Is it sanitary to have trash next to DW?

LoPayJune 23, 2013

I know the ideal situation is to have the trash pullout close to the prep area. However, for the new kitchen that would put it next to my DW, where there is currently a base cabinet. I'm not sloppy, but the idea of food waste next to my clean dishes seem yucky.

Currently my trash is in the cabinet under my cooktop. I removed the flimsy old pull out and found a waste basket that fit. I don't like this set up because it isn't a pull out, and when I am using the stove it is hard for someone to get to the trash.

Do you have your trash next to your DW, and would you do it again?

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In my current kitchen we have a garbage can across the room. In my planned kitchen the garbage pullout will be in the island, around the corner from the cooktop and the sinks. It is convenient to the fridge and close to where packages will be opened. I find right now that trash is collected and thrown out in bunches so it will work for me.
As far as it being close to the dishwasher I would have no problems with that mainly because if there are clean dishes in there still ours is usually closed. If there is the possiblity of trash dropping on the dishes that is kinda icky.

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"Do you have your trash next to your DW, and would you do it again? "

Yes and yes. I like it next to the DW as I can easily scrape my plates into in it and then immediately load my dishwasher.

As to the relative sanitation concerning the arrangement - I think it pales in comparison to the fact that two teenage boys help me load/unload the DW and set the table even as I have been harping on them to "WASH YOUR HANDS!!" for years after they have come home or walk out of the bathroom and I am still unsure of it's effectiveness.

They haven't made anyone sick yet but I honestly try not to think about it much.

The DW/trash proximity isn't even on my list of things that concern me at this point.


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If you're talking about a can in a pull out inside a cabinet next to the DW, no problem. There have been a few threads here discussing trash in the cabinet under a flatware drawer and no problems there either. There is a partition between things, and the trash is always going to be next to something!

You could consider a hands free pedal or motor if you don't want to touch the cabinet.

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I have this set-up and have no problems with it--your question never crossed my mind. Like others have said, it's convenient for scraping before loading dw. When my dishes are clean, the door stays closed unless I'm pulling something out or unloading. I haven't had both a clean full dishwasher and the trash pull-out open at the same time--they really aren't used at the same time (I'm either dealing with dirty stuff and trash or dealing with clean and putting away--no crossover).

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Do you tend to keep your DW door open with the roll-out portion full of clean dishes? If you don't, I really don't see an issue with having them by one another. Most of the garbage from the kitchen is stuff that was in the kitchen anyway - most of what goes in the garbage is empty packages/boxes, etc...mostly "clean" garbage. Most food waste goes down the GD or goes into an empty container in the freezer until it can go outside.

But if you aren't in the habit of keeping your DW open all the time with clean dishes in it, I don't see how it's an issue.

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If it's not an issue to have trash at the prep area where you're readying raw fruits & veggies that will be eaten directly, I don't see how it could possibly be an issue beside a DW. :)

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Thanks for the assurances everyone.

I'm not a germaphobe, but the yuck factor crossed my mind more than once. I don't have a lot of options, and next to the DW is the better place, since it will be right under my prep area.

I've already asked for the foot pedal thanks to reading all the good ideas here.

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Holly- Kay

Williamsem I am glad to hear that flatware is not a problem over the trash roll out. This is where the kd put one of my flatware dividers and I thought ewwww gross. Hopefully it won't be a problem.

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In my new kitchen, trash will be next to the DW AND below a flatware drawer! It didn't occur to me that either would be a big problem. As others have said, we don't leave the DW open with clean dishes at the same time we're tossing a lot of trash.

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Posted my questions, but then figured out answers.

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Oh, I thought DW meant Dear Wife, and was going to say "no." But if it is your dishwasher, then okay.

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