How to Make Bottom Freezer Drawer Slide Easier?

gladJune 3, 2013

Hi all, I finished my remodel a few years ago with tons of help from this forum, but just now replaced the fridge. I got the Samsung 30" French Door and am finding the freezer drawer heavyand difficult to pullout. I had a faulty glide (ball bearing fell out), so new ones were put in a week after I got, but still feels heavy to pull and seems to strains my back, which is prone to strain. Any suggestions for how to lubricate (and with what) or otherwise make it slide easier?

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I'd have them come take another look at it. My bottom drawer is an LG and it pulls out easily even when full. There is a bit of a catch to break the seal, but that is needed to keep the cold air in and shouldn't strain your back. Is that what is bothering you -- in which case the bottom drawer style may not be the easiest for you -- byut you might be able to do something like put a broom handle behind the drawer handle so you don't have to bend and pull and cause more strain on your back. Find out if there is something like a toekick release for things like trash pullouts that could be used on your freezer drawer.

If the glide itself is hard, I think you've still got a problem with your glides or the drawer itself. Surely you tried a floor display and didn't have this problem, Have them try again to fix it or replace it.

Before I opened the thread, I was thinking "too much weight in the drawer" but if this is brand new, that seems less likely. If you are packing in blocks of frozen solids, I guess it is possible, but not likely for typical freezer use. Hope you get it resolved.

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LOL, well I am a bit of a freezer hog, which is why I hated to give up my top freezer where things are accessed and seen easier. (My fridge is fairly empty.) It is not jam packedl, but I will see what happens as I use stuff up, and see if I can move heavier stuff to the upper basket.. It doesn't seem like anything is sticking, but I will pay close attention. Thanks for all of your input!

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