In search of integrated cabinet/drawer locks or clever solutions

illinigirlJune 4, 2013

Because I have a special needs child we will always need some kind of cabinet/drawer locking mechanism on certain 'high risk' cabinets, such as the garbage pullout and the knife drawer.

We currently use the standard kind of child proofing plastic type cabinet/drawer latches but those wreck havoc on the frames with repeated use. I don't even know if they would work on frameless cabs which is what I want. Even if they did, I would like to come up with a more integrated solution for these spots, something that won't damage any of the wood or scratch the finish.

Even something like a simple hardware latch may do the trick, but those are generally used on cabinet uppers not drawers/pullouts. like this one:

but i'm not 100% sure it would deter him.

Any ideas or non standard solutions that would integrate nicely into cabinetry?

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Kathy Rivera

Magnet locks? I've never used them, but know people who have. I don't know if they work on drawers? Here is one type:

And if you scroll down in that listing there are a bunch of other brands/types.

Here is a link that might be useful: Magnet cabinet locks

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While a bit pricey Hafele has a system controlled by a keypad, very slick, also expensive.
Looks to be about $200 on the net, to get started and 100 each additional cabinet, controls unlimited number of cabinets within range. I've seen in in their showroom and intend to put one on display in ours but have no experience with it yet.

Here is a link that might be useful: Hafele Stealth lock

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re: the magnetic locks, i have tried them and found they ruin the finish because you have to slide them over the cabinet surface to release the inside latch.

I will look into the Hafele system however that is quite pricey. I was hoping for something creative from those who know cabinetry well. My son is cognitively impaired so it probably won't need to be an extremely complicated deterrent. For example even the latch on the slider door he doesn't know how to do. He knows how to open a regular door knob but not if it has a doorknob cover on it.

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robo (z6a)

I wonder if you could make it a decorative element even on lower cabinets? Here are some more complex latches and locks (not sure if they would do the job):


Hoosier latches

Slide latches

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thank you....would those work on drawers?

another thing i found that is interesting to me is the flexa touch drawer opener. You open the drawer by pushing on it slightly. What I would like to know is what happens if you pull on the drawer before pushing on the surface ? Would the drawer be in a locked state until you push on it? because my son's instinct when trying to open a drawer would just to pull on the drawer handle, not push on it.

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Would he understand how to use a sash lock? I wonder if you could put it on in a way for it to be decorative (I have an attic hatch/space in one of my child's bedrooms (an under-eave attic space, so the door is floor level. I installed 2 sash locks on the "door" and trim and it looks finished and keeps her out. We used to have just a little flip lock thing with a zip this is a huge improvement).

Or, maybe something like this:
or this:

These ones are adhesive, so not sure how long lasting, but would work on frameless.

Finally, I have ones like these last ones, that screw in, but also would work on frameless cabinets.

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the other thing i'm looking for is like a two way latch. Say I have a door in between my kitchen and mudroom that i want locked. I still want someone coming into the house from the other side to be able to unlock it. So i guess I want something that can be unlocked from either side of the door.

Sort of a bolt style that can be unlocked from either side. (Son doesn't know how to work deadbolts)

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hmmm, yes i think the sash locks would definitely work....however wouldn't look really good on the cabs or drawers.

anyone else know about the flexa touch drawer openers?


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