microwave won't fit over stove..??

henneyJune 2, 2009

I am trying to replace my old microwave and stove but have run into a problem with the new sizes of all the appliances.

We wanted to do a free standing range and over the stove microwave but they won't fit without coming too close for code and actually cooking would be tough.

I have been told I could cut my cabinets(last resort) or to get a slide in stove instead since the backguard would not be a problem.

We have old countertops that we will eventually replace but I think if we did the second option I would need to do my counters at the same time the slide in would be installed.

Please let me know if any of you have run into the big appliance problem and if so how did you remedy this.

I am not looking to re-do my kitchen until I go back to work..I have been a stay at home Mommy for 9 years so don't want to tackle the kitchen totally until I am contributing..just need to upgrade our old appliances.

Thanks for any help... I wasn't sure where to post so if I should be somewhere else with this question let me know that too..


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What is the problem with the backguard on a free-standing range. Installation clearances are usually to the top of he cooktop, not to the top of the backguard. Also, if you're just replacing appliances you're probably not subect to code inspections although you do want to meet manufacturer's clearance requirements. What exactly is a diiferent size - the height of the microwave? Again, if you meet the clearance to the cooktop you should be fine.

You might not need to redo the countertops with a slide-in range - they usually come with a strip to cover the gap behind the range. Also, there are free-standing ranges without a backguard but these are the more expensive pro-style ranges. As a last resort, cutting down the cabinet above the mircrowave is an option.

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Thank you for responding ..my current stove is only 44 inches from the floor to the top of backguard and the microwave is 15 1/2 as it stands they are too close I think. The bottom of the microwave to the top of stove burner area is 14 inches.
The new freestanding stoves are all mostly 47 inches and microwaves are all really about 15 inches.
I have only seen one stove that has controls in front I think it is kitchen aid and has horrible reviews with regard to a fuse causing problems with self cleaning.
I did not know that they made the thing for the back do they sell them at stores or on-line?
Another alternative is to put microwave on the counter and do a hood over the stove..do you know if they require different wiring for that if I currently have the microwave with the vent built in?? Sorry for all the questions..


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14 inches between the bottom of the microwave and the burners? That's way too small to COOK! Your large pots won't have room to be stirred.

I'd scrap the OTR and go with a vent hood, you can wire it into the same wiring as the OTR microwave and use the same ducting. You may have to get an adapter collar to transition to the existing ductwork but that is a common situation.

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Although we kept our old cabinets (just painted them) when we remodeled the kitchen, we did replace the cabinet over the stove with a smaller (in height) cabinet so we could place the microwave higher and increase the clearance between stove top and microwave. That could be difficult though if you're cabinets can't be matched.

The kitchen's not finished yet, so excuse lack of moulding, backsplash, outlet covers, etc... but here are before, during and after pics of the new cabinet with stove and microwave. Hope this helps!

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We did the same thing painted our cabinets white and did our floors the same wood..we were told someone could cut the cabinets but that was my worry that the doors would never close properly unless we re-did the entire cabinet like you did. We are not really handy so that could turn into a nightmare..it looks great though and would save me the lose of counter space..
Love your countertops

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We were thinking of doing a short term fix just to get an OTR microwave (we didn't have any venting) over our stove (nothing was there, just a free-standing stove against the wall, very 50's ranch).

We decided to redo the whole kitchen, but what we had considered was just getting an Ikea cabinet the right height with one of their glass doors that would compliment our existing 50's painted white cabinets. You know - not match, just complement. Could you do something like that?

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We did not have a soffit over the cabinets, so took down the small unit over the stove and moved it up and remounted it. That gave us the room for the microwave.

In our new kitchen, I'm putting the micro on a shelf and getting a real stove hood - Turned out I really didn't like the microwave over the oven and the fan never worked very well (it was vented out).


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We did!! We had that exact same problem and my friend suggested raising the cabinet over the stove, so we did! It wasn't hard to do and actually added some character to the room.

Here's a close up:
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I have a situation where there is only 29" from the bottom of the cabinet to the stove top. The cabinets were custom built (old, but still custom) where they are basically one unit. There is also no space above them to raise. I hoped I could find someone who could raise the bottom by tearing out the current bottom and raising it up, but no one so far has wanted to tackle it and the current microwave heights are 16 1/2 to over 17 inches and this doesn't leave enough space. It looks like I am left with doing without a microwave over stove and installing a hood. That really sucks. Any ideas for finding a shorter microwave, but still 30" wide? Thanks!

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