Making the most of what you have--- another kitchen makeover

nosoccermomJune 18, 2014

Please scroll half-way down the thread for an updated link by oldtownhome, the blogger, which shows the current kitchen. Check out that wine bar!!!

Here is a link that might be useful: Old Town Home blog

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Job well done! Amazing what paint can do to change the look of a room. Looks clean and crisp.

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Spray painting the countertops, have we had anyone on GW do that?

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Wow! What a difference. Great job!

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Do you think they did anything about the floor vent right next to the dishwasher? I can imagine all kinds of things falling in there.

But on the good side, I like the look, because my kitchen is also yellow and white! They didn't improve the functionality, but at least they can feel cheery while they curse the DW position. And I'm all about attitude :)

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Huge improvement and I love the blue accents in the yellow and white of my favorite kitchen color schemes...really looks great!!!

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Looks great!

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I'm not so sure I would have painted those cabinets white, but it does look pretty.

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Had a friend who's on GW tell me this popped up today and thought I'd chime in since it's our kitchen. The photos are actually from about 11 years ago (hence my giant baggy pants, what was my problem?), and were part of our super budget updates right when we bought our house and barely that two nickels to rub together. Today the kitchen looks a bit different after a few more updates in 2012 (and a previous termite disaster back in 2004-05).

Today we have under cabinet lights, butcher block counters, new appliances, a tile backsplash, and a new "wine bar" area with open shelving on the right wall. All DIY installs.

We also still have the same horrible floorplan with the DW right next to the sink right next to the stove right next to the fridge. At least now the DW doesn't sound like a helicopter. We'll eventually completely renovate the kitchen, but this is good for now. Oh, and no, we've never had anything fall into the floor vent next to the DW, surprisingly enough.

Total cost of our kitchen renovation was about $5000 for the appliances, counters, backsplash, misc hardware, paint, and wine bar area. Another $10,000 if you count the beam and footers we had to put in because of the termite damage and the fact the back of the house was being held up by two 2x4s.

We're still planning on adding a crown detail to the cabinets and some additional pantry storage to the left of the fridge.

Looking back, we're really happy we painted the cabinets. The spray paint on the counters was good for the time we had it given our budget, but with butcher block being as inexpensive as it is, it's definitely worth it.

We do need to make sure we oil the counters frequently, especially around the sink, but it's held up really well for about 2 years now.

If you have any questions about our process that I can answer, please let me know. I'm more than happy to share.

Here is a link that might be useful: Kitchen Update Wrapup

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Wow, OTH, if I can give you that nickname, so glad you brought your update! The kitchen looks good, loving the butcher block and new paint color (loved the yellow, too). The wine bar really adds a lot, both in good looks and functionality. I'm sure you're enjoying it and feeling relieved the termite issue is behind you (not beneath you).

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The second update looks 100% better :)

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I love the updated colour scheme! Sometimes how a kitchen looks is a big part of enjoying being there even if function isn't perfect :)

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@Bpathome, the nickname is perfect. That's what our friends call us :-)

Thank you very much! We really like the updates and it does add a lot of function to the room. The additional storage and integration of our wine fridge has been key to our enjoyment. Well, really, it's the wine that's key to our enjoyment.

I was initially skeptical of using Ikea cabinets, but it fits close enough with the style and works for the space.

The butcher block has been a great replacement for the laminate formica that was there, but I think I'd prefer soapstone or honed black granite if we every do the kitchen "for real." In any future kitchen I'll likely do stone for the main counters with butcher block for an island or lighter traffic area.

@Errant, thank you very much. We think so too. We lived with that first update for 10 years and just had enough.

@feisty68 Absolutely! The new one is calm and peaceful (or at least as calm as a kitchen with a ton of stuff can be). That's the general look we're going for throughout the house, but the very red dining room is going against that right now.

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Love the new butcher block and backsplash!

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Beautiful job! And looking at the pics of your new wine bar area I just had a major DUH! moment regarding my own kitchen/dining room! I had a sideboard and hutch on order that fell through, and am back to square one looking for an antique or acceptable new alternative. But my epiphany was "Why do I need a hutch? Open shelving is totally the way to go!"

Forest for the trees, folks.....forest for the trees.

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