how to clean polished nickel fixtures?

phiwwyJune 28, 2012

Help! My polished nickel fixtures are spotting and I don't want to use the wrong cleaner. What do you use? Less important are my satin nickel fixtures, do you use a different cleaner on them?

My polished nickel fixtures are hansgrohe. I hope I can get these spots off!

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Circus Peanut

My bath fixtures are all polished nickel and I just use a soft damp warm microfiber cloth to rub off the water spots. I've heard that oxygen bleach (Oxyclean) or citric acid-based products like Barkeeper's Friend or Bon Ami, are actually pretty hard on nickel finishes and should be avoided.

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Pick up Faucet Brite and BrassTech online, and see which works better for you. Recommended by manufacturer.

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My nickel faucet manufacturer recommended these two products:

Flitz Facet Wax+ (seems like a very "eco" product made with Carnuba and Beeswax)

LE SX de Gagnon's SX

I purchases both on They both seem to put a thin coat on the nickel to keep it from spotting. I prefer the FLITZ.

I haven't had much trouble with spotting on my polished nickel fixtures, installed now for about 10 months.

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For regular cleaning/maintenance, I either use water and a cloth, or Seventh Generation bathroom cleaner. For the once or twice a year polishing, the stuff in the red tube at William Sonoma. What is that? Wenol I think....

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Flitz is what we've used for years. Keeps them perfect.

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A wax will not remove the tarnishing that is already there, however.

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