendly. I love the soapstone and soapstone sink and the cookbooks area behind the stools. And the modern stools work very well in your "vintage" space".

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Very clean.
You've shown how something as small (yes, small!) as moving a door can make such a huge difference!

Your attention to detail makes this look rich and pulled together.

I think it's absolutely beautiful.
I love your lights. :)

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Adorable is the first word that came to mind when I saw your pics--really sweet kitchen you've put together! The little details really make it special.

We had to order our stools pretty much sight unseen as well (tracked down the wood version so we could at least see/feel the size/contours before ordering them). We, like you, needed stools that weren't bulky or heavy looking.

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So pretty!! Enjoy!!

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Love the garden window, soapstone and sink!!!

Great job, enjoy!!!!!

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Love it! Drooling over that soapstone. What is the paint color you used? It goes great with the the counters & cabs.

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Wow-- no idea why you'd say we'd think it was the before picture-- it's lovely. I love your soapstone too.

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There is so much to love in your kitchen--the pendants (wow), the soapstone (gorgeous), and the garden window with teapots is to die for. Your pantry is great storage. Thanks for sharing that you closed off a door to be able to have the pantry. That's encouraging to me. I'm considering closing off 1 of the 3 doorways in my kitchen in order to get counter/storage space.

Enjoy your kitchen for many years. You did a superb job!

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AboutToGetDusty - we used a Benjamin Moore paint called Silver Marlin. It's a bit more gray than it shows in the pictures but has a lot of green in it. The Anastacia soapstone has this wonderful green undertone in certain areas that we wanted to capture in the painted areas in the kitchen. There aren't many walls untiled so the paint color was important to us. You can see the green in the stone in the closeup:

I think it looks like a stormy sea. The wall color changes in the different light. Sometimes it looks more silvery/gray than green.

tea4all - love your screenname (obviously from my teapot collection!). Our house isn't large and our living room and dining room are open to each other and right next to each other. We really didn't need two entries into the kitchen. Before, our kitchen had no real usable wall space since one wall had the large garden window and the other had the two doors (and real doors - not just an open entry like we have now). By closing up the living room wall and making the entry to the kitchen from the dining room larger (we moved it over so it's actually closer to the living room as well)and getting rid of the actual door - we were able to move the refrigerator finally (it was jammed up next to the stove and peninsula before). It's as if our kitchen is twice the size even though square footage hasn't changed at all! Plus we now have a wall in the living room we can use differently and that makes that room feel much larger as well. Try living with 1 of your doors closed for a few weeks and see if it's difficult to adjust. We did that and it made the decision to get rid of the doorway very easy.

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Very charming and tasteful! Love the lights, too and your lirrle decorative board over the sink window.

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Very nice! Especially love the window and those pendents. Lovely!

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I was running out the door before, so my exclamation about the teapot window was full out admiration and begging for more exposition on your part. Like, have you always kept the teapots in the window?

It's a lovely new kitchen. I covet it all! How about a picture of the before?

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nanjeanne, I love your kitchen. . . I was saying myself that I wanted a vintage style cottage kitchen. This is absolutely lovely. My end result will be more cottage than vintage but I can see looking at your photos how everything came together for you. You made such wonderful choices and it shows how everything is in the details - I love the white cabs, molding, the glass cabs, pendants, the lighting above your sink and that soapstone counter, sink and runnels (sp?) are gorgeous.

What is the metal color of your cab hardware?

Did you do u/c lighting? Curious how that works with soapstone. Were you considering granite at all or wood or was it soapstone all the way? It is really pretty.

I have gushed too much . . . enjoy your new space (although I don't think it's small at all!) It must be very pleasing to work in there.

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You have created a space that is warm and inviting. So many elements that are great, but I will choose my top - the soapstone!!! Do you ever just want to lay on it with outstretched arms? It is beautiful. Congratulations on a job well done!

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It looks great. Love the soapstone, it looks like an integrated sink. And I really love your pendant lights. It looks like a good kitchen to work in too.

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Onedogedie - I've had a teapot collection for years and the window just always seemed a great place to display them. We drink a lot of tea and now that I have pantry space we have a whole pullout devoted to our dozens of different teas and tea equipment. We use all the teapots in the window. But I probably need to stop - well maybe after a few more!

Catlover5 - we do have undercounter lights. Our kd does this beautifully. They put a small bottom on the cabs and then insert an led light so it's almost like a little tea light and not noticeable at all. They are on a dimmer so we have great task light but also ambient light. Sometimes we turn off all the lights except the uc lights and put them on low and the kitchen looks gorgeous that way. They work great with the soapstone.

Granite just never spoke to me the way I wanted it to. Liked the ease of it but just felt it was too shiny for me. I thought about honed granite but couldn't find anything I loved that I could afford. Some of the slabs I saw were absolutely gorgeous but felt more like works of art and I wanted my kitchen to feel like a working kitchen. I was leaning towards Super White but then saw a sink that stopped me in my tracks and found out it was soapstone.

Once I felt it I was hooked and started reading about it and the pluses far outweighed any minuses. When we decided to go to a supplier that specialized in soapstone we viewed a variety of types and just fell in love with Anastacia.

Yes motherof3 I am constantly laying against it. My dh laughs because I keep telling people to rest their heads against the counters. It is so cool feeling. And soft and smooth. Heaven.

The hardware is the Westerly model of Amerock. It's perfect. We got them through Amerock For Less and they were so affordable we couldn't believe it.

The sink is an undermount sink but it is made from the Anastacia slabs we chose. We are lucky that the type we loved was hard enough they could make the sink out of it.

Thank you for all your kind words about the kitchen. It's such a monumental task to undertake and so much money to spend that it is absolutely frightening and when it's over there is such a sense of relief that it was worth it.

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Love your kitchen! I am drooling all over your soapstone sink and counters. What are the subways you used? The surface looks slightly wavy, so pretty! Is your fridge recessed or a counter depth? What fridge is that? I like straighter handles and when I browsed thru a small appliance store all the handles were curvy and swoopy.

The whole space is so warm and inviting. Simply beautiful!

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Wow, well done. Love the materials, the layout, and the sweet completed whole! Gorgeous job.

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It's a beautiful space. Love the soapstone, pendants, and wall color. Congrats on a job well done!

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thirdkitchenremodel - it's interesting you mention the subway tile because we knew we wanted subway with grayish grout but were having a hard time finding something we really liked. Didn't want the uniform look of a bathroom - but also didn't want anything too rustic and heavy looking. Had looked at subwaytile.com but we really wanted to do a lot of tiling and didn't want to spend as much as their tile was (although it is lovely). We worked with a woman at Biscayne Tile in Milford, CT. She was geat at making suggestions within our price range and understood the look we were going for. I can't remember the name of the actual tile we wound up with - I think it might have been Retroclassic - but know it is made by Florida Tile which is a company that produces tile in the USA which we liked. It is made to emulate the appearance of the hand made, irregular edged tiles - but without the cost of the handmade tiles.

When the guy who was doing the tiling first saw it - he asked if we were sure we wanted it as the lines of grout wouldn't be perfectly straight. He said they couldn't be butted right up against eachother since the edges were irregular and he just wanted to be sure we wanted it. Of course, I got frightened I was making a horrible mistake--so I had him lay them out on a black plastic bag in a large enough area to re-convince myself it was ok. The electricians were here also and took one look at the layout and said "it looks fantastic". And it did. So Dave went ahead and started and after one wall he said "I love this tile and the way it looks". He also took care to choose the tiles that edged in similar fashion so that it had movement and flow but didn't look overly wavy. He was taking such care with it because he loved the way it looked. Whew.

Then we started talking about the narrow edges around the sink and did we want that tiled too because he had to do lots of cuts. Once he started we knew it was the right choice. Paint wouldn't have had the same effect. The tiles around the sink window really make it look like my grandmother's kitchen - if my grandmother had a great kitchen!

Our refrigerator is a Kitchenaid Pro Line - we wanted filtered water inside and didn't want all the fancy digital stuff on the outside - so we didn't have many choices. We wanted to see the fridges in person rather than just online since it's so hard to tell from pictures how they function. We drove hours to get to Plesser's in Long Island but we could feel and touch the refrigerators and that's when we decided on the Pro Line - rather than another model that had all the same features - FOR the handles! It is counter-depth. We didn't want to spend the extra money but we really needed it to be counter depth because our kitchen is narrow and it would have been much too bulky otherwise. Once we found Plesser's and their fabulous prices (they do ship so I highly recommend them to anyone looking for good prices and service) - we were able to get the counter-depth and stay within budget - no tax and their customer service has been great!

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Congratulations on a beautiful, warm and very usable new kitchen! We are about 3 weeks out from our cabinet install (white) and we have soapstone on hold at M. Texiera (they were incredibly easy to work with - highly recommend them (Hackensack, NJ). I have been obsessing though over my selection of the Barroca. I like the dark look with the white veining but I also love your Anastasia! I especially love the wall color paint as I always gravitate to the green and greenish gray tones. We have a 110 year old house and the kitchen layout is odd to say the least but I think we have a good plan in mind. I ordered the farm sink but am thinking about the pitched front now and as I said - still unsure of the Barroca or to go for something else (WHY? I don't exactly know why the indecision!!)

Anyway, your kitchen is just beautiful - I love everything about it and I hope you enjoy it for a long time to come!

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Great Kitchen Nanjeanne!

I hadn't seen it before I embarked on mine, but it seems like we may have somewhat the same design sense ... I'm also in CT (Stamford ;-)

I had a question for you on the overhang on the peninsula in the pict that says its the view from the Dining Room ... how big/wide is it (inches?) and did you need to reinforce the soapstone with brackets or korbels? ... also how thick is your soapstone?

I'm going to be doing very much the same thing (on the peninsula int he attached pict) and I'm being told two opposing things as it relates to reinforcing that overhang ... I'd prefer not to reinforce my planned overhang if its unneeded

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cIRCitmage - our overhang isn't reinforced. It's 12 inches of overhang. The soapstone is 1 1/4" thick. We also went 1" off the peninsula on the other sides and rounded the edge so there wasn't a sharp corner when you got to the overhang. We used Teixeira for the soapstone and they were extremely helpful, telling us exactly what we needed to do (we have a soapstone sink so they explained about reinforcing that). We also used CT Kitchen Design out of Milford CT (fabulous fabulous fabulous) and they were there on the day Teixeira came out to template to make sure everything was in good shape for the install.

Good luck with your kitchen. If you need other CT suppliers for lights or faucets - let me know. We scoured CT!

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Yours is one one lovely kitchen. I am partial to the vintage and LOVE your soapstone as we are in driving distance to NJ I will check them out.

Could you please share the manufacturer of your garden window I absolutely LOVE it and although cant add to my house now I have a garden/potting shed delux in mind down the road that will need this...

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ppbenn - the garden window was on our house when we purchased it. One of the few things about the kitchen we loved - but I have no idea where it came from. Sorry.

Definitely check out Teixeira for the soapstone. We chose Anastacia as it just grabbed us - and was harder than the other one we loved which was Santa Rita Venata.

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Beautiful Kitchen! What a great job! Timely for me as I was just at M. Tex in Hackensack looking at slabs today. We chose anastacia. It was interesting as we looked at the manhattan showroom and I wasn't crazy about the anastacia there. When I saw the slabs, I really liked it, I think! Installation at the end of the month!

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Good luck alisany on your kitchen. You will love your soapstone.

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alisany! ... were you the brunette in front of a family with three small kids at M Tex an Saturday?? ... I think you may have purchased the Anastacia slab we loved ;-( ... regardless, we are going with Anastacia and trying to get our 72 sqft to include as much green sworls as we can ... hope to have delivery in the next week or so ... templating was done by Jose last week ... waiting to hear when images of slab are ready for approval of cuts

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SS installed ... read my install story and lots of pics using the link

Here is a link that might be useful: Budget cook's kitchen

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12" overhang on long side, 10" on the short side, 1.5" on the drawer side

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Love your kitchen! We are doing something similar in our tiny kitchen, white cabinets, soapstone countertops and wood floors. I am glad to hear you like your Anastasia, I had no clue which soapstone to pick so I let our contractor pick it out and he picked Anastasia! The one thing I am having a hard time with is picking out the backsplash --- I like the white subway tiles but my husband likes the newer shiny glass tiles. Any thoughts?

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laura mcleod

Fantastic! I really love your kitchen - the walls and the soapstone look terrific, so fresh. What a great space to cook in too - enjoy!!

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Lovely kitchen!

Question: why did you choose to end the backsplash past the upper cabinet, but not the end of the peninsula countertop?

I have an almost similar situation w/ my upper cabinet and countertop.
HOWEVER, my peninsula countertop (butcherblock) is a different material from my cooktop countertop (marble).
I'm planning to end my backsplash (marble) to line up w/ the upper cabinet, even though it'll go past the countertop into the butcherblock (hard to explain).
And I guess I'm just looking for validation.

Thank you.

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