Stainless apron front sink installation - install for replacement

seosmpJune 29, 2013


I have a 33" stainless apron front sink that will be going in a 36" sink base. It will be undermounted.

I thought I'd read somewhere about how to install it in such a way that would make it possible to replace it if necessary in the future. One thing was not having a center stile in the sink base. There may have been something about attaching it differently in the sink base???

If anyone has done this, or knows the correct way to do this, I'd appreciate it! I figure now's the time to get this right to avoid issues in the future (I will have a long run of granite on that wall with a counter-height boxed out window -- so would be a big deal to have to replace that counter).


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you should never have to replace it, unless your replacing the rest of the kitchen due to earthquake, tornado or fire...ha!

but seriously, don't worry about or plan for things that are a long shot/problem...the right contractor would know how to replace it if needed(but it would be a pain in the rear) but mention the possibility for the install and that way they can avoid running screws in places that cant be accessed later

most of the bib sinks are made from good quality SS(even the no-name brands, which get re-labeled to brands anyway) And I prefer to build a small frame inside the sink base to hold the weight, which then could be removed if needed and ease the removal of the sink...

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The cabinetmaker has the sink installation information (it's a Kraus 33" SS apron front) - so is building the 36" cabinet base to those specs. And he is not putting in a center stile in the sink base (per my understanding and the plans, anyway!).

I'm hoping to not have to replace it, but I'm always worried about that kind of thing in general.... just in case! :)

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Sink setter is one of the brands that has been mentioned here as a device to use if there is concern about needing to remove the sink in future. I don't know if one of their designs will work for an apron front--you could email them to ask.

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